Amita Ka Amit 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th August 2013 Written Update

The choreo (Siddhant) criticises Ammu in every way possible regarding her moves her turns yet he selects her as a Gopi. AA are pleasantly surprised. All the girls clap for Amu. Amit gives her thumbs up and she nods back happily at him. Siddhant calls out for Amit who comes in the front removing his cap and the cloth around his neck (I mean seriously he wore that over his office clothes and think he could pull off the jig of a tea boy 😛 ). It is very rare that I am proved wrong about something but you just did that. And you think your clothes go with the look (tea boy) you want to show? AA join hands. Siddhant exits after telling Amit to push Amu very hard to achieve what she has come here for. Best of luck! AA smile at each other and a sweet happy eye lock happens.

On their way home, Amit tells Amu to be careful about time and attentive towards her dance rehearsals. She nods. I know you don’t like being late and neither does the choreo. He doesn’t even know how to talk to girls. I am worried as to how will I be able to learn under him. He offers to come over again to give his sound advice to the choreo like he did before. He thinks of himself to be a dude which he is not. She teasingly calls him a dude who can fight with her choreo for the dance. Did you feel scared? He says he felt nervous instead. Ask your Kanha about it. They reach home. She gets down while he goes to park the car. She recalls Fallu’s words about wanting her to be the best Radha ever.

A few ladies have come over to meet Fallu. A lady boasts about her daughter-in-law dancing in some function. Fallu is all quiet while Tina tells the ladies about Amu participating in the Gokulashtami function as Radha. The lady shares how she tried her hand it at many times but couldn’t even become Yashoda. Tina praises Amu as super talented and is sure about her selection (where has the sun risen from…oh yes people have come that’s why she is acting all sweet 😛 ). Amu walks in just then and affirms Tina’s questions about being selected. Fallu is proud of her now (as if only dancing somewhere is an achievement :/). She indirectly taunts the lady to get the video recorder when she comes to the function. Amit comes inside. Fallu asks him to get sweets as MY Amu got selected for Radha’s role. He is taken aback. She got selected for a gopi’s role. Fallu asks Amu as to why she affirmed when asked about Radha’s role. Amu declines. Tina comments its not an issue. Radha’s role isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. She at least bagged a chance to be on stage. The lady asks Fallu if she still wants her to get a video recorder. Fallu is tight lipped / miffed as Tina and Ria enjoy her discomfort.

In their room, Amit asks Amu why she lied about the role. She denies. I dint name it MIL did. Her friends started congratulating her….what could I do? Plus you told it just like that I could have told her later my way. She must have felt bad. He says so it was my fault. From now onwards you take care of it I wont. I have lots of work to do.

Fallu is serving Baa, Nani and Amit. She is muttering to herself. I haven’t been this embarrassed before. That Manjari taunted me so much. I never thought I will have to see such day. Everyone is bemused. Amit tries talking to her but she again gets on with her thing. You don’t care about what people think of me. How will I face them? (BTW where is Jiggi?) He tells her not to be ashamed of anything. Amu is participating as a Gopi after all. She is about to say something when everyone notice Amu coming in. Fallu leaves right then. Amu joins them. I am ready on time you must be happy? amit tells her to get the glucose bottle he would be waiting outside. Amu confusedly asks her Kanha to help her in finding a way to make Amit smile.

In the car, Amu makes to strike a convo or brighten his mood but he is in no mood to oblige.


Amu thinks of something. Lets on a date! My rehearsal will be done by the time you get free from your office work. We can go afterwards. Amit is in no mood to go. I have a lot of work at office. She insists on working a little less for a day so that they can go for a movie followed by his fav pizza and a long drive. He stops the car and signals her to go to the rehearsal hall. She has no option but to go.

All the girls are practising when Amu comes in. She hugs one of them happily when the choreo comes. This isn’t a kitty part go and change. Next Amu is sitting in front of the mirror after changing her dress. She is texting a sorry message to Amit. Someone calls out to her telling her she is next. She is about to leave the phone in the dressing room but decides against it as Amit might call. She takes it along with her. Next she is seen rehearsing with the other girls. The choreo watches and points out at their toes which need to be pointed while dancing. Feel the music. You must concentrate so well that there is nothing else on your mind while you dance. Focus! Just when a phone beeps (lol lol 😀 ). He looks at all the girls asking them as to whose phone it is. All the girls nod their heads in a no while Amu stands with her eyes lowered down to the floor. He makes an exit.

One of the girl comments she (Amu) will get us a good scolding. Switch it off. But Amu is all excited thinking it to be a text from Amit. She is disappointed as it is someone offering her home loan. He isn’t replying what to do! She sends him an apology message once again.


Amu runs back to her friends and joins them in practise. Neeraj asks her not to make a joke out of it. Concentrate on the practise! He too leaves from there to get something. Amu gets another idea. She asks a girl to click her pic while holding her ears. She sends it to Amit who smiles happily looking at the cuteeee pic <3.The choreo is not happy with the way the would be Radha (Saloni) is practising. He tells her to express it right. If you don't get it right then your dream will be finished. He goes out telling her to do it right in 5 minutes. Saloni wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye when Amu offers to teach her the steps. Saloni declines at first saying she is Radha she can do it. Amu calls the choreo Kans (he he) who can even make Radha nervous. Amu shows her some steps and Saloni picks them up well. Her phone rings again and she runs off to talk to Amit.She asks her if he got her messages. He affirms that is why I called you. You are looking very cute in that pic. She is happy hearing it from him. This means you are not upset with me? He jokes he can be if she wants but then adds how can someone be happy upset with you. She asks about their date tonight. He shares his office work and a meeting with Mr. Mehta. She tells him to do some lesser work today and take out time for her. She insists and he relents finally.The choreo is happy with Saloni’s moves. I am impressed….with me! You might become Radha now. She gives the credit to Amu. He calls her there. Are you here to learn or teach dance? You are not concentrating on your rehearsals and teaching others what to do. You got your phone in the hall and you think I wouldn’t know? Plus the whole class is supporting you. Wait and watch now what will I do next!Precap: Amit reaches the rehearsal hall and apologizes for being late. She still hasn’t changed her clothes. Amu says she cant go. Everyone got in problem because of me the choreo is upset he wants all of us to practise more. Amit asks this means their date gets cancelled now. She nods in agreement. Amit says bye and leaves.

Update Credit to: pooja

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