I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 66

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Anjali nd everyone enjoying their outing..

Arnav, Aakash nd N.K worried about something.

Shyam asked them ..

After a long trouble Arnav decided to say …becoz they three need Shyam support..becoz he was the one who can be with Anjali everytime..


Arnav: papa..is anything wrong?

Shanmugam: nothing dear..what happened ?

Aakash : neih we saw..u seemed like..something not ok..

N.k: haan especially when we asked about Malathy..

Shanmugam : nothing like that..

Arnav: i know that something in ur mind..nd u also sense that..there is some danger for my dhi becoz of Malathy..

Shanmugam shocked by his correct guess..he decided that there is no use in hiding this anymore..he had to tell..

He says everything about Malathy..who was she? How she change like this? Nd now what was in her mind..

Arnav, Aakash, N.k shocked to hear this..

Shanmugam : be careful dears..i know her very well..she must be planned everything right now..i was damn sure..she was going to be in ur sister place..
But before that we need to stop her nd make her to understand the real..not money only important for life,,

Flashback end

Shyam: Anjali sister…Malathy…she coming to destroy our Anjali..nd how we going to save her…

Arnav: don’t worry jiju..we all together..nothing will happen..nd u always be with dhi..

Shyam : sure..

Shyam went..Arnav,Aakash nd N.k planned something..

Anjali came near to Shyam..

Anjali: i had a good news for u.

Shyam: what?

Anjali: our problem solved..there is no any problem in our school..i applied for loan..it got granted..so we will save our school..☺☺☺☺

Shyam: oh..

Anjali: is everything ok?

Shyam : huh? Yes Yes..nothing

Anjali: neih kuch toh hai..u r not normal..bathav muje..

Shyam: kuch neih…i am ok..come lets go..

He held her hand tightly.,Anjali sensed something wrong..but didn’t say anything…

After 5 hrs..

Anjali, Shyam, N.k, Aakash in police station..

Payal nd Khushi to be with Ankita nd Aarav in Shanmugam bungalow..

Arnav nd Shanmugam were in car travelling to Police Station..

Arnav : drive fast..we need to be there..

Shanmugam : don’t worry nothing will happen dear..

In police station..

Shyam holding Anjali ..she was not in conscious..

Shyam make her sit in a bench nd saw Malathy who was in police custody now..

Malathy was like in a very big shock..

Just like watching everything what happening in front of her..

Shyam: sir i am giving complaint against her..becoz of her My Anjali was in this condition..
Thank god Arnav told me everything before..so that i can be alert otherwise..i didn’t know what happen to my Anjali..

Inspector: u don’t worry sir..we was searching her for a very long time..we will put a very strong case like..she will,never come out in her life time..

Vishwa was shocked to hear this..he was in outside..hiding nd watching everything that happening in station..

He got angry..that his dream, love everything spoiled..becoz of her..

Vishwa: Anjali i won’t leave..i will kill you..i don’t have life other than Malathy,, i always wanted money with my Malathy, if she is not there..then i am ready to kill u..nd live with her where she live..i am coming..?????

Shyam: tk..let me write a complaint..put her in a strong case..

Malathy shocked..tears from her face rolled down…

This side..Anjali..there was smile comes around her face..by seeing Malathy…


Anjali went for restroom..to clean the juice which fell into her Saree by Aarav..

At that time something hit her head..she felt unconscious..

Malathy tried so many times to swap her with Anjali..

But she can’t shyam was always with her..if he was not there..anyone was always with her..she can’t able to touch even her shadow..

Vishwa almost dropped his plan..but Malathy never give up..

Finally she got a chance by Aarav..Vishwa left the place already..still she did like what he planned..

Vishwa didn’t know that Malathy executed his plan..

After changing herself like Anjali..she did a drama like Malathy tried to hit her,.she already had a doubt that they everyone knows about her plan..so she acted like this..now everyone believed her..

Arnav called police to that place..after they took her,.he went to inform Shanmugam.

Flashback ends

So Anjali was with police custody

They don’t know the fact that they sending their Anjali to Jail..

Flashback after Arnav caught Malathy

Arnav was restless while going to Shanmugam bungalow..he sensed something wrong even he caught Malathy..

Shanmugam bungalow

Ankita : darlin what happened?

Aarav: mama aur papa kahan?

Khushi: everything is fine right

Payal: kuch toh bolona..

