Amita Ka Amit 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th September 2013 Written Update

Doc says I checked Amu’s blood reports and I got to know of something. It was a very normal thing but I needed your blood report as well. After checking your blood reports I got to know that…its all in mute. Amit listens shocked. He recalls Amu telling him he is about to be a father; how happy everyone was after hearing the news; Amu’s excitement over the baby. The doc notices that he is lost in his own thoughts and calls out for his attention. He wants to know how serious this complication is. You said there can be danger…of what kind? She agrees. It is indeed very serious. In some cases the would be moms recover but that in Amu’s case, the chances of recovery are very low. Amit suggests it might all be well once the baby is born. Maybe both the baby and Amu can be fine. Tell me is that possible? She replies that the baby’s chances of survival are strong after it is born but it is actually Amu whose life is in danger. Amu’s life can also lose her life if she gives birth to this baby. He is stunned. He tells her to check it again as this cannot be. She tells him to listen to her calmly. I have seen yours and Amu’s reports. I have got them checked in multiple clinics. But the result was same every time. The best option for you right now would be to get this baby aborted….as soon as possible or the complications will increase with time. Plus Amu would be affected mentally and physically deeply. It wont be easy to tell her but as the it is early stages of pregnancy so it wont be much of a problem for her to recover. The more time you take the more painful it will be for her. He asks her if she wants him to tell Amu everything.

Amu is in the restaurant waiting for Amit. She rings up Amit who is all nerves looking at the caller id. He tells her he is on his way. She asks him if all is well. How come you got so late? He assures her everything is fine. I am coming. She replies come fast…..your wife and your baby is waiting for you. He closes his eyes in pain. We both are very hungry come soon. He tells her he is.

Doc says I know how tough this all is for you. If you need any help then do let me know. I am with both of you. He nods sadly. Picking up his reports he leaves from there. He joins her now.

Amit is shown standing in the middle of the road with all the traffic whooshing past him. Various flashbacks of seen. Amu telling him about her pregnancy; doc’s words that Amu’s life will be at stake if she conceives this baby; Amu’s excitement and planning for the baby; simultaneous warnings of the doc and many more. He is crying helpless. He reaches the restaurant and finds Amu smiling to herself. He watches her from far and is on the verge of crying but composes himself somehow. He starts walking very slowly and continues looking her happy face. As soon as she sees him she waves at him and he too waves back. She says it feels so good….romantic dinner with you and this beautiful weather. But I have decided against ordering kofta’s as it looks so unromantic. We are on a date after all. I will order a yumm Italian dish ok. He simply hmms. She tells him to smile as he is on a date not in hiss school to collect his report card with his parents. He cannot think of an answer so suggests placing an order. She tells him not to hurry always. We are out on a romantic dinner. We wont get this much time after the baby comes. He fumbles. She is waiting for the moment when the baby will come. It will be so much fun as we will be thinking about the baby all the time. Everything will start end and revolve around the baby only….wishes, desires, expectations….like our life will be all about the baby. He is getting uncomfortable. Our happiness will be nothing in front of our baby’s happiness. He agrees with her and excuses himself to go to the washroom. He cannot hold back his tears in the washroom thinking about Amu’s words. He washes his face. How would I tell her that the happiness which she is waiting for is (not going to last forever)? But I will have to tell. He composes himself.


Amit joins Amu again. She apologizes to him for paying attention to his words. He is at a loss then says I forgot. She senses that he looks a little worried. Amit denies…not feeling well. She says I know why not. He is surprised….meaning? She says I know you haven’t eaten anything since morning owing to your presentation. Let’s order something fast and go and rest at home. Amu orders food for both of them. He points out only salad and soup will not suffice her. But she says cheese isn’t good for the baby. He is at a loss of words again and simply nods.

AA enter their room and Nani and Baa are waiting for them in their room with stern looks on their faces. Amu asks the reason for them being here at this hour. Baa says the one who should be resting at home right now is returning home late plus is questioning us. Amit you should have got food packed for home. She needs rest. He fumbles. Amu very sweetly goes to Baa. If I wouldn’t have gone out then how would I be able to see you sweetly reprimanding me? nani tells her not to butter them. Baa stays put. You are pregnant and you are sitting on the ground. Get up fast. Amu obliges and apologizes. I promise I wont come late again from today. And I and the baby will be sleeping till late hours tomorrow. They are happy with the idea. Baa asks Amit to keep visiting the doc regularly and on time. Amu had completely forgotten and asks Amit about the reports. Amit looks at Baa and Nani and keeps quiet.


Amit replies that all is well. Everyone is relieved. Amit says doc said there is no need to worry. Nani and Baa leave after bidding them both good night.

Amu asks Amit again if all is well. He looks away. She sits next to him on the bed. Reports are fine right? He is not replying and is she getting tensed. Our baby isn’t serious right? He turns towards her. I am getting worried looking at you. Tell me everything is fine right? Our baby is fine right? Amit looks at her and then breaks into a smile. She is confused. He assures her all is fine. I just wanted to see your reaction. She says you are very bad and hugs him. He too hugs her back tearful. She says if you think I liked your little joke then you are wrong. I and baby dint like it. Promise me you wont do it again. I was so scared. He wipes his tears and promises her he wont repeat it ever. Let us sleep now or if Nani and Baa hear us again then they will get upset again. She kisses him on the cheek and gets up to go and change. He sits back in dilemma as to how to tell it to Amu. He is tearful again. Shaking his head he realises he wont be able to do it by himself. I will have to tell everyone at home first.

Amit is unable to sleep. He doesn’t sleep at all the whole night and looks at Amu who is sleeping peacefully. He is about to touch her but she stirs. He quickly wipes his tears before she can look. She wonders how come he is up so early. He tells her to get ready fast as it is about time for aarti. She goes to get ready while Amit recalls what the doc told him about the baby and how it is a danger to Amu’s life.

Precap: Amu says you too must learn all this too….how to handle this baby….what if something happens to me (in a joking manner). He sternly warns her not to speak like this. Mind you, if I will have to choose between either of you two…I will be choosing you. She is confused at his answer plus his reaction.

Update Credit to:Pooja

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