Amita Ka Amit 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st March 2013 Written Update


The Sangeet discussions are underway in the Shah household with both the families taking part in the discussions. They are discussing what kind of Sangeet to be held. Tina hijacks the discussions and puts everyone in a spot. She wants Bollywood dancers, item numbers along with drinks served. This does not go well with Amita’s father who was the Sangeet to be conducted in the traditional Gujrathi style.

Tina is busy adding the basic ingredients into the cauldron for it to brew

Tina creates tries to create the impression that Amita’s parents are not very happy when Amit’s father steps in and says let the couple decide. The couples Amita and Amit are called for to decide what has to be done. When Phalguni comes to know they are together it does not sit well with her.

Tina then adds some spice and meat to enhance the flavor.

Amita and Amit is still arguing and have not come to a understanding. Amit tells her that they are called to his house so that they can discuss something. Amita remembers what Phalguni has told her. Amita refuses to attend because she has not lost weight. But Amita convinces her to come.

Tina was manipulating Phalguni and she was toeing her game. Tina suggests that Amit also takes part in the Sangeet. Phalguni informs her that Amit will not dance.

Amit and Amita come there. They ask Amit’s what he has decided about the Sangeet and he reels out a long list. Amita feels bad but reluctantly agrees with it. They are supposed to have rehearsals for dancing in Amita’s house by a Choreographer arranged by Tina.

Disaster strikes when a well meaning Atul rings up Riya and tells that he has a choreographer in mind. Riya first tries to put him of. Atul, then mentions his friend Suraj’s name, a bell rings. She remembers about reading it in Amita’s diary. Then they confirm with him and then fix Suraj.

Tina further adds more spice to make it more enjoyable for them.

Amit comes along with his friends to Amita’s house and is cordially invited by the family. He is feeling uncomfortable for such elderly people giving him such respect. His friends tell him that he is lucky in that matter.

Riya comes there to stir up the brew in the cauldron.

She calls the choreographer and Amita and her friends are shocked to see it is Suraj. He wants a word with her privately and on Peerti’s say so she agrees. He will take her aside and tell that to forget the past and he will choreograph for her wedding.

Meanwhile Riya will be gently hinting that Amita and Suraj know each other form long. This shocks Amit.

They start the rehearsals and Amit tries dancing, but he is not able to. Then Suraj, on the pretext of teaching Amit the dance steps, dances very intimately with Amita. Amit is very shocked and Amita very upset.

The Two Witches have brewed a big cauldron and will more misunderstanding occur and cause serious damage.


Update Credit to: anurao

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