Amita Ka Amit 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th November 2013 Written Update

Amu and Kajri collide due to darkness and the lemon-chilli thread falls on the floor. Kajri is shocked whereas Amu is angry / confused. What are you doing here? Kajri looks at the red lemons worriedly. Amu asks Kajri what she was doing here this late. Plus do you walk with your eyes closed? Kajri is worried. Amu notices something on the carpet and asks Kajri about it. Kajri is super worried. Amu reprimands her for ruining the carpet as all the water got spilled over it. You ruined it? You can’t do one thing right. Kajri is relieved and look at the wet carpet. She moves over the lemon chilli thread and smiles nervously. Don’t worry I will dry it. By morning it will be all fine. Madam ji wouldn’t even know about it. Amu wants to know the answer. What are you doing here at this hour? Kajri says I couldn’t sleep as it is a new place / home that’s why. Amu nods. Get up early morning and finish all the works related to Pari. Kajri nods. Amu leaves from there. Kajri sighs relieved.

Next morning, Amu is with the baby. Kajri comes there apologizing for waking up so late. Amu says yesterday you were saying you can wake up early even after sleeping late. I would take care of the baby very nicely. Kajri naively replies if I would have been awake the whole night then I would have done everything but I fell asleep so couldn’t wake up. But I will make up for it. Give me the baby I will feed him. You can go and have breakfast. Amu denies. Kajri offers for oil massage but Amu has already done that. She suggests washing the clothes. Amu stops her. This is the first time when I have seen someone who is so anxious to do some work. Kajri calls herself hardworking. She is about to go to wash the clothes but Amu tells her to take care of Pari. She needs you more. Kajri leaves. Amit tells Amu to take help of Kajri as they are paying her. Amu tells him that she will do everything for her baby on her own. I wont leave my baby with some nanny. He says after hearing all this I feel like I am speaking to some intelligent and well cultured mom. It feels good. Baby vomits. She gets scared. He tells her there is nothing to worry about that. It is usual. She starts worrying if the baby is unwell. And you are telling me to relax?

Fallu comes there. Amit is right. Babies cannot say on their own that their tummy is full. We think they are still hungry and keep feeding them more. This is the reason some of the milk comes out. Amu feels a little reassures. Amit teases her if you want then you can apologize to me for scolding me for no reason. She apologizes to him very sweetly. He offers to take care of the baby while she can go and eat breakfast. Fallu agrees with him. Let him handle his baby too. He should know what it is to be a father. Amu lays the baby on bed. She checks his diaper and it is wet. He wet his pants. He too doesn’t want me to go away. I wont go now. Amit assures him he will change it. You go and eat breakfast.

Kajri is pacing outside Amu’s room worriedly. Riya comes there. What are you doing here? Every work of Pari is due. Her massage is also due. Where are you since the morning? Kajri puts it on Amu. I dint get any time as had to do so much for her. She keeps giving me work one after another. Riya goes quiet. Look at those clothes…I will come after washing them. Riya tells her to do that later. First do Pari’s works. Just then Amu’s baby cries. Kajri panics. If someone hears it then they will kill me. I will come later. Riya tries to stop her. There must be someone there. Kajri tells her not to make her do something like this. If someone comes to know I dint take care of Amu didi’s baby then Amu didi and everyone will scold me. I have been told to take special care of Amu’s baby. I will be back. She leaves before Riya can stop her. Riya is upset.

Fallu and Nani is gushing about her grandson. Riya was heading towards the kitchen. She stops outside to listen to their convo. She calls out for Amu. Amu notices that she looks upset. Riya affirms it. Have we hired Kajri only to take care of Amu’s baby or Pari too? Amu says of course for both the babies. Riya wants to know why Kajri is busy with her baby always then. This is it. Whenever I call her for something she is busy with your baby. She is not at all worried for Kajri. Fallu stops her. You must be misunderstanding. Riya denies. Its in fact clear now. I am sorry but it is clear the way you are differentiating between a boy and a girl. It is wrong. Everyone is busy or cares for Amu’s baby. No one even thinks of my Pari just because she is a girl. Anyways I haven’t come here to fight or argue with you. I have come here to tell you that I will hire a separate nanny for my Pari. Amu tells her to trust her. Neither of us has told Kajri to take care of my baby. Plus there is no need to hire another nanny. I will speak to her right now. Amu leaves from there in a huff. Baa tells Riya not to stretch this issue so far. Both the kids are equal for us. It is you who is differentiating between the kids not us. Riya stops her. It is useless to talk to you people. It was my mistake. She leaves from there angrily. All the ladies are confused.

