Amita Ka Amit 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th September 2013 Written Update

Amit wakes up to a crying baby alarm ringtone….quiet, quiet. Amu watches how he is shouting at the voice to stop (crying). He quickly changes his expressions and looks at the clock. He says I may have seen some bad dream. She thinks she is actually watching a bad dream. We are going to have baby soon and you are making these faces by hearing baby alarm. He says it was only an alarm. She asks what if it would have been a real baby….would you have picked it up in your arms. He doesn’t reply. Just now it dint look like you liked it. She sits down on the bed. He tries to assure her his face looks like this in the morning. Otherwise I was happy. Leave about me…how are you feeling now? She says would you not ask about the baby? You are worried about the baby right? He gets up. I would surely be worried as its our baby. She points out he isn’t telling the truth as he dint look into her eye while saying it. He gets irritated. I have an important presentation but I cannot think about it as you want me to worry about the baby whole day. She is hurt by his comments….sits down on the bed again all sad. Amit realises he has upset her. I am really sorry. I am tensed. We are weird do we fight when a new guest is to come in the house? He reminds her of Ganapati ji. Forgetting everything she tells him to get ready fast. He smiles for her but as soon as she leaves to get ready he looks lost in thoughts.

Everyone welcomes Ganapati bappa in Shah House chanting his names. Next they all do the puja one by one. Amu prays to bless the new guest which would be coming in their house soon. Amit prays to take extra care of Amu right now.

Kirath asks for the presentation from Amit. Taking out his lappy Amit starts to show the presentation but Kirath stops him. He apologizes for being extra strict with him yesterday. But I did it all for you. Maybe you wont understand it now but I have always wanted that people should remember me through you after I die. I never wanted to put more pressure on you. But if you feel the workload increasing any day then you can tell me without hesitation. Amit assures him he will do his best to fulfil his expectations. The father son duo share a cute hug with Kirath saying I love you to his son .

Amu is pasting a poster on the wall about stages of pregnancy when Nani and Ria come there wheeling in Baa. Baa reminds her she should be resting then why is she doing all this stuff. Amu replies I got tired from sitting all the time so thought of doing something. Nani tells Ria to do it for Amu. They have brought some sweets for Amu. She is surprised how you knew I felt like eating sweets. Baa tells her not only you but we too have passed through this stage. Nani feeds her lovingly. Ria watches everything from a distance. Tina too brings in a big bowl of kheer or something. You will have to finish it. Ria looks at them sadly. Tina notices Ria standing there. Nani and Amu calls Ria to join them. Ria declines…I am not feeling like it. She leaves from there quietly. They all notice this. Tina excuses herself to look after Ria. Nani tells Amu to focus on the food. Amu asks if there is no way to feed / take care of the dad of baby so that he too feels the baby is about to come. Looking at him it doesn’t feel like he has any ides of it. Baa says he knows everything but is unable to understand it. Give him some time. I am sure when he will understand it he will come running for it.

Amit shows the presentation to Mr. Verma (the same person who got miffed with them earlier). He claps after looking at the ppt and so does everyone. Amit and Kirath get happy looking at the response. The deal is done. Mr. Verma apologizes for what all he said earlier. But I am happy that I have been proved wrong. You are right. He leaves after wishing them all the best. Amit asks his dad if he liked the presentation. Kirath replies maybe I wouldn’t be able to express it appropriately now but when you will become a dad and your son will do something similar to make you proud then you will realise what I am feeling right now. Amit is all quiet but smiles for his dad. Kirath leaves after telling him to keep it up. Amit rues….baby again!

Ria is pacing in her room when Tina joins her. What happened? Ria retorts she is just pregnant….she dint won some Olympic medal that everyone is after her all the time. Did you see when she had fainted it looked like everyone will follow suit one by one? They had all gone pale. One sneeze and everyone rushes to her room. I am going mad looking at all this. Tina agrees with her. She is getting undue love and attention. Plus your feeling hurt is justified. If I would have been at your place… Ria cuts her off. Don’t give me any suggestion. Tina tells her to relax…now what next. Have you thought about anything like some rumour about pregnancy? Ria replies in affirmative. I too will conceive and this time it wont be fake…I too want my own baby. Tina gets super excited and hugs her. Finally you are ready for the baby. Ria nods shyly. Tina kisses her on forehead.

