Amita Ka Amit 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st June 2013 Written Update

Amita asks Amit, you liked all these preparations, right? Amit says, no. Amita gets disappointed. Amit then smiles and says, I liked it a lot. Both smile. Amit then says, he has to make an urgent call and goes to his room. Amita says, maybe he went to get that dress so he can surprise me, but he doesn’t know that I also have a surprise gift for him. She goes to her room and sees Amit busy with his work. Amit turns back and looks at her. Amita hides the letter. Amit asks her if she wants to say anything and she says no. Amit leaves. Amita says coward to herself and speaks to herself, Amit, I am dying to give this love letter to you. It’s my life’s first love letter which I wrote for my husband. She asks God to help her. Then doorbell rings. Amita wonders who came this time.

She comes back with a gift and a card. She is sure that this must be from Amit to her. She says, I didn’t know he would surprise like this. She reads the card and it says, to Amit from Antra. The letter reads, Amit, thank you for going with me. Amita is stunned. She continues reading, thank you for giving this beautiful dress. You left this extra dress so sending it back. Thank you for doing all this for me. You came like an angel in my life. She drops the gift and card in a shock. She recalls her asking Amit about Antra and Amit telling she is wife of his friend who came from US. And then Amit’s friend telling her that Amit doesn’t have any friend from US. She recalls Amit avoiding some of her questions. Tears come out from her eyes. She is very hurt. She tears her love letter into pieces.

Amit is on the phone, asking Anatara why she sent gift to home. Amita comes there and he disconnects. He tells Amita, the call was from office. Amita glares at him with anger and disappoint and doesn’t say anything. She walks away. Amit follows her. He puts his hand on Amita’s shoulder and thanks her for everything that she did for him today. He says, I will remember this forever. Until today, I was taking my birthday as just a normal day, but I learned from you today how to make a normal day a special day. Amita wipes her tears and says, a package came for you. Amit says, wow another surprise. Amita says, no.. it’s not from me. Someone gave and there is a card with it as well. Amit asks, for me? Amit reads the card and is expressionless. Amita goes to him and he quickly puts the card back in the cover. He tells Amita, this is for you, not me. I will tell you everything. I told you about Ankit and Antra, right? I went to shopping with them and I liked a dress so I thought to purchase it for you. Amita says, if you bought it for me, then how did Antra got it? Amit says, I paid for her dress and shop person packed your dress with hers. Amita asks, didn’t you realize that dress was not with you? Amit says, I remembered, but forgot to tell Antra because of work. He gives the gift to her and says, this dress for you.. before I go away from you. Amita asks, before going away? Amit says, I am going US next Sunday. Did you forget? Amita says, how can I forget that?

He asks her to try that dress and show it to him, but Amita says, not now. He asks her, what happened to you? You try all new things right away, right? He reminds her how she tried everything right away before this and asks if she is fine. Amita says, I am fine. It’s just I am tired, very tired. Amit says, right.. you must be tired. You did so many preparations. Thank you once again for everything. He says, I will call and say sorry to all guests. Amita says, from guests I remember that we never invited Ankit and Antra. Why don’t we invite them for dinner tomorrow? Amit says, no. I can’t invite them. Amita asks, why? Amit says, I am going to sasural tomorrow. Amita asks, sasural? Amit says, your house.. I didn’t spend any time with them today, so they must be feeling bad. Amita says, no.. they won’t feel bad. Amit says, I have decided to go there tomorrow. Amita says in her mind, please say it clearly whatever is in your mind. She is quiet. Amit asks if that is yes from her that she will also go with him. Amita says, yes. Amit tells her, then wear this dress tomorrow.. please. Amita takes the dress and he goes to get fresh. Amita sits down, hugging the gift.

Later in night, Amit is sleeping on a sofa. Amita wakes up and looks at him. She then gets up and looks at the gift and then Antra’s card. She puts them back and sits beside Amit. She says in her mind, after few days, you’re leaving. Don’t know what will happen after that. I thought to tell you everything that’s in my mind, tell you how much I love you, but… She now sits on a side and cries looking at him.

In the morning, Amit wakes up and sees Amita sitting on a side and sleeping. He asks her, why were you sleeping like this? Amita says, I was waiting for you to wake up. Amit asks, why? Amita says, have to find answers of many questions. Amit is confused.

Precap: Amit tells Amita, I thought you would stop me from going to US. Amita asks, if I say, then will you stop? Both look at each other.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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