FOR YOU? ALWAYS (part 12) An Ishqbazz FF

ANIKA! Will you give me those ribbons? (he was standing on a small ladder and its was the third time that he asked for those ribbons but she was just not answering) ANIKAAA! (This time he was loud enough)
ANIKA: O look Shivay how cute these small little balls of fur are.. (she was still playing with the decorations for the birthday party, Rudra took Dadi to the temple so that they can decorate her room)
SHIVAY: Anika you do realize that I cannot stand like this always. Would you please hand me those ribbons? (he was a little irritated now, they were doing all the decorations by themselves, there were so many servants in this house who could have done these decorations but it was Anika’s plan to do everything by themselves)
ANIKA: Ok Ok, stop behaving like a child. (she came forward and gave him a bunch of tied up ribbons)
SHIVAY: WHA..What am I going to do with these jumbled up things? I told you to hire a proper event designer for this. (he was trying to straighten those ribbons)
ANIKA: No! this is special Shivay… dadi will be so happy when she will know that we have done everything by our self. (and on that Shivay couldn’t argue because he knew that she was right)
After fixing the balloons Anika was now sprinkling glitter on some decorations, “she is acting as if Dadi is a two year old kid” he thought to himself but he didn’t stop her because she was so involve in her act. Shivay just looked at her, she was wearing a yellow top and by biting her lower lip she was pouring some glitter on the table cards, she always does this when she concentrates on something. Her hands were moving in a beautiful rhythm, some of her hair strands were tickling her face and she placed them back with her hand which resulted making them glittery. She was so involve in her work and Shivay was so involve in staring at her. the window was open and soft breeze came in but some little particle of glitter went into her eye. She suddenly covered her eye with her hand and Shivay who was looking at her without blinking came out of his trance and moved towards her. “Anika! what happened? Show me?” he gently took her hand away from her eye and opened her eye with index finger and thumb. “its nothing, just a little particle” he placed both his hands on her face, went near her and brought his mouth near her eyelid, then he blew near it. A warm soothing breath touched her eyelid and she felt a strange sensation in her. he blew again and Anika placed her hands on his coat collar. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him, his deep blue reflective eyes and in those eyes she could see herself. Few seconds passed and they both looked at each other then Shivay travelled his thumb on her cheek and rubbed it. Anika was shocked on his act and he realized it. “Glitter, there is glitter on your cheek” he showed her his hand and she left his collar and with both her hands she started rubbing her cheeks, due to which the glitter was now all over her face. Shivay laughed out on her stupid act. “What? Why are you laughing?” she asked angrily
SHIVAY: Now you have it on your whole face (he was laughing again)
ANIKA: O noo…(she looked at her glittery hands and cursed herself) and you stop laughing ok?
She was about to leave the room to wash her face when she sensed a tug on her hand. By turning back she looked at him holding her hand. Shivay came right in front of him, there was a strange shade in his eyes. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and with that he started removing the glitter from her face. It was a simple act but Anika felt something strange in her stomach, she has never experienced this feeling before. He wiped the glitter from her right cheek and now was slowly rubbing her other cheek. While doing this his fingertips touched her warm cheeks sending a wave of current in his body. “Um…yeah! I mean, its done, soooo lets get back to work now” by saying this he turned and started arranging the candles while Anika stood there for a while and then she busied herself again. Something was bothering her, some feelings were floating near her which were shapeless and wordless and Anika was afraid of these feelings.