Arnav: haan sab tk..papa u come with me..Sundari Maa kahan?

Shanmugam: she need some time..we can go now..

Arnav: oh..tk i will go nd see her..after then will go..

Arnav went to Sundari

Arnav: Maa ..sorry we have to do this for Malathy..

Sundari: i know dear..its just.,i was worrying for hee condition..if she was with ur dhi parents..maybe she be like ur dhi..

Arnav: nothing like that..she will realise that soon..u don’t worry..

Arnav saw something in her forehead,.

Arnav: Maa what’s this?

Sundari: its just small injury..when Malathy was child she went near to steps..i thought to save her..but i fell with her..Malathy too had injury like this in her head..

Arnav head suddenly strike the injury..

Yes he saw in her head..it was in her head..but when he handover her to police ..he didn’t saw that..now he understood

Arnav(thinks): yes that’s why something i can’t felt it was right..she already swapped..i hand over Dhi to police,.oh shit..

He stood..

Arnav: Maa galti hogayi..matlab..Malathy already swapped..now Anjali dhi was in custody..she..

Sundari: what?

Arnav : yes

While speakin he went Shanmugam..he explains him

Arnav: but how can we prove this..now even shyam jiju can’t beleive..

Shanmugam: he will..this is my last chance foe changing her..if she don’t change..it was my mistake …that was the very big betrayal which i did to Ramnath..i brought up his daughter in a very bad way..i can’t let that happen..come let’s go..

Sundari: u two go first..i will come in next car

Sundari said Khushi nd Payal to be safe with Ankita nd Aarav.

Flashback ends.

So Now Arnav nd Shanmugam going to save Anjali.

Everyone reached Police station

Arnav: dhi

Shyam: she was here Arnav

Arnav: neih ..ye Malathy..dhi vahan hai

He pointed to Anjali who was with police

Everyone shocked..even Malathy

Malathy: Arnav mae hoon tumara dhi..

Arnav shocked to hear that she speaking hindi fluently

Malathy: don’t u believe ur dhi..

Shyam: Arnav what’s going on?

Arnav: wo..sorry some confusions..i thought..

Anjali don’t know what to do ..no one believes her..nd she can’t able to speak..she was going through pain in her whole body..she knows very well..Malathy did something to her..so that she never speaks..but now what she can do..she saw her brother nd her family helplessly..Arnav saw her,.he saw her dhi..in her…

Then Arnav noticed the scar which was in her forehead signalled Shanmugam to do what he said on the way..

Shanmugam: inspector,,put her in jail ..so that she should not come out in her life time,,nd i will call my advocate..i will change all my properties to orphanage..so if she came out one day in future she don’t have any rights in my properties..

Malathy shocked to hear this..

Arnav watched,,her sudden change

Malathy: NO!!! Dad how could u do this to me??

Shyam , N.k, Police everyone was shocked..

Shanmugam: why u getting shock Anjali?

Malathy realised what she done,. She spoilt her plan by herself..

Arnav: inspector see..this is Malathy..nd she is my Dhi.,

Shyam: kya?

Arnav explained him everything..

Malathy: wow..Arnav u too smart ..yes I am Malathy..now what u all do? U all can’t do anything..

She took the gun while speaking

Malathy: if anyone tried to do something..i will shoot myself..

Everyone panicked

Sundari: Really..shoot urself

Shanmugam: Sundari

Sundari: no..i should speak now..sorry Shanmugam..u going to shoot na..ok shoot then..before that hear this nd die..u know what..u dying to enjoy all my husband properties na..for ur information..u r not our child..not our blood..but still he decided to give all for u..only for u..he said no just becoz he wants u to be in a good way..but u always just want that money..even he didn’t tell this to me for these years..he said only yesterday..that too becoz of ur sister..

Malathy get shocked,.

Sundari: what? U want to know that sister..she

She pointed to Anjali..

Sundari: who u changed nd planned to send her jail..

Anjali too shocked..

Anjali tried to speak..

She spoke..

Anjali: My sister..

Shanmugam: haan..yes dear she is ur sister..u both are twin sisters..

Shanmugam explained everything how he got Malathy, nd now why he decided to tell the truth..

Anjali saw her with tears..

Malathy was Still in shock,,she cried,,tears came down from her eyes..

becoz of the words said by her Mom nd Dad..the most important things..

That she fails to understand in her life..

First she thought money was important in her life ..

Now she realise that was nothing..

