Amita Ka Amit 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th June 2013 Written Update

Ammu comes to Kirath’s room. He looks visibly upset. Fallu too comes there. Ammu says papa ji, I know I made a very big mistake today. Please forgive me. I know whatever happened shouldn’t have happened. Kirath rues I always that whatever my Ammu (I like the way he called her) would do would keep the whole family together. Ammu says she will apologize to Rohan as well. Kirath asks her how you could raise question on our years’ long relations. Do you think you did right by creating rift between two brothers? Rohan has been never less than a son to me. I only hope that he forgives me for the mistake made by my family.

Tina & Ria come to the dining table without Rohan. Fallu tells her to sit as such things happen in a family. kirath asks for Rohan. Tina says I don’t know where he is. He dint say anything and dint have food even. They suggest to call Rohan when Amit spots him coming in. Amit asks him where you went. Rohan is carrying an envelope in his hand which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kirath.
He asks Rohan about it. Rohan gives it to him. He is shocked to realise that it is Rohan’s resignation letter. Everyone is stunned in silence while Tina and Ria are somewhat boggled too by his step. Rohan says I want to resign from the CEO post. Amit looks at Amita who doesn’t look too happy with all this. Kirath tells him not to do so as he is sending Amit to USA only because he has hope on him. rohan tries to stop him but Kirath cuts him off. You aren’t that much grown up to go against your kaka. Rohan stays firm. Sorry kaka but this will be the first time when I wont. If you don’t accept it then I would stop coming to the office altogether. Amit tells him not to resign because of such a small issue. Baa too says the same thing. rohan replies it might be small for Amit but not for me. Someone has questioned my character and that someone is none other than our own family member. I went to the office for the first time when I was 4 years old holding kaka’s finger. Since then it was my dream to work in that office and that dream did turn into a reality but I got this in turn of my sincerity?
Kirath says you cannot resign from the CEO post. I knew that when Amit goes to USA only you will be able to fulfil this responsibility. I trusted you, still do and will continue trusting you in future as well. Rohan continues with his drama. What should I do? It wasn’t an outsider you raised doubt on me but a daughter-in-law of this very same house. Today Ammu doubted me what if tomorrow Amit doubts me. amit tries to explain that it would never happen. Ammu comes forward now. rohan bhaiya it is my fault. It was me who doubted you. Please forgive me. I will do as you say but please don’t leave Shah Stocks & Traders. If you go then our home will break, papa ji’s heart will break. Tina speaks up now. You should have thought all this before doubting him. ammu apologizes. I made a mistake. I doubted him without thinking anything. Ris asks her this means you don’t doubt Rohan now. ammu goes quiet. Ria prods her to reply. Ammu declines. There is no doubt anymore. Papa ji and Amit trust him and I have faith in their trust. Kirath smiles at this. Rohan says maybe I too exaggerated it a little too far but till date nothing like this happened. Kirath adds it wont happen ever again. Right Ammu? She nods back. Rohan take your resignation back. Amit is already going to US and you too are talking about leaving office and your old kaka alone. Rohan takes it back but puts forth a condition. You please forgive Ammu. Amit smiles while Ammu looks down. Kirath says see Amita, this is relation / family which keeps us together. Don’t worry I have forgive her. Anyways till when I will stay angry with my loved ones. Rohan tears the resignation letter and hugs Kirath. Rohan gives out an evil smile behind his back. Amit and Rohan shake hands.


Ammu is in her room sad and tearful. Amit enters and she wipes her tears quickly. Amit notices this. He takes his lappy bag, comes and sits next to her. I know you are worried but whatever happened has happened. What is the point of regretting it now?
Ammu says because of me there has come a rift in the relations and the family – between you and Rohan, you and papa ji. I dint want to do this. Amit takes out the photo frame and gives it to her. She caresses the pic. Amit tells her it was my fault and I only rectified it. With time everything heals. I know you too will but what will happen by crying / thinking about it? Ammu replies frame and relations are different. Its not easy to fill the gap between a relation. She takes his hand in hers. Thank you for fixing the frame again. Amit nods though feels uncomfy. He pulls his hand back. He looks at the clock and excuses himself. I have some work I will leave now. she offers to go with him but he declines and leaves hurriedly. Ammu caresses the frame again. Amit leaves in his car after making sure no one is around.
Ammu hugs the frame happily. She recalls the sweet romantic moments spent with Amit in Lonavala. She gets up all of a sudden and calls Preeti. She tells her that the closeness between me and Amit has disappeared. Everything has been ruined. Preeti explains to her that the feelings have developed in him. You only told us about it. Then how can it change all of a sudden. Ammu doesn’t agree with her. Rohan’s issue ruined it all. Amit is worried for he feels that papa ji trusts Rohan more than him. He dint even scold me and dint talk to me properly. Plus left in a hurry at this hour. Preeti repeats all her words to her. you are saying all the contradictory things. Ammu tells her that I had thought that when we will come back from Lonavala he will cancel his US trip but nothing of that sort has happened so far. We are back to square one. Preeti tells her to tear his passport and Visa papers. If this is kiddish then do not worry there is still time left for him to go. Things can change. Ammu tells her that she is scared. I don’t think he would stop now. Preeti assures her that he will. They bid each other good night while Amu still looks worried.


Ammu comes to the kitchen to take water. Ria and Tina are already there. Tina taunts her. You dint sleep yet? It is good that you sleep as there is no point waking up and regretting over your mistakes. This time Kirath bhai forgave you but it might not be the case next time. Ammu gives her a very fitting reply. I apologized because I don’t want to create divisions in the family but I did not apologize for saying the truth. If there is something which is hidden and needs to be told then one day it will automatically come in front of everyone. Even if I say it or not. she goes from there leaving Tina seething in anger.

Its 1.57 am. Ammu gets up and notices Amit missing. She looks around but doesn’t find him anywhere. It is so late and he is still not home. Where would he be? Amit is keeping someone’s luggage in his car while a girl (hand’s shown) is handing it over to him. the epi ends on his saying let us go.


Update Credit to: pooja

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