Amita Ka Amit 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th April 2013 Written Update

Amit’s dad enters speaking with his employee regarding some very important client who has an annual meeting sometime soon. He passes out instructions of not to lose out the client or else they will have to bear the loss of crores of rupees.
Amit listens to his convo and smiles at Amita who wonders what he is up to now.
Amit says sorry to nani for coming late for breakfast. He had got a very important call from some client. She teases him that after wedding every morning they would get it and come out late.
Amit tells everyone that they cannot go on honeymoon. Mr. Deol called. He wants me at his annual meeting. His father says he is right while Fallu is tensed. Amit smiles at Amita.
His father says he can send Rohan there. Amit coughs and says he called me and has discussed everything with me then why would you send Rohan?
His dad again agrees. But then says he would accompany Rohan. Fallu smiles at his idea while Amit is sad that his plan flopped again. He dismisses it saying they wont cancel their honeymoon for anything. It is my final decision. Ammu smiles at this while Amit notices her expressions which she immediately changes after finding him noticing her.

Preeti calls Amita. She says you two are trying to find excuses of not going on your honeymoon since last 2 days? I know that you both do not love each other but you both don’t hate each other as well.
Ammu says tell this to him. He keeps thinking all day and night of making excuses only. I don’t mind going with him anywhere.
Preeti says do one thing instead of finding excuses of going away from each other why don’t you start finding reasons to get closer to him. Do something so that he says on his own that he wants to go with you. Ammu is frustrated and asks her if she is hearing her own words clearly?
Preeti asks her to do something. Ammu says hmm and disconnects.
Ammu is listening to Ishq wala love. She is getting ready in front of the mirror. She recalls preeti’s words. Instead of finding excuses of going away from each other why don’t you start finding reasons to get closer to him. Then Amit’s words… really want to go to Kashmir right?
Amit enters and Ammu smiles shyly. He gives a not interested look and looks away. They both look at each other through mirror. He says a mark is there and takes out a hanky from his pocket.
Ammu feels shy as she awaits him coming to her to wipe the kajal out of the corner of her eye.
Instead he goes past her and cleans the mirror ( ). He says we put powder on face, not mirror. Its good that you are trying so hard to find excuses.
She replies in negative. He says but you said you listen to music to think of things.
She says she was just listening to it without any reason. He goes to switch off the stereo. Ammu wipes her kajal.

Amit says you know what I did the whole day. I was thinking of finding excuses the whole day. And you are listening to music. How nice!
She reminds him that they have already given 2 excuses in one single day. If we say some other excuse now then they would start doubting us. He says ok then should we start packing?
They argue and are interrupted by a phone call.

Amita’s dad asks for their preparations for honeymoon. She looks back at Amit and manages its going great. Hemant is happy. He says it is a beautiful place. Take a pen and paper I will make you write some nice places to visit there.
She is hesitant but he insists so she does as told. He explains dal lake is very beautiful, not at all dull as the name sounds. Amita says aloud and Amit hears their convo. Rest is in mute. Amit paces frustrated in his room listening to it. Hemants says he will check with some Praful bhai as he had gone there recently. He would know better. Ammu nods and disconnects the call.

Amita turns back to Amit all sad. It was my dad. Amit taunts her you are making preps to go on the honeymoon. You seem more interested to go than your dad. Amita says what he wants that she should tell them. She will and starts dialling from her phone.
Amit snatches her phone asking her not to act kiddish. She says yes I am. Amit shouts back saying at least he isn’t making plans with family members to go on the Kashmir trip. She says you think I want to? Amit loudly shouts that I don’t know anything. I only know that I am not interested to go with you to Kashmir or anywhere else. Ammu is tearful and sits on the bed.

Amit feels pain in his tooth. She asks what happened. Before he can say anything, she says I too don’t want to go anywhere with you. Amit is in pain. He says now how did this relate to my this (pain)? She says because I’m mad.
He takes the pillows when Ammu stops him. She says it is my turn to sleep in guestroom today. He hands her the pillows and she goes out. Amit goes to check medicine but realises there isn’t any.

Ammu is sitting in the guestroom. She has flashback of her own words to her dad. Amit’s family has planned our Honeymoon and who knows maybe things change for better while we are there. We will get to spend quality time together. We will get to know each other better.
She recalls Amit’s words…… I was thinking of finding excuses for not going on honeymoon the whole day. Again Hemant’s words echo in her mind…..he is ready to wait but whenever you feel something is going wrong you will tell your papa immediately. Lastly re recalls Amit shouting…I don’t want to go anywhere with you.

She goes in bathroom and realises she forgot her boyfriend in Amit’s bathroom only. I should now get 2 toothbrushes for myself…one for the guestroom and one for Amit’s bathroom.
She enters their room takes the toothbrush and is about to go back when Amit cries out in pain.
She asks him if he wants anything. He says no he is having pain in his tooth. She touches his cheek lovingly and feels happy. The song darmiyaan starts playing in the background.
She takes her hand away but Amit asks him to keep it as he felt better that way. She puts her hand back immediately. She looks at him lovingly. Her hand starts hurting so she sits next to his bed, keeps her hand at his cheek and sleeps there only.


Ammu wakes up and realises that she slept there only. She smiles. Amit mutters in his sleep…thank you ma. Ammu is taken aback. She takes her hand back.
Amita’s hand is paining. She looks back at him sadly. She has flashback of Amit’s words that he doesn’t want to go with her anywhere. Tears roll down her cheek as she goes out of their room.
The noise wakes up Amit from his sleep. He checks his tooth and realises that his toothache is gone. Then he is worried. If ma was here with me the whole night then she would have realised Amita was missing in the room. What to do now?

He gets ready and comes across Amita. He says they have done a huge mistake. Ma was there with me the whole night and you were not there. Amita tries to tell him the truth but he doesn’t listen to her. Right then Fallu calls out to him. He hurriedly goes to speak to his mother leaving behind Ammu.

Fallu is telling her cook what to cook for dinner. Amit enters. He says I want to apologize to you before thanking you. She asks why?
He says for whatever you did for my toothache. She is shocked and says you had toothache?
Amit is taken aback. If it was not you then was it Amita? Amit looks blankly at Fallu. He turns and finds Ammu standing on the entrance of the kitchen. He looks down. Ammu enters and starts speaking with Fallu happily. he looks back at Ammu confused.


Amit enters his room and sees Amita arranging things in the cupboard. He speaks without any reason to her. She says he would be late in going to office.
He says what if he gets late one day. She doesn’t understand what he wants to say.
He comes to the point. I don’t want you to do anything for me. Yesterday night you came in my room. I was having a toothache and you sat the whole night holding my cheek. Why? We aren’t that type of husband and wife to do something like this. If you will do something for me then I too will have to do something for you.
She says sorry that I helped you. He tries to explain what he wants to say when he gets a call from office and goes to attend it. The screen freezes on Amita’s face.

Precap: Amit says if you want you can come along too. She becomes excited. With you? You want that I come with you? Amit says yes. It will mean two things – he can attend the meeting and they both can roam around Kashmir too. But if you don’t want to then. Ammu cuts him midway and says I want to. Both smile at each other.

Update Credit to: pooja

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