Second love is important..even she was not their daughter they decided to give her happiness..but she tortured them..

Nd her sister Anjali..she tried to send her instead of her..

Malathy tried to speak..

Malathy: sorry for everything..i know this word not worth for what i have done,.but still am sorry..amma, appa..iam sorry..u brought up me with full of affection but i saw only ur money..i am sorry..nd Anjali sorry for what i have done to you..i am noy saying this just becoz i came to know that u are my sister..my parents words kill me..their affection kills me..if i am not change now..then there is meaning …am sorry..inspector arrest me..i know this is not the correct punishment..i will shoot myself..this will be correct..

She pointed gun against herself

Anjali ran to stop her..

Sound came from the gun…

But she didn’t shoot..someone shoot behind her..

Its Vishwa…

Malathy fell down

Everyone shouted…

Vishwa: if malathy was not with me..then i will go where she is..

Anjali came to her ..nd cries..

Vishwa confused ..

Vishwa: Malathy why u crying..she handed u to police..i killed her..we both in jail..nd am sure after we came out of jail..we will live happily..

Malathy: Vishwa…

Vishwa was shocked..shocked to hear from downside…

Malathy: Vishwa..come here..

Vishwa: Malathy U..u swapped,,so that was not u..
But why don’t u tell,..

Malathy: shh..i don’t have that much time..hear me..i always asked u how much u love me? Now i am sure u loved ..loving me so much..thank u ..i am so happy ..i got my parents, sister..nd my love fully..i am happy..i am happily going..

Vishwa: no no..nothing is going to happen..i won’t let..

Arnav: inspector..i will get her to hospital..

Malathy: no..sorry Arnav..i am sorry i don’t want to..i just now want to be with my parents in my last minute..amma appa..come near to me..
Anjali please take my parents with u to ur place..don’t let them to be in this place after my death..

Anjali: no..nothi..

Malathy: shh..let me speak.,yes..am going to die now..u r so sweet..my parents deserve daughter like u..not me..pls accept my last request..

Anjali: definitely..

Malathy hold her parents hands in one hand nd Vishwa hand in another..she died..

Everyone cried…

Next sec Vishwa shoot himself..he died with his love..

After some years..

Ankita nd Aarav was sitting with Shanmugam nd Sundari..

They hearing their bed time story.

After Malathy death as she requested.. Anjali forced them to live with her..Shanmugam change all his properties in name of Anjali..eventhough Anjali against to this..

Khushi nd Payal doing their night time walking as doctor said in pregnancy time they should go for walking once in a day..they skipped at morning..so they doing now..

Nd Aaksh supervising them as Arnav ordered

N.k get engaged to The girl lavanya..who was relative to Aakash..now he was busy with phone conversation with her..

Anjali as usual convincing her husband to drink the milk,.

Then he was busy with his school work..

Arnav watching this scenes from balcony..now he was with a very big family..that he longed for some years before..in his childhood..even after Ankita was with him..now he was very happy with his family, his dhi, his jiju, his love, his Ankita, Aarav, Aakash, Shanmugam papa, Sundari Maa..

Anjali tapped him fron back..nd gave him milk

Arnav smiled..he drank the milk nd said..

Arnav: dhi..kitne ajeeb hai na ye life..

Anjali: kyu?

Arnav: kuch neih..buzz..aap, mae, Shanmugam papa, Sundari Maa..we were all in different different places..but we united by god..nd am really happy for this family..

Anjali: haan Arnav..everything will happen for a reason..we should be patience for gaining something..i said u na? U remember that?

Arnav: how can i?

Anjali: haan..i will give u only happiness in ur life..

Arnav: nd u will be with me always with that happiness..

They both smiled..

Arnav: lekin dhi..everything changed except one thing..

Anjali: kya?

Arnav: aap ki ye habit..giving milk in night time..i hate this..

Anjali smiled nd beat him

Arnav lied in her dhi’s lap..

They both smiled .


And they all lived happily


Note: hi guys..Anu, Anni, Sanu, Priya..u guys gave me a very big support for this ff..i was really happy for the comments u gave.thank u so much for that..i ended this ff here..i have to end this before..but becoz of my readers request i continued.,but i have to stop this here..becoz there is no anymore story for this..so i ended..nd guys i was little upset..that i didn’t getting commenta for last two episodes..i don’t know thay again u getting trouble in my ff.,if so let me know..once again thank u so much????????

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