Alone vs Together- CHARACTER SKETCH


Hi friends! This is my new ff, based on song “Na Maar”, so this is character sketch. I have changed the names only. Please kindly support me with this, and with your comments.

Kriti: Veer’s wife, Payal and Ashwin’s daughter. Prakriti’s best friend.

Rajveer “Veer”: Kriti’s husband, Manish and Jahnvi’s son. Ansh’s brother. Prakriti’s boyfriend.

Ansh “Raj”:  Divya’s husband, Manish and Jahnvi’s younger son. Rajveer’s brother. Priya’s dad

Divya “Diyu”: Ansh’s wife. Prakriti’s sister, Kanchi and Rohan’s daughter.  Priya’s mom

Prakriti: Veer’s girlfriend, Kriti’s best friend, Divya’s sister.


Recurring Characters:

Jahnvi- Kriti’s mother-in-law. Ansh and Veer’s mother. Manish’s wife.

Manish: Kriti’s father-in-law. Ansh and Veer’s father. Jahnvi’s husband.

Priya: Daughter of Ansh and Divya.

Introduction to characters

Kriti (female lead) – Fun family loving girl,

Rajveer “Veer” (male lead) – Favorite of Priya.

Ansh: Loves his wife and daughter a lot.

Divya: Loves Ansh and Priya a lot. Takes care of Jahnvi really well.

Prakriti: Kind girl, but hates Kriti (revealed in episodes)

I hope you like this series!

Episode 1 recap: Blind Love
Kriti is shown folding clothes and she notices lipstick on Rajveer’s collar of a shirt. She ignores it, not knowing a secret and being betrayed.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Usually I see only shraddha’s ffs with karan or surprised to see a shraddha karan kundra ff.its a new experience. So looking forward for this new jodi.rajveer n kriti are married,but veer loves prakriti?waiting for part1.hope you will add the pics of the characters.

    1. Ishika9365

      Yep definitely pics are coming! Yeah so Rajveer is betraying Kriti with her best friend Prakriti, who is also Divya’s Younger sister. I will upload next 3 parts hu tomorrow .

  2. Will read ot for sure…

  3. Jasminerahul

    How many parts story is this?

  4. Ishika9365

    I might extend it a bit and add like a revenge of someone or something. And also, happy to receive support .

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