Amita Ka Amit 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Missed the first scene but I think it was Tina pacing around in some place worried that how would they do what they wanted to not. (I will check later and update if different).

Amit closes the door of their room and turns to Amita. He says to here, if you dint want to go then you could have told me at least. Last time we spoke, we had decided to go for our honeymoon. You could have told then only. But you only wish to do things according to your own will. You don’t want to listen to anybody. But one thing is for sure you do very good acting why don’t you make your career in acting?
Amita tells him to stop it. You think I am acting? She tries to get up and walk but trips. Amit holds her in time and says you were hurt for real? I am sorry. I don’t believe how you can fall from stairs. There is a simple method to walk…one step at a time not both at once.
Ammu asks if you are angry because she fell. He declines. She asks then is he angry because they wont be able to go to Kashmir now to meet that client? He again denies saying he is angry to see her in pain. Amita realises what he said and looks at him. Amit too looks at her. The song darmiyaan (sad version) from Jodi Breakers plays in the background.
Ammu again gets up to go to the bed. This time Amit holds her from the shoulders and helps her lie down on bed. He very carefully places a cushion under her hurt foot. Ammu is in pain and looks at Amit. She smiles and quickly changes her expressions when Amit turns to look at her. He goes away and Ammu smiles shyly.

Hemant is tensed and is pacing in his room. He has flashbacks of how Amit had declined to help Ammu saying it was a minor injury. Post that how Ammu had thanked him for maintaining the fake love in their relationship in front of her family. Amit had replies that he only did what was decided no need to thank him for anything.
Varsha enters with a glass of milk for him. He declines. She says she knows he is worried for Ammu but Amit Kumar is there for her. He will make her well with his love. She tells him not to worry.
Hemant shares his worries on how Amit dismissed her injury citing it to be small. If he loves her than is this the way to behave? Varsha smiles….if he too would have said anxiously then our daughter would have got scared. Stop worrying for her. He will shower her with so much love that she will get well very soon. Hemant is still doubtful.

Ammu is trying to reach for the water jug. Amit tells her to stay put and not hurt herself again in any way. She asks him if he can put that jug next to her side of the bed. He puts it and also keeps her phone next to her so that she can call him if she needs anything. I wont put my phone on silent. Saying so, he takes the pillows and wishes her good night. She bids him too and lies down.

Amit stops at the door and looks back at Ammu. He has flashback of his own words…. You remembered I had toothache? She sweetly says you had asked to forget everything I tried to but remembered it all of a sudden. He goes out but comes back the next moment. (He has super cute expressions on his face in this scene…must watch!).
Ammu gets up and asks if he forgot his toothbrush? Amit says no he will sleep here only. Ammu thinks that he means that she should sleep in the guestroom. He says no they both can sleep here only. In case she needs anything then he wont have to come from all the way there breaking his sleep. She thanks him and smiles. Amit stays put with confused / cute expressions.
They both lie down and turn their backs to each other. Ammu smiles broadly. She turns to look at him and he too does the same. He sees her watching and quickly turns her back at her while Ammu continues smiling.

Dadi / Nani are telling Fallu to put fruits, juice and poha for Ammu as she likes it. Amit comes and asks what they are doing. Fallu tells himt hat they are putting breakfast for Ammu. He tells them he came here for that only. His mother asks him to have his breakfast as he might be leaving for office soon. He says no he wont. There is no important work today and rest Lalit will take care of.
Everyone is amazed. His father teases him. He says he can work from home. And if he wants to he will go no issue. His father smiles….I am happy to see you taking so much care of your wife.
Fallu tells him to learn something from his son. All smile and Amit takes the breakfast for Ammu to their room.

Preeti, Aarti, Jigna and Amita are on con-call. They all are happy for Ammu as even though the honeymoon got cancelled but for the first time they both slept in the same room. Her dad would be so happy for her.
Aarti teases do tell me when you get well I will hurt you again so that he keeps tending to you. Amit is coming so Ammu disconnects the call.

Amit comes with the tray of food for Amita. Ammu says so much? He says its less and everyone expects her to finish it all. Amit says this isn’t too much. You have to finish it all. Ammu smiles.
He asks why you are smiling. She sweetly replies she remembered what he said some time back. Previously, he told her not to eat too much and now he is telling her to eat this much. Amit smiles listening to her. He says because earlier you feet wasn’t hurt. You have your breakfast till then I will change your bandage. She smiles.


Hemant comes to Shah House and brings sweets for them. He asks about Ammu. Amit’s dad tells him no need to worry. She will be fine in 2 days. You came only for that? You could have called to ask about her. Hemant says he came to take her home.
Everyone is taken aback. Fallu asks him if he thinks they wont be able to take care of her here? You know Amit has taken off today to take care of her. I don’t think anyone else would be able to do so.
Hemant is completely taken by surprise. Amit’s dad tells him not to worry about it.
Hemant replies he doesn’t have the habit to stay without his daughter so finding it a bit hard. Fallu tells him to stay relieved and she will be fine here. He should go to meet her.

Amit is speaking or rather shouting on Lalit to do things on his own. He has cancelled the meetings of the day whatever is left he will come and do tomorrow. Both Amit and Ammu realise that he has bandaged her feet the wrong way. He again takes it off.
Lalit again rings him up and he says he is busy and disconnects. Ammu smiles and says….why did you take off today?
He is already pissed off because of the calls and says why not. She sat holding his cheek when he had toothache then why cant he. You want to say I cant take care of people? Now I think I must not feel bad for you. Why should I be? Because this relation is based on compromise not love. I think I should leave for office. Why should I wait? I should go. You can call whoever you want to from your home to take care of you. Hemant watches everything from the door shocked and Ammu looks down.
Hemant speaks up you don’t have to worry Amit Kumar. I will take her with me right now. Her dad is still alive he isn’t dead. Amit keeps mum while Ammu is shocked.


Amit asks papa you here? Hemant angrily storms in the room should he not? I saw the truth on my own. He tells Amita to pack her things and they will leave for their home right away.
Ammu closes the door and tells him to listen to her. It isn’t what he is thinking.
Hemant doesn’t hear anything and keeps looking in the closet to find her things. Ammu tries to calm him but in vain. Amit asks what happened.
Hemant says you don’t know? If you will tell her not to tell me the truth of your marriage do you actually think she wont? I know everything. I know it all. Amit is taken aback and looks at Ammu angrily. He asks her what is it? Did I tell you not to share? Tell him.
Hemant shouts Amit Kumar! I know the truth. How fake your relation is. But the fault is mine. When I got to know of the truth I should have taken her with me then only. I dint….
Ammu looks at Amit. Hemant is teary and says….do you even know what it means for a girl to go to her in-laws place and doesn’t get her husband’s love. Do you know how she or her dad feels? You cant even imagine. The episode ends on Amtita’s crying face.

Precap: Fallu asks Ammu what happened. What do you think if no one tells me then I wont get to know? Your dad left all worried. Amit is saying he would have to go to office for some work. What is this? Ammu says I will tell you at the right time. Fallu tells her not to speak in riddles. Amit looks at them while Ammu is sitting all sad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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