Amita Ka Amit 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th April 2013 Written Update

Fallu gifts Amita a necklace for cooking something for the first time. She also tells her to be careful not to create the mess next time while making something in the kitchen. Amita looks down.
Amit’s dad tells Fallu to let Ammu cook only once in a year. Amita asks why. He says because if she will make such yummy mohanthaal every time then no doubt he will become fat. All smile heartily.

Just then, Varsha calls up. They exchange pleasantries and then Varsha asks if she remembers the kids have to come to their home for pagphere. Fallu smiles and says she does and they will be coming in the afternoon. Ammu interrupts they will come at 10 am only. Fallu tells the same tot them. Hemant becomes happy and takes the phone from Varsha to speak to Amit Kumar who has left by now after Ammu told the timings. Amit’s dad takes over and they continue speaking.

Rohan asks his parents why they have gifted them a costly honeymoon package. They could have just gifted them some money. Tina explains that he can do the deal he wanted to do with Mr.Gundeja in Amit’s happiness. He becomes happy and the three head to celebrate the moment.

Amita comes back to their room. She asks Amit why he left like that. Papa wanted to speak to you. Amit says you were there na. She says I know you are taunting me but for what reason I don’t know.
He scolds Amita that you told your parents that you will come at 10:15 for the pag phere. You could have at least asked me once. Don’t you have manners? She retorts you don’t talk about manners please.
He says he has to plan things from the start. I have to take care of my office and work as well. You could have at least asked me. We wont go at 10 am….you will have to go alone. He has married her right. Now tell who is happy because of this marriage?
Ammu says whether they are or not. They have to show everyone that they are right. Amit goes speechless. She continues. If I can be happy in front of your family then why cant you be for mine. See Amit, we married for our family’s happiness. I only want that you don’t do anything in front of my family that might cause a doubt in them.

Amit leaves to work on his laptop. She goes to him saying this means you are not going. You can atleast tell you wont say anything there.
He says you think I am rude, arrogant. What do you think of me Ms. Amita Patel?
She corrects him Amita Shah. He says now I have to go with you on honeymoon too. She says she isn’t interested. He replies you only wanted us to be seen as a best couple in front of everyone. You know what I think that my life has become a big drama where I have to enact all the time.
Ammu says not only yours…..same is with me. Plus, we have sometime to go on honeymoon we can think of some excuse. But please don’t do anything tomorrow that can raise a doubt in their minds. I am going to sleep in some other room you can sleep here with your lights off and your bathroom.
He tells her not to show that he cant adjust. You sleep here. I will go and sleep in the guestroom. He gets up and she says yes you are not doing some ehsaan on me. Go.

Ammu is lying on the bed and recalls Amit’s words. . We wont go at 10 am….you will have to go alone. He has married her right. Now tell who is happy because of this marriage? You know what I think that my life has become a big drama where I have to enact all the time.
She gets up disturbed and prays to Kanha ji….please show us to be like you and Radha ji in front of my mom and dad. Their dream should not be broken anyhow. Please Kanha ji.

Next morning, Nani asks Fallu to check whether Amit and Amita are awake or not. She gets up with a start and becomes worried as Amit isn’t in the room. Just as Fallu was about to enter their room, a phone rings. Fallu goes to pick it but it cuts before she can meanwhile Ammu runs out of the room and hides behind a pillar.
Fallu enters and sees that no one is in the room. There Amita thinks how I reach him before mummy ji. I don’t even know which room is he in. Both Fallu and Ammu are searching all the rooms. Ammu comes across Nani’s room but closes before she could see her clearly.
Fallu sees Amit sleeping in the guest room. Amita hides behind a pillar thinking how to go in now. Just then, Amit’s dad comes asking for some file. She tells him where it is but he insists her to come. He finally leaves telling to wake up Amit and Amita as they have to do a aarti too before leaving for heading for Ammu’s home.

Fallu enters the guest room. She sees him sound asleep, turns to go but drops a candle stand by mistake. The noise wakes Amit. He asks what she is doing here. She asks the same question to him. Before he can answer, she asks for Amita. She must have fought with you. You are here and she would be there in your room. Only 2 days have passed and see that girl. She must be sleeping now.
Ammu enters from behind saying mummy ji leaving both of them puzzled. She explains that their room’s AC was not working so they slept here only. She leaves after telling them to get ready and come fast. Amit looks at Amita.


Everyone is busy doign preparations to welcome Ammu and Amit. Dadi wants to see the glow on Ammu’s face to see how happy she is at her new home. Hemant bhai has brought almost every sweet from his shop (so sweet). Atul has fixed her room’s AC and Ammu’s dad has left for dwarka to fulfil his mannat (wish).

Tina knocks outside the newly weds room. She enters inside after a lot of calling them from outside to open the door. She finds the room too cold and switches of the AC. She looks around and finds Amita’s mangalsutra under her pillow.
She was about to put it back when both enter. She jumps back when Ammu wishes her Jai Shree Krishna. She asks where they were as she had brought tea for them. Ammu tells her that the AC isn’t working so they slept in the guest room. Tina immediately switches on the AC and both are speechless. This time Amit manages the situation that there was some voltage problem. They forgot to switch it off before heading there.
Tina buys their point. She tells that a girl should be careful with her mangalsutra. Ammu says she always does. Tina shows it hanging in her hand. Both Amita and Amit are worried.


Tina says she found it under the pillow (Amit isn’t happy at all). What if you slept here and Amit slept there. She then laughs and says she was joking. But if you have to share anything with anyone, I am here and I will take care of Amit too.
She gives it to Amit. He was going to hand it over to Amita when Tina tells him to make her wear it. He has no choice but to do it. She leaves telling them to come fast.

Amita thanks Amit for taking care of the situation in front of Kaki ji. I am sorry that I forgot the mangalsutra here. He sits down on chair and tells her to save electricity (out of all that he picked this 😀 ). He thanks her for managing thinks in front of mummy. They have done the same for each other. He tells her to use the bathroom as he will use the guestroom’s. She says no he can use theirs and she will go there. She leaves saying this while Amit was about to sip the tea but stops and is thinking something.


Update Credit to: pooja

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