All alone ragini season 2 episode 14

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Ananya wakes up by strenching her hands and goes towards window smiles by feeling cool breeze and her conversion with naksh..
Akash wakes him and sees prudhvi sleeping he smriks so slowly goes towards him and kisses hs cheecks.
Prudhvi smiles opens his eyes and gets shocked by seeing akash smiling by caring his hair..
Prudhvi jerks and gets up.
Akash:- what you thought and smiling that surbhi di kissed you ahh.thats not fair with out confessing yourove to her how can you think to romance with her.
Both looks at each other and next second prudhvi chases akash whole house ..

In that process he tries to escape by running into manvi room before he could push door vidya opens it and he collides their heads with each other.
Akash while rubbing says sorry and sees vidya rubbing her head cutely and lost in her smiles automatically.
Prudhvi hits his head and says:- from that time she is saying sorry to you and where you kept your ears.
Akash:- even i am sorry and its ok.
Ragini:- kids did you all awake up i am going to start arthi in 20 minutes.
All gathers and goes to their colzz and offices..

Ragini:- swara..
Swara:- haa ragini.
Ragini:- are you happy with surbhi and prudhvi relation.
Swara:- ofcourse i am happy she will bond well here well and see she will become one of us.
Ragini smiles…
Sanskar calls ragini..
Swara teases her..
Ragini:- hmm sanskar .
Sanskar:- what are you doing.
Ragini:- nothing preparing for lunch.
Sanskar:- arnav and his family is coming next week.they will stay for one week.
Ragini:- thats good news.
Sanskar:- now these sisters will forget their poor husbands,mainly you will forget me.
Ragini:- my hubby is getting jeously from now only.
Sanskar:- what to do as i love you so much.
Ragini:- and me to..
Sanskar:- so..
Sanskar:- ok fine bye..

Virat is folding his ears and saying sorry to manvi while akash and vidya were giggling..
Manvi:- i dont forgive dare you called me moti bandar.
Virat:- my eyes were not working properly yesterday you and moti no way.
Manvi:- you will never say somethiing like that na..
Virat:- never..
Manvi smiles and makes him sit..
Virat:-smile please
Manvi smiles..
They all goes back to their classes.

Vidya:- were manvi and virat childhood friends.
Akash:- haa even our families were also good frds.i never saw you before with arnav mamu.
Vidya:- we used to live in south side and because of dad busy schedule its difficult to travel. We offen met chotai papa but never met you ha but i lisened alot about your family.
Akash smiles and they both goes to their classes..
Surbhi while lisening to classes feels someone gaze on her so she turns and sees all were immersed into class.
She turns back and immediatedly prudhvi smile and looks at her and brushes his hair and thinks ..
Prudhvi:- i will go mad definetly..
His thoughts were disturned by a voice all stands up as the voice belongs to principal.
Principal:- students we have a new student name veer hada he was transfered from pune university.
He says hi to all and joins class.
And sits next to prudhvi..
Veer:- hi i am veer..
Prudhvi:- i am prudhvi..
They both goes veer collides with surbhi..

Veer:- i am sorry i didnt see you.
Surbhi:- its ok.hi prudhvi shall we go to canteen.
Prudhvi:- hmm about to go..
Veer:- is she your friend then let me introduce myself
Hi i am veer.
Surbhi:- hi i am surbhi.
Both shake hands prudhvi feels strange..
Prudhvi:- ok lets go surbhi.
Surbhi:- hmm about to turn but stops and says why dont you join us veer.
Prudhvi walks with them but with different feeling his frustation can be seen in his face..
Prudhvi:- whats need to call him. She always drinks coffee with me and she should with me only how can she bring someone else between us just like that.
His thoughts were disturbed by surbhi.
Surbhi:- where you lost have coffee na..
Prudhvi:- hmm ya and sees surbhi and veer talking with each other that to with smile..

He tightens his hand grip and controls his anger and give forced smile..
Surbhi sees his forced smile and looks on.
Prudhvi comes home and goes to his room sadly..
Laksh notices his behaviour and goes to him.
Laksh:- what happen why are upset today.
Prudhvi:- nothing dad i just tired thats it.
Laksh:- i knew you well prudhvi it seems you wont say to me wait i will call your badai maa.
Prudhvi:- no need ..ok i will tell you and says everything about veer.
Laksh starts laughing.
Prudhvi:- why are you laughing dad and this why i dont want to say anything.
Laksh stops laughing and says ok ok i am sorry.
You were miffed because you love her and where love is their jeously will also be their and these kind of different feeling makes love strong
Prudhvi:- what if she doesnt feel towards me like i feel for her.
Laksh:-knew what she feels for you.
Prudhvi:- how dad.
Laksh:- make her jeousl.
Swara:- wow what a son and father. We have to accept your great bonding and holds both ears.
What type of ideas you were giving to him laksh.
Laksh:- by applying this idea only i came to knew that you loves me right.when it successed in our time so it will be success in our son issuse to.
Prudhvi:- great idea dad thank you and runs from their.
Swara:- hmm unbelivable.
Laksh smiles which makes swara to smile..
Swara goes and laksh follows her..

Precap:- prudhvi making surbhi and surbhi making prudhvi jeously.
Entry of naksh..

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