Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 3 Contd.)

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Amaya wakes up early in the morning and opens the gift which mantu has given her to wear,a red colour dress and thinks he choice is as simple as before and smiles,he can never change and i hope never changes ,amaya wears the dress and does some makeup,and checks her weight and is about to leave,as sumitra asks to go to bazaar to buy some things,but stopes seeing amaya and ask where she is going and tells wherever but first buy this things first,amaya looks at watch it is 9:30 and thinks i should reach fast or mantu will go with date with that sweety and lies of important work and asks her anyway bua is of no work and tells her ask bua and leaves without listening to sumitra’s reply,rama hears this at doorstep and thinks nowdays amaya is out of mind should reason 4 it soon.

amaya reaches the venue and finds the place decortated very simple yet beautiful and sees hers and mantu’s photos stuck there and eyes it tearfully ,stuck between reality and dreams. Scene shifts to mantu reaches hospital and sees gajanand chobey ,gajanand chobey sees it and tells u ,what are u doing here,mantu tells just came to give u sad news,amaya is no more,gc(gajanand chobey)is shocked and tells u are lying,mantu says why should i lie and she could not tolerate rama’s mother torture and comitted sucide,if u want i can show her dead certificate,gc starts mourning and tells i should have not let amaya ruin her life for family’s respect,mantu is shocked what do u mean why did amaya married rama?tell me,gajanand tells it is none of ur business ,mantu says if u donot answer to me ,i will leak to whole banaras amaya was forced to marry rama,marriage will be broken plus the reason 4 which amaya will come out automatically and not only me whoever is none of this business will know this.gajanand tells mantu how can u be so cruel? And blackmail old man.mantu replies whose destiny is been cruel to him for manytimes can become stone hearted for sometime and wipes his tears,asks gajanand tell the reason or else,gajanand tells the reason regarding rachita ,sneha and dev,why amaya took the step.mantu is shocked to hear that and thinks of abusive words he scolded her and thinks thats why she went far from me,and i thought her so selfish.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Awesome link up to the reel life story as well…
    Keep going!!??

  2. Nice epi yaar

  3. great great

  4. Awesome Dr……..keep it up…..

  5. Mein Mar jawa. Kinni soni episode Hein. Mien tere fan ho janta. Is episode number mein love kar detha….

    1. Kudiye yeah Teri Punjabi Dhabi na Hein ki tenu jo likhno ko aaya tu likhega. Aage se tune eisa kuch like na to tere tang todungi. Oloo kar patta. Vadi aaya..

  6. Can any1 pls tel me the reasn. I dnt knw the story of tsm, but i lyk dis fictn.

  7. Mind blowng

  8. oh its osm

  9. yes ! it’s real tsm

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