Amita Ka Amit 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th April 2013 Written Update

Amita’s father is angry at Amit, and Amita as well to some level. He tells Amita if the base is weak, then that relationship can’t work for long time. The truth is out now. He asks Amit if he has anything to say. Amita tries to stop him. He asks her to go with him and doesn’t listen to her at all. Amita in end loses her temper and loudly says, I am not your “Ammu”.. I am not Amita Hemant Patel.. I am Amita Amit Shah. Amita’s father is in a shock. Amita then calmly explains him that she didn’t mean to scream and says she will explain him everything when she goes to his house. Amit is not interested in the matter of daughter and father, and just ignores them. Amita’s father slowly leaves from there in a shock, and Amita is down her knees, and crying.

Amita’s father is leaving, but then Amit’s father invites him to join everyone. Amita’s father wipes his tears and controls his emotions somehow. When asked to go after eating lunch, he says that Amita married many days ago, but he realized today that she left him. He leaves saying he can’t even drink water at her daughter’s husband’s house. These words of his leave everyone puzzling.

Tina tells everyone that she feels there are some differences between father and daughter. Amit’s mother says, no.. traditional families still don’t drink water at their daughter’s husband’s house.

In their room, Amit thanks Amita for making him feel that he is the bad guy. He says, I was fool that I stayed quiet. Even your friends might know all this. When you said to act in front of everyone, I supported you because I had little hopes that our relationship will go forward, but no.. I was a fool to act in front of my family and on the other hand, your family knew everything. He tells her that their relationship just can’t move forward. NEVER. He leaves from there. Amita cries recalling his words and wonders what she has done.

Sad tune of Darmiyaan song in the background. Amit is standing in the balcony, and Amita is sitting in their room alone remembering how Amit took care of her leg injury.

Amit’s family is still wondering about Hemant’s behaviour. Amit comes and tells his father about meeting. His father asks, but you said you took a day off because of Amita’s leg injury? Amit says, but now I feel like I shouldn’t take a day off. And don’t worry about Amita. I have called a nurse for her. His concerned parents ask him if everything is fine. He says, everything is fine and leaves. His mother now goes to talk with Amita.

Amit’s mother asks her what is going on? Amita says, nothing, it’s just there’re some misunderstandings, but I can’t tell you about it right now.. otherwise I will hurt my own people. Amit comes to their room now. Amit’s mother asks Amita to say directly. Before she says anything, Amit interrupts. He says she doesn’t need to answer anyone.. it’s matter between me and her and we will solve it. His mother says, but… He doesn’t let her say anything and says he has to get ready for the office and his mother leaves.

Amita’s father returns home and still recalling Amita’s words. Amita’s mother asks him if Amita didn’t come with him. Amita’s father is still in a shock. Amita’s mother says, I knew she wouldn’t come.. she knows that Amit’s family wouldn’t like if she had came here in this condition. After marriage, girl belongs to her husband’s family.. Amit’s family must be taking care of her a lot. And now I don’t have any tension. Amita’s father just leaves from there without saying anything.

Amit’s nani and dadi are talking with each other. They say both are good at heart, but still keeps hurting each other. Riya asks them what’s the matter? Who hurt who? They tell Riya everything is fine. Amit’s mother comes out and nani asks what did Amita say. Amit’s mother doesn’t answer seeing Riya there. Riya leaves saying she has some work. She hides to listen their conversation. Amit’s mother says they said it’s their personal matter and they will solve it. Riya has a smile on her face and leaves. Nani says I just want them to start talking with each other. Amit’s father says he knows what to do.

Nani is telling Amita to give her a call if she needs anything. Amit asks nani if she’s going anywhere. Nani says, yes. She also says everyone else also made their plans as Amit had said he will stay at home. Amit tells her not to worry about Amita as he will take care of her. She leaves telling Amit to take good care of his wife.

Riya gives news to Tina and she is very happy. She says now their job is to add more fuel in the fire and no one will doubt on them.

Amita is struggling to walk and Amit watches her. She then struggles to take care of her leg, and Amit finally gets up to help her. Amita tells him that she didn’t say anything to her father. Amit says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Amita starts crying. Amit asks why are you crying in this? Amita says, what’s my fault in it? Amit s not interested in discussing this topic.

Precap: Amita is sleeping keeping her head on her knees, Amit wonders if he should touch her and wake her up or no.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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