FOR YOU? ALWAYS (part 18) An Ishqbazz FF by 29

Omkara couldn’t believe his ears. He stood there for a moment by looking at her. Slowly he was taking his hands away from her. So she was joking with him. Few minutes ago, his eyes were full of concern and fear for her but now anger was taking place in them. Gauri was explaining everything to him but he was not listening. All he knew was that it was a horrible act done by her.
OMKARA: So it was a joke? (He questioned her by looking directly in her eyes and Gauri couldn’t utter a word) DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I WENT THROUGH…..? (He almost shouted at her and Gauri took a step back because she has never seen Om in this much anger. He has always been cool and understanding but right now his eyes were burning) Do you think it is funny han? Answer me Gauri! Do you think it is funny? I was shouting your name like a maniac and you didn’t appeared. I was sooo afraid. i…I thought I have lost you and for you it was a joke? (Gauri was trying to find suitable words to defend her act but there were no words strong enough to support her. She knew that she has crossed the limit somewhere and she was sorry on that but Om was not in a position to listen to her) What do you wanted to prove? You wanted to test my love for you? Han tell me Gauri what did you wanted to prove?
GAURI: Om please….i don’t know, I mean I didn’t knew that things will get this serious. Believe me I so sorry. I thought it would be funny…but (She was speaking when he started walking away, he didn’t wanted to listen to her right now. He got so afraid, he even started crying and she thought it would be funny. Gauri on the other hand was shocked. he didn’t even bother to listen to her. words died in her throat)

Om walked few steps away but then came back to her and held her hand. Gauri looked at him but he was not looking at her. Infect he started walking by making her walk with him towards the car. He now knew that it was a prank but still he cannot stand the thought of losing her again so he held her hand tightly this time. Although he was still mad at her for what she did. Gauri felt guiltier on her act. Even in his anger he was concerned for her. on the way home Gauri tried to talk to him several times but he didn’t respond. She realized that this matter is serious. After reaching home he silently went into the bed without uttering a single word to her which made her even more sad.

One day passed and Omkara was still mad at her. shivay on the other hand was also tensed because Anika was not accepting her feelings. Today was her fake mahendi and he had no idea where things are going. Both girls were standing in the kitchen with Rudra. Gauri and Rudra were discussing marriage plans with Anika and were hopping for her to react on anything but Anika was composing herself and was smiling back at everything. Omakara and Shivay entered into the kitchen and both saw their ladies. Anika diverted her eyes and Gauri again looked at him with a sorry expression on her face. “Thank God bhaiya you are hare! Please make my favorite omlate na” (Rudra demanded like a two year old) and Shivay got busied with the omlate. Rudra noticed Om being different and signaled Gauri who was looking at him with sad face. “Uhmm…uhm..O? What happened? Did you had a fight my Bhabhi?” (Rudra half hugged Gauri)
OMKARA: O so you already know! Then you must also know that IT WAS NOT FUNNY. (He said this and by taking big steps he marched out of the kitchen and everyone stood there)
SHIVAY: Don’t worry Gauri! I’ll talk to him. I guess now he is just over reacting. (Rudra and Anika both nodded their heads in yes like kids)
GAURI: Thank you bhaiya but I will handle this by my own. I know that I have done a mistake and I should be the one who will fix things. (She said this by looking at his room sadly)
SHIVAY: O come on…don’t be sad now. He cannot remain angry with you for so long. How can someone be angry with such a beautiful and angry wife.
RUDRA: Bhaiya is totally right Bhabhi. The way O look at his similar to the way beast use to look at the beauty. (Shivay frowned and looked at him) I mean after he become human.
SHIVAY: I think you should shut your mouth forever Rudra. (Shivay gave a little slap on Rudra head and he made a puppy face. Then both came forward and hugged Gauri with actually made her feel better. She was so lucky to find brothers like these two)
RUDRA: Now come Bhabhi let me show you my tricks to patch up with my girlfriend. (He held Gauri’s hand and dragged her out of the kitchen “just listen to them but don’t follow any of them” Shivay yelled from behind and both Gauri and Anika smiled on it.)
Now Shivay and Anika both were alone into the kitchen and there was odd tension between them. Anika was about to go when she saw something and she ran back towards him. He had a small cut on his finger and blood was oozing from it. Anika came forward and wrapped the corner of her frock around his wound. She pressed his hand tight to block the blood flow and Shivay just stood there looking at her. “It must be hurting?” she questioned in a concerned voice. Shivay looked at her for few seconds and then with a sudden jerk he held his hand back and Anika got shocked. there was something on his face which was not there before. “hurt” there was hurt and pain in his eyes. “Yes, it is hurting, and know why? Because you are silent” he said this and walked out of the kitchen without even looking back at her. this was the first time that Shivay was this angry on her. she felt so bad and she couldn’t control her tears anymore which came out. “I know how much it hurts Shivay…but I am helpless” she said this while sobbing. But she has to be strong because she has to attend his wedding with a huge smile pasted on her face. “Control yourself Anika! today is the mahendi…just be brave. Just be brave” she made some mental notes to her.

Omakar and Shivay were attending silent in the function. It was a weird function because everyone was faking to enjoy it. Even Mlika was a little nervous. “I am not going to marry you” she slightly whispered into Shivay’s ears and he looked at her with helpless eyes. Shivay was continuously looking at Anika who was trying her best to hide her tears. Sidharth was also there and was continuously telling Mlika and Shivay to behave like a couple “You guyz are so bad actors” he said to Malika and Shivay. But Malika gave him a death glare and Shivay was feeling guilty because just for her friendship Mlika was going through all this. Everyone was dancing and Mlika excused herself and went away from the function.

