Amita Ka Amit 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Varsha atul and all other family mems including saheliyan sitting and tang keeching ammu about her sasural and newly wedded life…ammu keeps on faking happiness and manages her smile but papa hemant smells something fishy in his ammus smile and feels zaroor is hasi ke peeche koi dard chupi hai and he deeply looks at ammus fake smile and priti looks at papa and hemant signals her to come with him priti silently follows papa.

Papa enquires with priti whether everything is fine between ammu and amit kumar which she knows and he doesn’t know and shares what he heard from ammu and amit that she thanking amit for behaving normal while they were talking to each other.

Priti manages saying that there is nothing to be worried and assures everything is fine and also says that if he still feels that something is wrong she will talk to ammu. Priti comes out and looks at smiling and chitchatting ammu and talks to self that its just 2 days post marriage and her friends have bcome outsiders.

Again ammu thanking amit scene is shown and varsha knocks the door and hemant comes out she asks him that he was the one who was more excited to see ammu to visit them but he locked himself inside the room when she is at their place and also informs him that in no time amita ka raj kumar will soon arrive to pick her. He asks her to leave and says that he will come out and join in some time as he has an imp call to make.

Varsha leaves and he calls shah house. Nautanki kaki answers the call and hemant asks for how are they and all and kaki too answers and she senses some tension in Hemanths voice and asks him whats the matter and asks him that did ammu had any complaint. and also says that amits mom and others are not at home and asks him to call later once they reach.

But Hemant asks her to say whats the matter. she does some beating around the bush sort of talks and finally the TRUTH IS OUT that they did this marriage for their families happiness and adds that they don’t even sleep in same room. Hemanth bhai gets worried and iterates the same statement and questions again that what crap she just said is that true and she smartly says OMG how come u don’t this matter and I told this out.

She doesn’t shut her mouth with this and she goes on saying that when ammu visited shah house to convince amit a day before their marriage, she thought ammmu shared everything with hemanth bhai. and gives ghatiya tasalli that all these things are common in todays marriage and kids does this for happiness for their marriage. and cuts the call. Hemanth bhai shatters to pieces …and recollects ammus behavior before marriage how ammu went out late in the night and breaks down.

scene shifts to ammu and priti

Priti confronts ammu saying that she knows that after marriage a girl becomes others own but it doesn’t mean that she cant share her pain with her own friends and asks that ammu said after suhag raat everything is fine but it doesn’t seem like that and also asks ammu to stop being over smart.

Ammu says that as they know verywell that her marriage with amit is a biggest compromise and asks that how did she come to know about her worry for which priti answers that she got to know through papa.

Ammu shocked and asks that how come papa knows this as she told him that everything is fine between her and amit. Priti answers that howmuch ever kids might hide truth from elders they will come to know. Ammu expresses her worry tht she cant see her papa getting worried and asks priti that they have to give him confidence that everything is fine.

But in the mean while Hemanth enters the room calling out ammu … he takes ammu in to a separate room and starts saying always he heard from elders and people saying that post marriage daughter will become others responsibility and she becomes a third person for her own maternal relations , but on listening to all that he never believed. ammu tries to manage saying nothing like that but he stops and confronts her. He also expresses his pain that he never felt that his daughter will hide things and her worries from him as he always felt that she is his’ and will always be his daughter no matter come what may. thinking of what did she visit amits place to convince him and get married to him a day before when she clearly got to know that he is not at all interested in marrying her. He also asks that what made he r go to this extent of deciding about her marriage and asks her that she stepped into that house and over the top she doesn’t even share the same room with amit while sleeping?

Ammu asks him from whom did he got to know all this. He replies that he got to all this from TIna . Ammu cries out that how come she said everything to him. But he says Tina didn’t do anything wrong as she revealed the entire truth and says that he is not worried of the society and bluntly confesses that his daughter will stay with him and she will not step in that house again ever in this life and is about to call amit.

Ammu tries to stop him but he asks her to leave him and she tries to explain but he shouts at her asking her to leave him. AMmu still asks him to be patient as decisions taken in chaos in brains and tensions will go wrong.

Bell rings and inside everyone asks ammu to open the door but hemanth asks atul to open the door. And its amit with some gift pack in his hand. Arti says that amit might have bought some gift for ammu for sure. But he denies the gift being for ammu and says that he bought it for dadiji .

He gifts it to dadiji and tells her about some BP and sugar for her kneepains. He looks at Hemant and asks whether he wants to talk with him. Hemant agrees that he wanna talk to him but ammu repraminds him from doing so and asks hemant to come with her as she wanna talk to him before he could proceed to talk with amit.

She takes him inside and explains him that Amit is a nice guy by showing him the example of how amit bought gift for dadi and says that he takes care of everyone in the family and his kindness, she got to know slowly and now that she is a part of their family, she needs some time so that they spend time together and can now each other better and she will win every ones hearts. Looking at ammu saying all this he smiles sheepishly and says that its just her hope but the reality could be something else tooo. If her hope fails what about her maika himself? he always dreamt of only one thing through out his life that his ammus every dream should come true and he cant let his cutie daughter compromising her entire life this way as a result of her self decission and says that he wont step back in his decision and he will definitely talk to amit. screen freezes on amitas face

Precap : AMit asking hemant ” papa u wanna talk to me”

Hemanth saying that ” Yes I want to. Every one in their life will have ones own choice to spend their life but its not necessary that one will get whatever one dreams”

Amita is shown tensed nodding her head asking hemant not to …

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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