All alone ragini season 2 episode 11

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All sits for dinner and sanskar introduces vidhya to every one she sits beside akash bothlooks at each other and the smiles..
Laksh:- haa tomorrow we all are going to malhotras house as their was a baarsi and we are doing project with them so they invited all of us..
Ap:- ok but whose barsi laksh.
Prudhvi just comes and sits.
Sanskar:- anirudh malhotra wife nandi malhotra and ya ragini do you remember we met a girl in hotel prudhvi classmate whats her name.
Prudhvi:- surbhi…i mean surbhi malhotra…
Sanskar:- haa that girl mother also we all going ok and you too vidya.
Vidya:- yaa uncle
All nodes their heads..
Laksh smiles by seeing prudhvi.
Prudhvi:- what happen dad why are watching like that.
Laksh:- first time i lisening somegirl name from your mouth hmm.
Prudhvi:- dad..
Laksh smiles and all continues their dinner..

All gathers,at ananya room.
Manvi brings vidya by holding her hand….
Ananya smiles and makes vidya sit next to her.
Vidya:- hi..
All says hi to her they all shares their monents and mingles with vidya..
Ananya:- ok guys sleep tomorrow we have to go for pooja na..
By lisening it prudhvi becomes sad and manvi observes it.
Manvi:- bhai what happen why you become sad all of sudden.
Prudhvi explains everything from starting to untill their fight.
All looks at him angrily while vidya just watches with smile by seeing their bond.
Prudhvi:- what dont look like that i knew i did wrong.
Manvi:- when she forgives you na then we will talk with you
Ananya:- manvi and prudhvi you did wrong and you realised it so its ok but say sorry to her tomorrow ok.
Prudhvi nodes..
Sanskar:- what..he really said these all to her..
Ragini:- haa.
Laksh:- i dont believe this prudhvi did like that and towards girls.
Swara:- he realised his mistake now you wont react like something big happened.
Sanskar drags ragini near to him on bed and back hugs her.
Ragini:- what happen to u suddenly.
Sanskar:- so you said our love story to him to make him realise his mistake.

Ragini:- hmm.and i love this sanskar maheswari
Sanskar:- and i love this mrs.ragini Sanskar maheswari..
Sanskar:- he is not anger on his father na.
Ragini:- no.
San:- hmm.
Lak:- after knewing everything he is not anger on me na because he respect and loves bhai and babhi alot more than us.
Swara:- no not at all do you think ragini will let happen something like that.
Laksh:- ofcouse no and hugs swara..
Lak:- i hope she forgives prudhvi.
Swara:- she has too because no one can stay anger on my son..
Lak:- ha but your son can stay anger on others.
Swara:- haa after all who is his father
They both loks at each other and laughs..
Next day all gets ready in simple plain colours..
Prudhvi is pratising infront of mirror how to say sorry..
Lak and san were observing him and both looks into each other and discusses something in ears.
Sanskar:- what is this crazy prank lak and i m glad that he didnt went on you.
Laksh:- you can praise me later first stick to the plan ok.
Sanskar:- ok..

They both goes and stands back.of prudhvi and he sees both of them in mirror he stop talking to
him self and turns immediatedly..
Practising how to ask sorry.
Prudhvi:- what sorry and all.
Laksh:- oye i am your father and our wifes wont hide anything fron us.
Prudhvi pouts abd sits on bed.
San and lak keeps hands on his shoulder and says dont worry we will show you.
Prudhvi:- how.
San:- i will play character of surbhi and he will play of you ok.
lak:- now see and, bhai you were surbhi and i was prudhiv ok.
Sanskar:- done.

