Amita Ka Amit 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The thorn called Sidharth in the life of Amit and Amita has started to prick and bleed their marital bliss.
Nani understands aAmit and Amita had a fight she advises Amu to give in without much troube when Amit tries to woo her.

Amit is rushing home with the exact intention but Siddharth reaches before him and with the family’s effort manages to convince Amita to go for rehersals.
Amit catches the while leaving. They were having a conversation with smiles annoying Amit. Amit goes home on the pretext of picking up few documents he left at home. He listens to the prasies of Sidharth’s charisma and how he managed to convince Amu to go for the rehersals. Amit is gurther miffed and leaves for office.

Amita and Sidharth have the same conversation about Amit feeling

jealous of Amu’s current way of life. Amita is unhappy to hear them and strongly tells of Sidharth. Sid asks her to sort out her problems as it is hampering the dnace rehersals.
Amita calls up Amit on reaching the dance studio. He disconnects. Amita picks up an incoming call thinking it to be Amit’s and blurt’s out an apology for broaching the subject of his jealousy earlier. The caller turns out to be Jigna who tells Amita to spend more time with Amit to ease the tension and not to go by Sid’s words. Amita agrees.

Amita is shown shopping with a lot of enthusiasm during her rehearsal break. Amit reaches home to find their room being decorated with candles , flowers and Amit’s favorite meal cooked by Amita. Amit is elated at Amita’s gesture and he enquires how did she manage to do it inspite of her rehersals. Amita mentions Sid’s magnanimous attitude which did not object to Amita’s asking for an early leave. She goes on to praise him more. Amit suddenly loses his appetite in anger and becomes rude to Amita. The dinner is left uneaten and Amita in tears.

rRia overhears Amit shouting and conveys it to Tina. Both the ladies rejoice on Sid disturbing the married life of Amit and Amita. They root for Amita’s performance as Radha to flop so that Phallu losses face in front of everybody.

Next morning..

Amita tries to be sweet to her hubby but it doesnot help. Tina comes in with her specially prepared baked macaroni for Sid and heaps tons of praises on the guy. Amit boils in anger like a 5yr old kid. He is unable to handle his family getting impressed by Sid. One wonders are we talking about a stock broker in his late twenties or a small kid who is bitten by the J word as soon as he hears the name Sid.

Amit drops Amita tot he dance studi and leaves without uttering a world and carelessly splashing mud onto Amita’s dress. The poor girl is again filled with tears…

Precap: Amita is crying and unable to concentrate on her rehearsals . Sid calls for pack-up. Amit comes by the dance studio looking for Amita where he gets a piece of Sid’s mind for coming in the way of Amita’s progress in dance. Amit has a shocked expression.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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