Omkara and Gauri were buying gifts for Dadi, they were in the mall selecting shawl for Dadi when a girl came running towards Omkara. “You are Omkara Singh Oboroi?” the girl asked while staring at him. “Yes” Omkara replied back. “O my God, I am a big fan of your work, I mean what a fabulous painter you are, your color pallet, your strokes, your imagination, everything is just beyond amazing” Omkara gave her a smile, he became very awkward when someone praises him. He could only let out a thankyou. “Can I take a picture with you?”
OMKARA: O ya sure! (he saw Gauri standing there looking at him smiling)
GIRL: Could you please take our picture? (that girl gave the camera to Gauri and stood with Omkara. Gauri was okay with this so she happily went in front of them to take their picture, she sensed that the girl was standing a little close to him, she was wrapping her arm around his waist and Gauri felt a small tiny burning sensation inside her)
She took the picture and handed the camera back to that girl and then she stood a little away from them. She was clearly flirting with him and look at him, he was talking to her while smiling and laughing. Her mood got spoiled “when is she going to go” she thought to herself and then she saw something which was good enough for her to burn in jealousy. Before leaving the girl gave Omkara a tight hug and after that she kissed him on the cheek and went of. Not only Gauri but Omkara was also shocked. he was not expecting this kind of good bye. Honestly he was a little embarrassed but Gauri on the other hand was getting red with anger. “If you are done with your flirting so should we continue our work” Omkara realized that she was jealous and this gave him a very happy and satisfied feeling. Its human nature right?
OMKARA: Someone is getting jealous. (she was walking so fast and came running behind her and whispered in her ear. Gauri gave him a deadly glance.)
GAURI: I ma not jealous of that stupid, burger girl (she said every word by tightening her teeth)
OMKARA: O come on admit it and also she is pretty and also quiet intelligent (he was now enjoying this)
GAURI: REALLY? In first meeting you knew this much about her? forget it! you men are all just like this.
OMKARA: She gave me her number and I think I should call her some time (and this was like the final stroke, because Gauri turned towards him and now she lifted her head a little to look directly in his eyes. Omkara couldn’t move his gaze from her, even in anger she was looking so loveable) what do you say?
GAURI: I say that how can she kiss you? Is she your girl friend or your wife?
OMKARA: O Gauri… this is normal now, I mean it was just a kiss, nothing else (he was trying hard not to laugh)
GAURI: Just a kiss? You find it normal? (she felt like throwing him into a pool or something)
OMKARA: Yeah just a kiss! (he said this and then bend a little and placed his lips on her cheek. It was so quick that Gauri couldn’t even realized what has just happen. It took her few seconds to realize this act. Did he just kissed her? in a public place? Some time before her face was getting red with anger and now her face was getting red with shyness. Her eyes were wide open and lips were parted a little in shock. She touched her cheek in disbelieve) See just a kiss! (he was acting so normal and after saying this he start walking ahead) Are you planning to spend the whole day by standing hare? Lets go we have allot to cover….(and this was one the most enjoyable moment in Omkara’s life)

Dadi was scolding Rudra when she entered her room because he took her to with him for the whole day. “Khotaya! Don’t have any better things to do? And why there is shortage of clothes in your friend circle?” In the answer Rudra was just making puppy faces.
The whole room was beautifully decorated and every one was standing there. They all had allot of fun. Dadi sand her old classical songs and Pinky and Rudra were dancing on them. Now hare at this moment of time everything was looking perfect. Everyone in this house was happy. Dadi looked at everyone with pride and happiness. This is what you call a family. A family which is there for everyone. Her grandsons were the base of this family. she looked at three of them chatting and laughing. Then she looked at his sons busy with their wives. She smiled when she looked at Gauri and then she looked at Anika, she was smiling and Dadi noticed that she was looking at Shivay. There was something in her eyes which made Dadi more happy. “O God! Please mark this girl for my billu. He loves her so much…please God..this time….dont let her go this time” She prayed silently while looking at her. surely she was the luckiest grand ma in the world. Her whole family was with her, celebrating her existence by leaving their important works. Tears of happiness came out of her eyes.

Shivay was feeling tired today. After celebrating the birthday they all were now in their rooms. Dadi was so happy today and seeing her so happy he was feeling happy. How small and effortless acts can make someone’s day. Dadi had tears in her eyes and Shivay, Omkara and Rudra were hugging her. it was a beautiful moment. “Thank God… Dadi is happy” he brushed his hand in his hair and rested his head on the pillow. By placing his arm on his forehead he fell in deep slumber with in few seconds. He was in deep sleep and some visuals were dancing in front of him. Within few seconds the visuals got clear.
Shivay was standing in the middle of some building and there were many rooms around him. He was looking for someone. His hands sweeting and could feel the blood rushing through in his nerves. There was no one in the building. “SHIVAYYY!!!” Her piercing shriek hit his ears and he turned instantly. So many rooms around him. “Anika” He shouted back and run towards a door. Then the same voice came again from his back and he ran towards that door. “Shivay help me” She was calling for help and he was running from one door to another to find her but every door refused to get open. “Anika where are you” He was shouting and his blue eyes were showing deep fear. He was banging on the door with his closed fists but nothing happened. Then he moved back and disbelievingly he looked at every door in front of him. She was still calling his name but he was feeling helpless. “Where are you Anika?” His eyes were watery and almost sobbing he shouted. Then the door behind him opened and Shivay suddenly turned back to look. There was someone standing in the room. Shivay came towards the room and found him standing there. He was laughing like a manic. “Your Anika is gone Shivay..hahaha…she is gone” Shivay felt his blood being sucked out of his body. He ran towards him and just when he was going to catch him the door got closed and with a sudden jerk Shivay opened his eyes. His whole body was sweeting and his face was pale. It took him few seconds to realize that he has seen a bad dream. He got up and still his hand was shivering a little. He dragged himself out of his room. He knew it was a dream but still he was afraid. He went towards Dadi’s room because now without seeing her he cannot sleep.

Anika is afraid of some new feeling. Shivay is going to tell Anika something. Gauri and Om have some good moments.

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