Both hi fives each other and sanskar is wearing chuni.
Prudhvi:- whats happening here.
Laksh and sanskar both pushes him on bed and says just shut up watch us and learn…
Laksh walks towards sanskar who is swinging his body right to left and acting like feeling shy.
Lak:- hii.surbhi.
Sanskar turns and acts like annoyed:- tum ayaha what are you doing is their anything left to say that you came back donkey felliw muddy fellow stupid fellow whst jot everything fellow hmm and pushes laksh and goes aside..
Lak falls next to prudhvi on bed who is watching both with mouth open.
Lak :- get ready to get scoldings like this and prepare if you face something like this then how you will react ok.
Prudhvi:- i can say one thing that surbhi dont knew these many scoldings.
Sanskar holds his cheecks and says:- aww meri bacha knew many things about her haa.
Prudhvi:- nothing like that ok and please i dont want to follow you both ideas and runs from their. sanskar and laksh both laughs and goes from their..
All starts to malhotras house..

Whole house is decorated with flowers and a big photo was kept in between and garland on it….
They about to enter anirudh comes and welcomes them ..
They about make them sit but surbhi comes running and a boy and a men chasing her.
Prudhvi gets happy seeing her but she doesnt see him.
Anirudh:- san lak that running tsunami is my daughter.
Laksh:- why she is running like that.
Anirudh:- to escape from injection and one second..
Surbhi about to escape but her father lifts her..
Surbhi:- dad pls leave me dad..
Alap:- thank god badai papa you caught her other wise this devil is killing us.
Surbhi threw pillow on him and shouts shut up.and dad pls no injection i will take medicines..
Anirudh holds surbhi tightly and she hides her face in his chest and doctor injects her and she shouts loudly and rubs her hands..
Surbhi:- baring fever is better than getting injected from you chotai papa..
Prudhvi feels guilt by lisening fever.swa and rag holds him while all sees him.
Alap:- kya dii its just one injection cant you bare little pain…
Surbhi looks at him and immediatedly bits his hands..
He too shouts and rubs his hands and complaints..
Surbhi:- come yar alap cant you bare small pain.
Alap:- what di u bited me and saying its a small pain you have 32 teeth it will pain.
Surbhi:- acha 32 or 1 injection but it will pain..

They both hears few laughing sounds so turns and see few people standing surbhi sees prudhvi in them and she immediatedly gets anger and sees sanskar and ragini goes towards them anirudh introduces to each other.
Anirudh:- bring some juices dear.
Surbi:- yaa dad.she goes from their
Ragini:- arey when she is having fever then why are asking her to work.
Anirudh:- its not like that she always gets fever on her mother barsi day actually she misses her
alot thats why she always does something so that she can divert from these all.any way plss take your seats.
So its you people whom she met on that day in hotel.
Sanskar:- haa she is a such a lovely girl anirudh..
Anirudh smiles and asks how are you prudhvi and this is alap surbhi brother..
Alap shake hands with him with some what serious their actions its clear that they all knew what ever happen between them.
Surbhi comes and serves drinks but doesnt smile by seeing him.
After some time pooja starts Anirudh and surbhi sits and does pooja..
After pooja completes ..

Anirudh is taking with san and lak..while prudhvi is standing with his cousions.
Ananya:- for saying sorry he have to get a chance naa..
Manvi:- we wont get chance just like that , we have to make a chance.
Vidya:- i have a idea if you dont mind.
Akash:- arey we wont mind say it.
Vidya:- if you spill juice on your shirt then you can make a way by saying cleaning and all…
All smiles and hugs her..
In that excitement akash too hugs her and later realises but he doesnt show any difference in his face.
They applies their plan and surbhi taking him to guest room .
Prudhvi turns and shows thums up.

In room after freshing..
Surbhi about to go but prudhvi holds her hand.she turns and asks angrily.
Surbhi:- what..
Prudhvi:- i am sorry and holds his ears..
Surbhi about to smile but stops and looks here and their..
Prudhvi:-come on yar i am sorry.forgive me na.
Surbhi:- on one condition.
Prudhvi:- anything but pls forgive me.
Surbhi:- you have to be with me whole day and will do what i want.
Prudhvi:- done.
They comes out all looks at him and he shows thums up and again down.

Precap:- surbhi and prudhvi day out

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