Amita Ka Amit 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Suraj and Amita dancing on Radha song from student of the year movie.Amita is uncomfortable and Amit is furious(with mixed emotions).Suddenly Amita stops and says Amit that she needs to talk to him but she was stopped by Suraj.He says sorry to Amita as he came between them.Then Ria starts laughing(i don’t know why such people are created by was very disguisting oh god!)then Suraj says that i don’t know what is there to laugh in my words.Then he says Amita to forget everything and they restart dancing.Amit is jealous seeing Suraj and Amita together.He says to stop as he learnt the steps.Then Suraj tells him to wait till the last step was completed.Ria is praising Suraj and Amita and says that they were dancing like her and Rohan’s jodi.(over confidence aur self dabba)

Then Amita’s father and mother brings food for all.He feeds Amit(so sweet).Amita is tensed and wanted to tell Amit everything but she wasw stopped by Preeti and Aarti.
Then Amit comes near Amita and asks what’s the matter she wanted to talk with him.Amita changes her mind and says that “whether their yesterday’s fight was ended” Amit says sorry to her.

Dancing was started again.On dancing on one step Amit loses his grip and leaves Amita’s hand and she fells down.he says sorry to her and then leaves saying that he can’t dance any more.But he was stopped by Batuk and Sanjay.Suraj says that he danced 100 times better than yesterday.Ria interrupts between them and says if you don’t dance then Suraj will perform with Amita.(cunning thoughts and ideas)Amita gives him confidence that he can dance.

During night Amit was unable to sleep and he gets flashbacks of morning.He then sudddenly gets up and practices dance.

Suraj says that it was their last day of rehassels and he asks Amit to start.And he asks to dance with him but Amit says that he remember steps and he starts dancing.Really he danced very well.Ria was shocked and Amita was shown smiling.Ria amazingly says to herself uff how this is happened(Iam very happy).Then all starts dancing for their respective songs(Sanjay and Preeti;Batuk and Aarti;Atul and Kajal;Rohan and Ria;and finally Amita and Amit)Amit forgets his steps again and Amita was tensed.
Suraj consoles her saying that in dancing like a jodi one may not dance well but he can be covered by another one of the jodi.He asks her to use Amit like a chair and he shows how to dance.Then Amit comes there and Ria starts saying “Suraj you are saying to use Amit like a chair”then Suraj explains Amit that he does not mean it and he was just explaining her.Then Amit leaves saying meet you tomorrow. At Amit’s home Tina and Ria have cunning talks and ideas they are making fun and are excited to see tamasha in the sangeet.(they will dance greatly just wait and see)

Amita was sleeping in her mother’s lap and asks about bidaai.She says Girls cry during bidaai but she is crying everyday for small things.Then she asks her that whether all the relatives had arrived or not.Then her mother says about the names of relatives arrived and Amita tells her mother that she was feeling bad as all the relatives are sleeping in one room and she is sleeping in her room alone.

PRECAP:-Amita says Amit that she was tensed,Amit replies why you are tensed i should feel tensed.She says Amit she was tensed because Suraj did not arrived yet.Amit looks at Amita shockingly with mixed expressions.

Update Credit to: nan6

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