Amita Ka Amit 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th September 2013 Written Update

Amit is gulping down glass after glass of water nervously as he recalls Amu’s words. All the time I keep thinking about the baby….whether it would be a girl or a boy, school, etc. We both are looking forward to our gift. He looks completely freaked out. Baa notices him thus. How much water will you drink? She teases him a bit. You are drinking water as if the water supply will be cut from tomorrow. He was simply thirsty. She tells him to come to the point. He says he is a little worried. She says that must be as a would be father. She tells her servant to take him along but he stops her. I wanted to talk to you. She sends the servant away. He sits on the ground next to her. He says the way Amu is happy about the baby…maybe I am not as happy. She would get upset with me this way. It isn’t that I am unhappy about the baby but we should reserve our real happiness for the time when the baby is born. Real happiness is that only. But what do I do till then? How do I make her understand that I will take time to concentrate on the baby? Please tell me. She sweetly tells him to explain the same to Amu. There should be nothing hidden between a husband and a wife. She is the best friend of her husband. And we trust our friends’ right? He nods. She tells him to do the same with Amu and see the results. Husbands are a little mad anyways and get scared of these things too. Baby is a part of mother….it grows inside its mother that’s why she can understand everything right from the beginning. Fathers take time and especially people like you take extra time. Go and tell her everything or she will continue getting upset with you. He likes the idea. I will go tell her right away. He tells the servant to take Baa to her room.

Amu is talking to Jigna on phone. You know the moment I came inside the room I saw that Amit has put up my childhood photos everywhere in the room. Amit has come in the room by now and stops to listen to her. He is as excited about the baby as me. Initially I was a little worried as Amit got a bit nervous as he couldn’t understand how to react. But everything is fine now. He is very happy and he even said what colours would baby love if its a boy or a girl. amit closes the door behind him and Amu notices him. She disconnects the call. Where were you? He had to attend an important call. She remembers he has a presentation tomorrow. He is surprised. You remember…I thought you would forget it in this baby thing. She lovingly puts her arms around him. I did forget everything else but how can I forget baby’s papa. They share a cute eye lock. He starts coming closer for a kiss but she starts yawning. Can we sleep as I am very tired? He nods….a little taken aback. She goes to sleep while he stands confused.

Amit wakes up hearing Amu cough. She is feeling uneasy and he gets up immediately. Are you alright? She says she is but I don’t know I am feeling a little uneasy. He begins talking about something but she rushes to the washroom. She vomits. He is worried for her. she says it is normal in pregnancy. He sits down next to her again to talk to her. You sure? You have vomited twice. Should I get medicine for you? She declines. Now that you are awake why don’t you go to office. You have your meeting as well. He cannot believe it is normal. She assures him she will call the doc to consult. She again heads for the bathroom feeling the same vomiting sensation. He is super worried. If this is normal then what would be abnormal?

He gets a call from Varun (office). The presentation got deleted by mistake. He starts scolding him while Amu comes back and switches on the music player to hear Gayatri Mantra. He asks her what is she doing as he is busy talking on the phone. She corrects him….you weren’t talking but shouting / scolding. I have read somewhere it isn’t good for baby. If you want to you can go out and talk. He is all the more put off. He starts scolding more and she keeps increasing the volume. Finally he walks out of the room as it is no use telling her anything. She smiles. Don’t feel bad about papa baby you listen to the mantra. She has put her hand over her stomach lovingly.

The client is really upset with Shah Stocks and Traders. He says your name is big but you aren’t. What will I tell to my board of directors? I thought your work will be best but its something else altogether. Kirath says it has happened because of technical problems. Your presentation is almost ready. The client doesn’t let him complete. I had come here to see that only but I am hearing only excuses here. I think I will have to find some other company. Thank you for wasting my time. He walks out on them. Kirath turns to Amit and the rest of the team working on the ppt. Its not Mr. Verma who has walked out of this cabin right now but full 3 crores worth contract which has blown my prestige. All this has happened because of your carelessness. Amit says IT team is trying its best to recover the ppt. Kirath retorts what will I do with it now? Did you not hear what he said? Who all were working on it? Who is responsible? Amit takes the whole blame on himself. I should have kept a backup. Kirath reminds him he is going to be a father. This much carelessness would not help. I hope you will atleast learn to handle your responsibilities nicely before you become a father. Amit is very sad.

Amu is asking her doc a lot many random questions. Doc tells her not to take so much stress over such little things. And frankly I cannot answer these many questions of yours. I have other patients to attend to as well. Take my advice you can do whatever you want to. And once the baby is born you wont get any time for yourself. Amu apologizes and promises not to ask any random useless questions. The call ends. Fallu says who else you would ask if not doc. Amu takes the doc’s side. I trouble her a lot whereas she answers all my questions patiently and correctly. Servant comes to tell Amu the stuff she had ordered has come. She tells Baa and Fallu not to come to her room till she asks them to and goes to get the stuff. Its a surprise. Fallu cannot wait any longer. I wish the baby comes right at this very moment only. I don’t know what would happen when I will hold the baby in my arms for real.

