Amita Ka Amit 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th March 2013 Written Update

In Car – PHalguni mate and her hubby

Phalguni fuming at Amits father, both behasing … and amits father explains and samjhaofies phalguni that whenever they see amit with amita, he smiles and is happy hence as parents their priority must be Amits happiness and not the crap.

At AMitas House:

Rea the shani kahiki tryies to fool amita by giving her all unhygienic diet chart and by taking her waist measurements and funnily laughing within herself

” this ria gets the anger out of me like hell eh khud ek dhakkan hai aur sab logon ko dhakkan banana ke lie agey rehti hai ”

Phalguni slowly digests the fact andc comes in terms with what he said. They reach shah durbar… Phalguni runs to nanny (THE LADY CID) she will be in ranganathar pose sleeping on the bed…phalguni jumps on the bed asks mumma mumma where is dairy what happened?
Nanny worriedly like a phasahua face says nahi beta kuch nahi mila…Phalgunai says : Mumma taking mission and not completenign NO NO .

But Nani talifies and says no I SAID NO DAIRY … Turns other side and she gets up and says she is unwell. Phalguni worriedly takes thermometer and checks fever… result normal. Phalguni doubts and probes and Nani spill the beans …gives the dairy

Phalguni the battangad mata reads the dairy carefully word to word…Mumma ego hurt and voice comes out curt …fumingly she says how dare that amita is? WHat is identity infront of my son? SHe rejects my son ? She how can she reject my son …

Nani tries to explain that amita might have written all that before but I think now as she too agreed for marriage who knows both of them might be in love so lets not bikharify the baat but phalguni doesn’t heed…says NAHI mein MOnarchie hun…types that ki my son is marrying out of charity …I will not let amits life getting mocked bt amita and there AMit opens the door…and Phalguni turns showing her back and nani in between Amit looking at Nani first with asking whats going on via his haye haye eyes and Phalguni The lady Hitler standing like rock face…

She asks AMit to inform driver that she has to go out …buty Amit asks whats matter..she shows her mummagiri Mein koyi bewakoof nahi hu bacchi nahi hu…decisions khud le sakti akkal hai wakaal hai

Amit totally shaken out of terror with his mummas rudr avtar …fnally runs from there and arranges the car…

Here Ria tells amita that the so called diet chart must be kept confidential and amita says ok didi and ria feels amita as dhakkan Kajal, Arti and preeti visits AMita when Nautanki Ria is about to leave ” greets them as girls byeee and leaves.

ALl the trio teases Amita that her Devrani RIa loves amita so much but Amita says nothing like that she thinks m as a dhakkan ad she doesn’t like me look at the crap diet chart she gave to me ..and finally the girls here comes to a conclusion that Rea is gone case she doesn’t like Amita.

Out side Patels House, Mummyji and Reia small confrontation …Mummyji ne apni ankho se gooor ke Ria ko paseeno mein dubke bhaagne mein mazbooor kar di …aur ria bhag gayi…

Preeti says Amita not to worry till the time Hubby boy and Mummyji are in support of AMita no one can bigadify nothing of Amita.

AMita… says a voice from back and all the girls turn to find its mummyji … they all look at each other faces and finally AMita greets Jai sri Krishna to mummyji touches her feet …

and informs her that mumma papaa ghar pe nahi … Phalguni says mujhe Tum chahiye who nahi mujhe tum se baat karni hai who bhi akele mein …

The girls hesitatingly goes into Amitas room but kajal is super duper tensed… as to what could be the matter …and here Phalguni asks amita, is there any thing that amita wants to talk to her ..

AMita confusedly says no.. nothing

P: Asks Amita that does she loves amit
A: says yes
P: Right from beginning were u in love with AMit …pls think and answer as I have some thing ready in hand for u and flashes dairy … amita s face becomes pale and she gets tensed …camera rolls round the mummyji and AMita for 3 – 5 times with background… teary teary …

finally amita is about to open her mouth and say but P stops and says … How dare is she … that she rejects her son …and also says that amita was never ever their choice hence its better amita stays in her limits and insults her saying utter nonsense.

AMit tries to explain her that yes she wrote all that before when she doesn’t know anything about Amit but slowly she started to understand him and hence she fell for him and tries to assure P but P asks amita to shut up and says baat khatm and Marriage bhi khatm … and continues that she will never let his sons life getting barbadified like this …and tells a child hood story of some relative insulting amit and she overheard and fired them …I mean she never let them step inside their house as she loves her son the most in the world under the sky on the earth and she leaves..

Scene, shifts to the girls thinking and discussing in shock and kajal saying how can she talk l;ike that to amita what the hell is she thinking of her self ..preeti tries to give confidence saying tt every thing will be alright but amita says its gone beyond that level. Arti says how come just saw whats written in dairy and blabbered this way..

Amit in conference room with clients saying about choosing stocks is like selecting a girl for marriage as its one time investement … we have to be very care ful one time phasa toh life time phasa types …Mean while Amit. phone rings, he answers the call, says mumma am in meeting P says its very urgent …but he says he cant take the call and tensed music bg

Precap: AMit as the reception asking for amit. Receptionist asking amita does she have any appointment … AMit says she already spoke to Amit…

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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