Amita Ka Amit 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th September 2013 Written Update

Amit sighs relieved as the doc tells everyone that there is no need to worry. Baa teases Amit if he is satisfied now. Doc answers on his behalf that it is expected (to be scared) in such a case….if anyone else would have been at his place then he would have done the same. He tries to divert the convo by asking her private number. Amu is confused…why scared? But you said everything is normal and this keeps happening and that I should enjoy. Then what’s the point of being scared? Doc answers….in regular pregnancy. You (Amit) don’t have to be scared or worry all the time. There is some problem for sure but. Amit cuts her off mid sentence….I wanted to ask you that. But Amu cuts him off….problem? Everyone is alert now. I don’t understand

it. Amit offers to explain. Like I get worried over every little thing…this is what she meant. Rest everything is fine. She had to rush here because of me. She was busy yet she came. Come doc I will show you outside. Doc is standing there listening quietly understanding what Amit is up to.
Amu tells him to atleast write down the medicines. Doc denies….not needed. Amu thanks the doc for coming. Doc tells Ria to take her number from Amu. She leaves followed by Amit. Baa wonders what has happened to Amit. First he was in a hurry to call her now he is in a hurry to drop her off. Hope he doesn’t go mad because of all the happiness. Everyone smiles but Amu is thinking.

In the living area, doc turns to Amit. You dint tell her yet right? He says I was about to but couldn’t get time. She tells him to do it asap. She must know. God forbid if what I am thinking turns out to be true then she will get a big shock. She has to be ready to face anything. He assures her he will tell Amu. She nods and leaves. He stands worried thinking hard.

Amu prays to Ganpati ji. I only wish for a very cute baby…just like you. You are called vighnaharta as you take away everyone’s troubles. You gave me Amit….a loving family. You have given me all the happiness. It’s my turn now to fill their lives with happiness by bringing this baby in the world. Hope everything goes well and my baby comes in my arms without any trouble. Bell starts ringing in the background with a chant playing as well. Wind starts blowing and she stands there praying oblivious to everything happening around her. The diya is about to blow off but Amit comes in time and saves it. He looks at Amu who is still praying. He gets a little sad and turns to pray to Ganpati ji too. Amu is surprised to see Amit there. It feels so good to be here. Now that Ganpati bappa is here nothing will go wrong. He nods. She suggests packing his lunch. He stops her but is unable to say it so smiles…nothing. She goes to do her work. He turns to Ganpati ji and prays…please give me the strength to tell her the truth. Please!

He opens his room and is surprised to see all the ladies including Ria in his room playing with Batuk’s baby. Amu notices him and tells him a small cute guest has come to meet you. He looks at her playing happily with the baby and makes a serious face. How come he is here? Are Batuk and Shilpa here too? She denies. They have gone to shop for some time so left the baby here. He is so cute that don’t feel like sending him back. She starts playing lovingly with the baby. Amit is happy for a second seeing her like that and gets thinking.

Amit is sitting on the sofa while Amu is busy with the baby. He tells her he wants to talk to her. She tells him to speak in low tones as baby is sleeping. He says my talk is important too. She replies nothing is more important than baby (sleeping peacefully). I will talk after I get a bottle of milk for the baby. Shilpa bhabhi said he sleeps at this hour and drinks milk as soon as he gets up. He wants to talk but she tells him they can talk later. I don’t want the baby to cry after he wakes up. I will be back soon. He stands there helplessly remembering doc’s words that he should tell it asap or she will be in for a major shock. She must be ready for every situation. The baby wakes up. Amit picks up the baby in his arms. He is moved by the experience and kisses the palms of the baby. You babies are very cute by the way. He is moved to tears but the baby starts crying as well so he starts handling him instead. Amu comes shouting for the baby…I have got milk for you. Amit quickly puts the baby back in bed and wipes his tears. He puts on the telly and pretends to watch it oblivious to the cries of the baby. Amu comes and says the baby is crying and you are watching tv. He retorts you said he will cry anyway and I am watching tv so I am busy. She insists the baby is most important. I told you he will cry but it doesn’t mean you wont take care of it. How can you a small baby cry? He replies babies keep crying there’s nothing new in that. I was watching telly you are reacting as if I killed someone. She tells him to talk in low tone as the baby is getting scared. He pretends to be all the more angry. What do I do? Will everything happen according to the baby? You don’t worry about me. Its all about the baby all the time. I am fed up. He walks away from there to another corner of the room. She keeps the baby down confused by his reaction and goes to talk him. The baby starts crying again. He tells her to quieten the baby or else you go in another room. I am having a headache. She is confused. What has happened to you? Its a matter of only a few hours then Batuk bhai will come and take the baby. He lashes out at her….few hours? I cannot stand the baby for another few minutes. He turns the other side from her.


Amit turns to Amu angrily. Next time do let me know in advance if you want to do babysitting please. He turns his face away. She is sad. You are tired of the baby already? What will happen when our baby will be born? You will still stay in another room? He replies I don’t know. Why are you asking such rubbish questions? Let me be…why you care. She wonders how he changed again. You looked so happy two days back. I am about to be a father got toys what happened now? What happened to your happiness? He retorts…I was never happy. It was all pretence. I tried to be happy for your sake as you were happy with the baby. I lied to you. I tried to change it into truth….by living the lie…hoping it would change but it did not. I cannot do it anymore. I am really very sorry but not anymore. She whispers….why. He says there is only one answer – I don’t want a baby right now. He repeats it…loudly this time. She is stunned and he walks away from her. She follows him….you were joking right? Tell me. he replies in negative. She says you don’t feel something for the baby…dont feel like holding it in your arms or talking to the baby or playing with it. He denies. Plus seeing this I have made up my mind firm…I don’t want a baby now.


She makes him face her. Amu asks him to say that she heard it all…you dint say or mean any of it right? He stays put. Stop asking again and again for God’s sake. She wonders if he is hiding something form her. he wipes her tears and turns towards her again. I was….not anymore. She insists. Tell me what it is. He doesn’t tell the truth. I have said what I wanted to I don’t know what you want to hear. She tells him to look in her eyes and say that he isn’t ready for the baby yet. He turns the other way again….sad. My answer wont change by asking the same question again and again. He composes himself and turns again. I have made up my mind. Decision is yours now, you have 2 options – either this baby or me. You have to decide it. She looks at him shocked and steps back. Picking up the baby in her arms she turns to look at him. she is clearly in a dilemma…heartbroken by the options he has given her. She starts walking out of the room holding the baby. He watches her go.

Precap: Amu says you cannot be so stone hearted. He asks her if she will go for an abortion or not. She cannot believe it. He repeats his question once again.

Update Credit to: pooja

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