Gauri too was sitting in her room when Omkara came. He saw her sitting on the bed with her chin down. His felt a little bad for her. probably he was over reacting. He turned towards mirror and took his mobile. He was checking his phone when he sensed her standing behind her. be placing the mobile back on the table he turned back and looked at her. her eyes were teary and she was playing with both her hands in nervousness. Omkara knew that she was finding some words to apologize and honestly he didn’t wanted her apology. Even he realized that he overreacted and was a little harsh towards her. she has been trying allot to talk to him but he was just ignoring her and that must have been hurting her. tears were falling down her cheeks and she still was not able to speak anything. Now Om was feeling so bad for her. he didn’t want her to cry. He gentle placed his hand on her cheek and removed a tear from there. Gauri wanted to say allot of things, she wanted to explain allot of things. She wanted to apologize but only these words came out from her mouth. “I love you” he was going to her tear from the other but his hand stopped in the middle. He was expecting her to say sorry but she again made him shocked. He couldn’t realize if he was happy or shocked. Within few seconds he forgot all his anger, the only thing he knew was that she has confessed to him. Gauri was not shocked. because she was sure, confident, and happy on this thing. Yes she loves him and that is the biggest truth of her life. All her concerns, care and apologies for him were hidden in these three words.

Omkara now placed both his hands on her cheeks and wiped her tears which were still flowing. He placed his forehead on hers and almost whispered “I love you too and don’t you dare to leave me again like this” he warned her and she hugged him tight. By placing her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. He too encircled his arms around her and kissed her hair, gauri smiled on it. Om was combing her hair with his hand when she parted away slowly and placed both her hands on his cheek. “I am so lucky Om…I am so lucky to have you” Omkara looked at her with loving expressions and started bending towards her a little. Gauri felt shy and with his each forward step she was walking backwards until she hit the wall. Her heart beat was increasing and breath was getting uneven. His presence was magical for her. Om lifted her face a little up with his finger and both were lost in each other eyes. He was so happy today. He was feeling complete. He was feeling as if he has conquered the world. She confessed her feelings. Everything was perfect, she was perfect, this moment was perfect. He gently wrapped his hand around her waist and pushed her a little towards him. Gauri held his shirt tightly and Om was now tilting his towards her. she closed her eyes and Om came near her ear and asked in a husky voice “May i?” she just smiled a little and her face was getting red with shyness. Om kissed her earlobe and then he moved towards her lips. He gently placed his lips on hers and both felt a strange sensational current running in them. He was pecking her lips softly and Gauri was feeling difficult to stand but Om was gripping her tight. His kiss was getting passionate and Gauri just clenched his shirt tight in her fists. He sucked her lips making her breath even more uneven. Then he dragged his lips towards her cheek bones and kissed there. His hands were now moving on her bare back and Gauri hugged him tight this time. She didn’t knew what she was feeling but whatever it was it was strange and beautiful. His embrace was the most protective place in the world. She nuzzled her face in her neck and Om encircled his hands even more tight around her. She then gave a small kiss on his neck and then she placed her head again his chest. Today was the most perfect day!

Malika was standing in the corner of the garden when she sensed a hand wrapping around her waist. She didn’t turned back because she knew who it was. Sidharth now wrapped both his hands on her waist and kissed her shoulder. Malika closed her eyes and shifted all het wait on her chest. “You look sad” he whispered near her ear. “I wanted this function to be with you, I mean you were supposed to be my groom” she said this sadly and Sidharth came forward and stood in front of her. “So I am hare na, standing in front of you. There is nothing to be sad about dear” he gently placed her hair strand on the back of her ear. “And know that you have written my name in your mahendi” Mailiak looked at him with shock. “How did you know?” she looked at her hands which had his name in them. “Because I know everything about you” he came near her and kissed on her forehead. She closed her eyes and smiled. “You are so adorable” she said this and he pulled her towards him. She landed on his chest but her hands were a little raised because of the mehendi. “And you are so beautiful” he tightened his grip on her and smiled naughtily. “Sidharth what are you doing?” she tried to release herself but his grip was not that weak. “I am just romancing with my will be wife and this time you cannot even push me back” he looked at her hands which were full of mahendi. Without wasting anymore second he kissed her on the lips by pouring all his trust and love in that kiss. Her eyes were closed and his one hand was on her back his second hand was on her neck, making her more close to her. After the kiss they both joined their heads and closed their eyes. “I love you sooo much……….ANIKA” Malika opened her eyes, she was expecting her name but when she opened her eyes she saw Sidharth looking behind her at someone. Instantly she turned backs and saw a shocking Anika standing over there. She has definitely seen both of them and both Sidharth and Malika looked at each other.

Anika was talking at phone with Mother Ria but due to weak signals she had to come out into the lawn. There she saw Sidharth standing with someone. She didn’t want to spoil anyone’s privacy and was going to move away but then she heard a familiar voice and unwantedly she had to turn back and what she was saw was good enough to paralyze her. she saw Sidharth and Mlika togather. So Shivay’s friend and fiancé were cheating him. Her mind was bursting with questions and she didn’t know what to do next.

Anika’s confession. Shivay’s final move

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