Amit comes back home (room basically) and stops. The room is decorated with all the kids stuff, pink bed sheet, butterflies on the wall, toys all around and so on. What’s all this? She replies I thought to experiment a little to know how the room would look. All preps to welcome the baby? How is it? He tells her to experiment on the room not him. He is shocked to see that his study table, laptop, office files everything has been removed. She says the edges of the furniture were sharp so I got them removed. We will have to get new set altogether. He asks her how he will do his work now. She hadn’t thought of that! He tells her to let it be and starts to walk away but she stops him. You look worried what happened? He replies my work is my problem which I will handle on my own. Plus our baby don’t have to listen to my problem as it will be bad for its health. You set the room. Taking his lappy bag he leaves from there. She stands there worried.


Baa comes in her room. She likes the new look. Amu is happy to see her. Baa says looks like little Amu / Amit are going to come tomorrow only. Amu says she still has a lot to do yet. Baa says your baby is so lucky to get a mom like you. She wishes baby’s father would have been as happy as me. baa assures her men take time to understand these things. And anyways he is worried today as Kirath scolded him in the office today. Amu is surprised. Maybe that’s why his mood was off. She excuses herself to go talk to Amit.

Amit is working on his lappy. Amu comes there. You are angry with me right? He doesn’t reply. She tells him not to type so fast or the lappy would breakdown. You are upset with me so you should take it out on me instead. She takes the lappy from him. I wont give it back till you tell me what happened. He tells her to give it back. She insists so he gets up in a huff….fine I wont do it then. She stops him. I wont let you go till you tell me everything. I keeping mumbling rubbish to you whold day can you not tell me this that you got a scolding from papa ji. She bites her tongue immediately. He says when you knew the whole thing then why this whole drama. She says I don’t know the whole thing or reason behind it. You will tell no. he sits back sadly. It is the same old thing. Whenever I try to do something good to gain his approval something’s always amiss. I do some mistake. He keeps searching for a son in me who he can be proud of. But I do some mistake every time and he feels let down always. She tells him not to think so much. It wasn’t your fault but Varun’s. He realises she knew this too. She confesses she wanted to find a way out of his problem so thought to do a background check too. He shares that the client has cancelled the deal. It isn’t their fault as he is answerable to his board too. And I cannot sit the whole night to make this ppt. She agrees with him on that but says if we both work on it together then it would be finished for sure. He asks her if she will work with him on the ppt. She nods. Most of the time goes into calculations which I can do fast. You can do the writing work as you had made it earlier too. He doesn’t understand the point as the client has walked out on them. They wont accept late ppt. She is sure they will. You only think if they will go to some other company too then they would ask for time again. They would take time right? Amit gets the idea and feels happy. She tells him to start and goes to get him a coffee.


Amu is making coffee for Amit. As she reaches the cupboard to get something, Amit comes asking if they can go out for coffee. She gets a fainting spell and he catches hold of her just in time. He keeps calling out to her to wake up.

Fallu and Amit are rubbing Amu’s palms frantically. She asks Amit how it happened. amit is clueless. Amu is gaining consciousness and everyone is relieved. Amit tells her not to get up. He gets up to call the doc but she assures him there is nothing to worry about. Baa too tells Fallu not to call the doc over everything. Dizziness is normal. Amit replays the convo with their doc about his blood test and if there is or can be any problem. Fallu decides to go to some temple to pray for Amu and her baby. Amu reminds her tomorrow Ganpati ji is coming in their home. I will keep the fast for sure. Baa tells her not to. The baby is the blessing of Ganpati ji….serving the baby is equivalent to serving Ganpati ji. Amu nods happily. Tina tells her to rest and everyone else leaves.

Amit is worried. Amu asks him if he is thinking the same. He agrees. She says doc said the sonography reports are perfect. He points out the sonography was for the baby. She wonders who else he is talking about. He points out at her. It is logical I would be worried about you seeing you this way. She asks him if he dint thought about the baby. You dint think about our baby for a second while I was unconscious? He hastily nods in agreement. I am worried for the baby but I am more worried about you. You aren’t well right now you should rest right now. She is worried about his ppt. He tells her not to worry about it. Your idea has helped me in ppt very much. I can easily make it now. You rest right now. She lies down while he goes to stand by the window. She thinks in her mind….looking at you it looks like you aren’t happy about the baby. He too is thinking. You are most important for me in this world. I only want everything to be ok.

Precap: Amu asks Amit he is worried about the baby right. He gets up. I would surely be worried as its our baby. She points out he isn’t telling the truth as he dint look into her eye while saying it. He is irritated. If you are trying to force me to say it then what else could I do? I have an important presentation but I cannot think about it as you want me to worry about the baby whole day. When you yourself don’t know how the baby is or what is it doing then why are you asking me?

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