Amita Ka Amit 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 1st April 2013 Written Update

The Chunaro rasam gets over and then the much awaited Garba dance is announced for the guests and family by Amit’s dad Kiritbhai.

And in the midst of the happy celebrations seeing a very off Amit Amita tells him to tell her what is bothering him.

And then the much awaited conversation starts with Amita trying to tend to an injured Amit. The guy shrugs off her gesture of help.

Amit and Amita tell each other everything starting from Suraj’s chapter in Amita’s life to Amit’s knowingly letting Snehal stay under the impression that he loves Amita.
Both learn that they were never each other’s choice rather a compromise.
Both are are disheartened to note that Amit never loved her and Amita was rejected by Amit.

Searchig for her son Phallu is shocked to see the couple holding hands. Amita clarifies she was tending a hurt Amit.

Phallu snatches the ice cube from Amita’s hand and starts to do it herself. Amit rudely tells hr to leave and let Amita continue with it.Phalguni is majorly pissed and Tina delighted.

The truth shatters them. Amit is not interested to get into the wedding with a girl who had rejected her and had a liking for a guy who was more handsome than him.
In his hurting ego and rage it doesnot register in him that Amita has grown out of her crush and now she values the person Amit dearly.
Her tears, words fail to thaw the icy walls around Amit’s heart for Amita.

Kajal eavesdrop on the entire conversation.She calls up Atul i he distraught state.

The fathers get their children back to the garba dance where they just keep staring at each other hurting profusely. Their pain is mistaken as a love lorn eyelock.

The couple are told they cannot meet each other till the wedding.

The Patels depart after the function. Amita is crying.Nani ,Phallu try to cheer her up. Preeti come forward to to drop Amita home.As they leave Amita looks at the Shah house decked with lights with sadness in her eyes. It was a heart wrenching moment for the poor girl.

Her friends try to prod her about what is bothering their dear friend and whether the couple fought over the weight issue. Amita tells her friends in the car that Amit doesnot want to marry her. Everyone is shocked.

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