Amita Ka Amit 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th September 2013 Written Update

The puja is done. Amit prays…give me strength so that I am able to tell Amu’s situation to everyone at home. Everyone has gone and Kirath is surprised to see his son still praying. He picks up the bell and rings it near his ears. The puja is done son. Baa teases him if he was praying for real or had dozed off. Its good that he became a little devout now that he is going to be a father. Amu smiles shyly. He asks for a cup of tea surprising her and Kirath. She reminds him he had one just before the puja but he insists. Nani tells her to get it….he wants to get a little pampered. Amu goes to make it.

Amit says I am about to tell you something very important. But Nani cuts her off. We have got a surprise for you. He again tries to speak but Nani wants to show his surprise

to him first. She calls out to the servant to get it. He gets them a plate with two little crowns (of gold) of different sizes. He is puzzled. Baa explains that she had made a wish that as and when Amu will conceive she will offer them to Kanha (Bal Gopal). Doc’s words suggesting abortion echoes in his head. Amu brings tea for him. She notices the crowns in the plate and takes it from him. Nani shares how and why Baa got them made. Amu is all smiles….it is so beautiful. Amit agrees feebly. Amu says everyone is doing so much…papa ji has already opened an account for the baby; MIL has gone to some temple to make another wish; and you both are trying so much. So much is happening before the baby has come don’t know what you all will do afterwards. Rohan says (from behind) we will have a blast. Everyone is happily surprised to see him home. Amit gives him a hug. Rohan takes everyone’s blessings. He gives a gift to Amu for the baby. Amit’s smile disappears again. Rohan turns to Amit. First deposit in the bank account opened by kaka would be from me. amit says what was the need to do all this. Rohan asks if he cannot do anything for the baby. You are my brother plus I too am going to be an uncle. Amit says I dint mean it that ways. Rohan doesn’t understand any of it. He finally realises that what he did in the business and forgiving him for the same would be the reason. amit simply says I don’t remember anything. The brothers share a cute hug. Meanwhile Amu excitedly opens the gift and shows it to Ria and Tina. Amit is sad again.

Ria is trying her new necklace when Tina comes there. Ria shows it to her. Tina compliments her…I am very happy as my son is back home plus you are now going to give me the good news. Ria blushes. I want the good news very soon or else I fear that the way everyone is showering gifts on Amu and her to be baby everything else will be theirs too…very soon. Ria assures her nothing like that would happen for she wont let it happen ever. Whatever has happened with Rohan wont happen with her baby. Tina is proud of her. I am with you. Ria nods.

Amit is in his room clearly caught in turmoil as he recalls doc’s words about the baby being a danger for Amu. Abortion is the best option….and it should be done asap. Amu comes calling for him excitedly. He quickly composes himself. She suggests calling Batuk bhai and Shilpa bhabhi for the puja. It would be so much fun. Their baby would come too then. He likes the idea but says I was thinking if we go out to see Ganpati then…I want to see the pandaal as well. Would you come along? She gets happy with his idea. Baby, let us go out. He looks at her sadly. She tells him she will wait outside and leaves.

Amit calls Batuk. He shares the idea with Batuk who tells the same to Shilpa. Amit tells him to hear the whole thing first. Batuk replies we are meeting anyways so we can talk then. But Amit insists it is very important. I don’t want this baby. Batuk is shocked. Are you nuts? Are you in your senses….do you realise what you are saying? Amit says I tried a lot to tell her but couldn’t so I am telling you. I don’t want this baby to be born. You are my only friend with whom I can share all this. You will have to somehow plant this idea in Amu’s head that kids are only a problem nothing else. Somehow you will have to make her agree. Batuk calls him mad and declines but Amit is insistent. He is literally begging him to do it so Batuk agrees to try it out. Amit thanks him and disconnects the call.