Kajri makes the baby sleep. Amit is surprised at how easily she did that. You have magic in your hands. Amu comes there. I told you to attend to Pari’s needs first. Did I not? kajri tells her to speak slowly or the baby will wake up. Amu repeats her question.


Kajri agrees with Amu. Amu tells her to listen to her carefully. You don’t have to take care or do anything for my baby. I will handle everything on my own. You go and handle Pari. She takes her baby from him. Amit says she was just helping me. Why are you scolding her for no reason? amu says you don’t know the problem so let me handle it. She again tells Kajri to go from there. She obliges. Amit asks her if this is a way to talk to someone. She tells him to let it be. I trusted you to take care of the baby. You gave your responsibility to her. he reminds her that Kajri is a nanny who takes care of babies. I am not running away from my responsibility. Leave it I am trying to say the right thing at the wrong place. He leaves from there. She tries to stop him but in vain.

He sits on the sofa in the living room and she apologizes for talking to him like this. He says you look worried since the morning. What is it? She corrects him…from the morning when Riya didi told me that everyone at home worries for our baby and not Pari. He is confused. She explains Kajri dint take care of Pari and her needs on time so Riya thinks we discriminate between the kids. The reason being that Pari is a girl. You only tell me would we do it? He tells her to calm down and think sensibly. It is easy to give birth to kids but raising them is very difficult. I, you and Riya have become parents for the first time. We are learning how to raise kids right now. We do mistakes in such scenarios. You and Riya both are upset a little. It is normal to say something in such times. But we shouldn’t take them to the heart but should think about our babies. She agrees with him. But you only tell me if such issues will continue to happen because of Kajri then how it will work out? He says that you and Riya have to decide. You should divide things in such a way that no one is worried over anything and everything happens smoothly. She appreciates him for explaining things in such a way that every big problem looks small in front of it. He says we must think through and everything will be fine. She nods. He leaves for office after giving a kiss to the baby.


Amu comes and checks with Kajri if every work related to Pari is done. Kajri affirms. Amu tells her to handle her baby for some time so that she can take a bath. Kajri gets happy. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to take care of him today. Amu is confused. Kajri explains I thought I will keep attending to Pari and wouldn’t be able to handle him. But everything is done now. She tries to take him from Amu but he starts crying. She gets sad and again tries to take him (a bit forcefully) from Amu but she stops her. Is this the way to take a baby? A baby is handled with love not with force. Kajri nods. I understand. Kids today are very sensitive. One cannot begin to know what upsets them. She again tries to take him but Amu denies. I will handle him. Don’t know what has happened to him today. I don’t feel like leaving him. kajri agrees. You can give him to me when he is all quiet and you can bathe then as well. Amu leaves with the baby. Kajri looks at them longingly.

Amu puts the baby in pram. She thinks of taking a quick shower but he starts crying again. Kajri is standing by the door watching them. Amu is wondering about the reason as to why the baby is crying so much today when she feels that someone is standing behind her. She turns in shock and sighs relieved when Kajri tries to talk to her. You scared me. kajri feigns ignorance. Baby looks fine for the time being. You can go and take a bath. You can do other things as well if you want to I am here to look after him. She agrees that her baby is fine now but she will take care of him. He looks cranky. Maybe he isn’t well. I will go take a bath when he will be asleep. Kajri tries to talk her into it but Amu stays put. Kajri has no option but to agree. You can call me if you need anything. Amu agrees.

Amu comes out after taking a bath all the while calling out for her baby lovingly but he isn’t in his pram. She is shocked.

Precap: Amu is searching frantically for her baby and calling out for her MIL. Everyone has gathered in AA’s room. Amit tells her to be very strong. Just tell me who was near the baby last time you saw him. Was someone around? She denies. He points out that all of them are here but where is Kajri? Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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