Amita Ka Amit 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th June 2013 Written Update

Ammu is sitting worriedly in her room. She calls Amit. He is driving so disconnects the call twice. The third time he puts on the bluetooth. He tells her that he is driving nowhere. She becomes more worried. He says he wasn’t feeling sleepy so is driving around. You sleep I will come. Before she can say anything else he disconnects the call. He again gets a call. He tells her not to worry. I know it is late I will be reaching soon.
Ammu is upset. If he was so worried then he should have told me. He is roaming outside at this hour all worried. It is my fault only. If I wouldn’t have done that drama, neither would Amit be angry nor would he have been out at this time. I am a fool. I thought that he likes me but I think the moments spent in Lonavala were a dream only. She sits down next to the couch and rests her head on it.

Amit is keeping someone’s luggage in his car while a girl (hand’s shown) is handing it over to him. Lets go! He tells the girl to sit inside.

Ammu falls asleep there only. Amit enters holding a packet in his hand. He notices her sleeping next to the couch and goes to wake her up. She gets up with a start. You were so angry that you went out? He negates that he wasn’t angry. She says you would lie to me as well? Then what were you doing out so late? He realises and nods his head hinting that he was angry. You were angry with me Amit? He nods silently. She apologizes to him. If you want I can apologize to Rohan again. He immediately tells her not. He shows her ice cream. When you get worried you eat it. Today we both are worried so we both should eat it. She wonders we will have ice cream this early in the morning? And there is just one we will share? He affirms. If we eat 2 then our weights would increase. She shares how she used to eat ice creams hiding away from everyone.
She takes out a spoonful and offers it to him. He takes the spoon and eats it on his own. Nice. I am sleepy. Goodnight. She bids him goodnight. But then gets back to talking. If you would roam around whole night then you would naturally feel sleepy. When you are worried next time and wish to go out then take me along as I love going out. And if you are upset with me then also tag me along. I will sit in the backseat and you will feel that you left me behind only. Amit has no option but to agree (lol). She goes to adjust his couch cum bed for him to sleep. She spots the passport and Preeti’s words echo in her mind. If you don’t want him to go to the US then tear his passport and Visa papers. He goes to the washroom. She opens the passport and gets thinking after noticing something.

Next morning, Ammu comes excitedly to speak to Nani. There is one thing which I wanted to share with you. It is Amit’s birthday day after tomorrow. Nani smiles. You scared me. I thought it must be something big. It comes every year. Ammu smiles it is big for me. But he dint tell me about it. Nani tells her that he is like that only. Plus he doesn’t like celebrating it yet we still do something every year. Ammu gets excited. Whether he likes it or not this time I wont let him act stubborn. I will throw such a party that he will remember it forever.

Ammu greets Amit good morning. Which cake do you like? He reminds her that they just had ice cream a while ago. If they eat cake now then they could gain calories. She jokes you wont get fat and even if you do then would look very cute. Amit nods his head hinting not again ( ). How can you talk so much in the morning? My morning still hasn’t happened and you are talking non-stop. Ammu jokes people only talk when they are away just like you are. Who talks while sleeping?
She tells him that his eyes are open plus he has gotten up from the couch already. You too are talking back to me. He looks at her disbelievingly and goes into the washroom.
She again asks him what you would like for a gift. I am not going to give you one just asking casually. He comes out. You can certainly gift me one thing – peace for 2 minutes. Thanks her and goes back inside the washroom.

Ammu rings up Preeti telling her about Amit’s birthday plan. I wish to throw a surprise birthday party for him. I want to invite all his friends. I have a few names with me rest you please ask Sanjay. I will ask Batuk as well. And I am thinking…..she stutters.
Preeti asks her what you are thinking. When you are unable to say it to me then how will you tell Amit? I feel that if you tell him everything before he goes to US then he would definitely cancel his trip. Ammu dismisses it. You get the friend’s list for me from Sanjay. She turns while speaking on call and notices the driver coming in carrying a bag (of the very same girl). Ammu ends the call.

She asks him about the bag. He says he got it from Amit sir’s car’s trunk. She gets confused and reads the tag – Ms. Antra!

She comes to Amit hiding the bag behind her. amit, who is Antra? Amit gets shocked. He doesn’t know what to reply and fumbles. Who Antra? She says you don’t know? I thought you must be knowing because the driver brought this bag from your car only. He looks at the tag on the bag and then at Ammu. Oh yes, I met one of my friend on my way home at night. He had just come from US with his wife so I dropped them. She says but you dint tell me about meeting your friends? He feigns ignorance. Did I not? I must have forgotten. I met them all of a sudden plus the office work keeps my mind busy. I forgot about the bag. She says no problem. I will tell the driver to keep it back. He thanks her and excuses himself.

Batuk comes to Shah House to meet Ammu. Amit isn’t home? She smiles. If he would have been then how would we be able to plan the surprise party? He nods. I have brought the list of his favourite songs. They are very tough to find. This is another list of our friends. I have called them already. She assures him that she would find the songs for sure. Did you call his friend who came yesterday night itself from America? His friend’s wife’s name is Antra.
Batuk is clueless. I know all his friends. We have mutual friends. None of his friends stay in America. Ammu is tensed.

Batuk is wondering how Amit went out late night. We used to call him Aalsi Shah instead of Amit Shah for being a lazy bone (sleeping early). amita recalls Amit telling her about Antra as his friend’s wife. They came from the US yesterday only. Batuk brings her back from her thoughts. I don’t think anyone is left out. She goes to get water for him. in the kitchen she is thinking about why Amit lied to her.

Amit comes back home to get some papers. Batuk is super confused as to what to say to him. hwo come you are here? Amit reminds him that it is his home only. Batuk blabbers. I am already missing you actually that’s why I came. You know I have a habit to staying one step ahead. I thought to come over and chat with you.
Amit is surprised. You came at a time when I am supposed to be in office strange. Amita reminds Batuk about the ice cream early morning and about Antra. Batuk nods and asks Amit about Antra. Amit goes quiet.


Update Credit to: pooja

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