AA are in the park. She is enjoying watching the kids play. We too will make our babies wear different dress every time. Amit nods absently. Batuk reaches there. She is surprised that he came along minus the baby and Shilpa. Batuk comments I wanted to be alone for some time. He is either crying or doing one or the other thing. I and Shilpa get to spend some time together anymore. Plus Shilpa too keeps stressing me over the baby. I cannot even concentrate on my work anymore. Babies are trouble. Amu is confused. You were happy right then what happened all of a sudden? Aren’t you happy? He declines. Just then Shilpa comes with the baby and hands him to Batuk. Batuk starts coochie cooing with the baby once again much to Amit’s surprise. He goes aside to talk to Batuk. What are you doing? We spoke about what we had to do right? Amu and Shilpa come there. Amu smiles thinking about what he just said about the baby and look at him now. With Ganpati ji’s due blessings we have been blessed with a baby. We too will take our baby out on a stroll to the park. Amit goes quiet. Amu takes the baby and Amit pulls Batuk aside so that they could talk. What are you doing? You used to participate in drama in schools and wished to be an actor but you cannot do anything correctly now. Why? Batuk declines. I don’t want to put on such an act. Plus what’s your problem? Babies are so cute and you don’t like them. It takes time initially I too took mine but I settled in and I know you too will. Tell me the truth do you not want a baby? Amit replies I do but not on the stake of my wife. Batuk is shocked by what he just heard. Amit leaves.


Amit is standing before the Ganpati idol praying. I cannot be on this crossroad anymore that’s why I am here before you to make a decision….to ask for strength from you. Let anyone say anything but this time I wont even listen to Amu. But I cannot risk her life for her baby come what may. I cannot….lose her in any way. That’s all that I wanted to say. He goes from there with a determined look on his face.

As he comes in his room, he notices Amu hasn’t slept yet. She says I was thinking where would we be keeping baby’s bed or will make the baby sleep in our bad. Leave allt hat tell me where were you? He replies I was on an urgent call. She tells him to sit. What have you thought about baby stuff…where will we keep it? Amu says you too must learn all this too….how to handle this baby….what if something happens to me (in a joking manner). He sternly warns her not to speak like this. You are more important for me than baby. She says I was kidding. He says there are many topics to joke upon but this isn’t a good one. Mind you, if I will have to choose between either of you two…I will be choosing you. He leaves from there in a huff. She is confused at his answer plus his reaction.


Everyone (ladies) is making modak’s for Prasad. Amu joins them. She starts making them too and recalls Amit’s words of yester night about choosing her over the baby in case it happens so. She absently makes one and Ria teases her on its shape. Nani says everything is fine for her right. Amu starts feeling nauseous…she runs inside her room to vomit. Everyone follows as he is shouting for her asking if she is alright or not. Everyone is perplexed by his reaction. He decides to call the doc but Amu and Baa talk against it. He stays firm with his decision. I am not asking for anyone’s opinion I am calling her anyhow. He rings up the doc and calls her over at their home for Amu’s checkup. he tries telling her he hasn’t told Amu anything yet but the line is cut already. He tries again but its busy. He is pacing worriedly thinking what happens if the doc says anything to Amu.

Doc comes to Shah House but Ria meets her first. She tries to talk to her but Amit calls her aside. Amit tries to tell doc that he hasn’t told Amu anything yet when Ria interrupts. She praises the doc and wants to talk to her. The doc is more than happy to do so and both leave from there. Amit prays to Ganpati ji…there is no way to tell doc anything. Hope Amu doesn’t get to know about any of this right now from the doc.

Precap: Doc tells everyone there is no need to worry. Baa teases Amit if he is satisfied now. Doc answers on his behalf that it is expected (to be scared) in such a case….if anyone else would have been at his place then he would have done the same. Amu is confused…why scared? But you said everything is normal and this keeps happening and that I should enjoy. Then what’s the point of being scared? Doc answers….in regular pregnancy. You (Amit) don’t have to be scared. There is some problem for sure but. Amit cuts her off mid sentence….I wanted to ask you that. But Amu cuts him off….problem?

Update Credit to: pooja

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