Amit and Batuk are at some cliff overlooking a river (awesome view). Amit is tired hearing about baby all the time. Someone ask its papa too how he is feeling. I cannot live up this pretence (of being happy) anymore. I dint have to lie this much even when I had gone out for a movie with you after lying at home. I dint thought of all this happening so early. Everyone wants me to be happy but you tell me do I look happy? No right! Today papa also said I will understand it when I will become a father. Why is everyone trying to make me understand their points? Why is no one trying to understand me? I am not able to understand what to do so. He looks up to see that Batuk isn’t saying anything or reacting in any way. Say something fatty. You have been through this situation and are still in. How do you stay so happy? He gets a call so excuses himself for a minute. Amit says I told you since you became a father you cannot sit with friends and talk freely. Batuk continues talking on the phone…really, send the pic asap. Amit asks what happened but Batuk tells him to continue what he was saying. Amit says I was asking how you stay so happy. Try and remember what all plans we had made. Batuk tells him to forget all that…my son smiled for the first time today. amit says I thought he keeps smiling always. Batuk shows him the pic and starts coochie cooing the pic and Amit continues looking at him. Amit suggests going back. Batuk says you are done. Amit says 2 people talk…not one. I am surprised looking at the way you have changed. A few days back you used to run away from the word baby and now you are standing in the line of best father. Batuk too is amazed how it happened. Maybe when I held him in my arms for the first time…his small fingers held mine…that feeling made me recall all my responsibilities. You too will understand it very soon. Amit isn’t sure about it.


Amit drops Batuk outside his place. He stands there only trying to think. A man with his daughter is shown having a good time together. Amit recalls Amu always asking him if he is worried about the baby and also the early morning convo. That girl if crossing the road fascinated by the balloons whereas a car is coming in high speed from another side. amit notices both the things. He tries calling out to the father warning him about it. He too has noticed it by now and tries calling out to his daughter. Amit runs and saves the girl but the car hits the father and he gets a little hurt. But he immediately gets up calling for his daughter. He makes sure she is fine and hugs her relieved. He thanks Amit for saving his daughter. Amit offers to take him to the hospital as he got hurt. But the man declines. My daughter is fine so I am fine too. Kids are not only the responsibility of parents but they are our world. If my daughter would have been hurt somehow today then I and my wife would have lost our world. She is our life. Thank you….you not only saved my daughter’s life but mine and my wife’s life too. Thank you! Amit is clearly moved as that man’s words echo in his head. He gives a flying kiss and happy wave to that girl who waves back at him. He recalls doc’s words, Batuk’s words, and Kirath’s as well about the feeling of having their own baby and little little happiness you get. He says it aloud repeatedly – I am going to be a father! Finally he is happy.


Amu is reading some book on pregnancy when she gets a call from Amit. He calls out her name loudly followed by the realisation that he is going to be father (I think he is in the house only). He has his hands full with some stuff. She is a little taken aback and puts the phone on speaker. What has happened to you? He repeats his words…maybe you dint hear. She teases him that I am the mom of that baby right? He says what’s this…if I am going to be a father then you would be the baby’s mother only. She asks him why he is getting happy over old news. Are you alright? He says you wont understand….open the door. She realises he is outside and goes to open the door. He comes in holding shopping bags and a lot stuff in his hands. She asks him what all is this? He turns and says you wont understand because….he looks around the room and asks for all the baby things. She got them removed as he dint like it. He says it was important…just like this….towel, etc. She is confused why all this suddenly. He is in a joyous mood….we have to prepare for our baby. She doesn’t understand it. I never saw you so happy before…plus happy about the baby? He says I was stupid…I get to understand few things a little late but I do. Now you see how I will make one day special for not only the baby but its mom too. She gets happy. That means you are equally happy for the baby? He thinks and says…a little more than you. She asks if he will read all the baby books that she has brought. He agrees…..if you know everything about the baby then I too should. She thanks him with a hug. He apologizes for all the previous things. Get ready and reach our favourite Chinese restaurant with the driver. She says why not with you. He replies as I am taking my baby’s mom with me on a romantic dinner. And I am going to collect my reports from the doc. Get ready I will meet you there. He leaves and she keeps smiling to herself.

Amit meets the doc. Is all well? Doc tells him to read his and Amu’s reports. He cannot understand a thing. you tell is all ok? Doc asks him to promise to be calm and he obliges. Doc says there are some complications. If she continues it then she can be in a lot of danger. He is shell shocked.

Precap: Amit suggests it might all be well once the baby is born. She replies that Amu’s life can be in danger if she gives birth to this baby. AA are at the restaurant. She senses that he looks a little worried. Amit denies…not feeling well. She says I know why.

Update Credit to: pooja

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