All alone ragini season 2 episode 1

Frds i have decided i as will write
Both stories..
All alone ragini old one i will try to
Write untill my ideas got over.
New story promo i gave i will write
That also but cant say when will i
Upload …
I hope you remember kids name..
Ananya and prudhvi were now at age of 16 and 15..
Akash was 13 years and manvi at 11 years…
Ananya and akash were ragsan
Prudhvi and manvi were swalak kids..

Lets go to story….
Early morning…
A man and a young girl were peeping threw window..
Ananya:- chachu if mom caught us naa thats it..
Laksh:- arey princess i am their naa dont worry by the way your mom will be busy in waking up your dad so chill..
Soon they knock on window door silently..
A women opens door and looks angrily.
Laksh and ananya both smiles weirdly..
Swara:- this is the last time i am saving you both..
Ananya hugs swara and says thank you choti maa love you..
Swara immediatedly cools and hugs her back.
Swara:- you knew how to cool me sweet shaitaan…
Laksh entres and sees his and more than sanskar princess manvi is sleeping peacefully sucking her little thumb..
Here dp and rp were sitting in lawn and encouraging their pautas prudhvi and akash who were playing batminton..
While sujatha and ap were calling them to have juice..
Here a man was cuddling inside bedsheet and rolling all over bed and chatting a name loudly…
Ragini …ragini….

A women comes inside room by tucking her pallu near her waist.
Ragini:- what sanskar why are you shouting like that and see its 8 even all kids wake up early than you.. you were still a kid…
He immediatedly drags her by holding her wrist which results she landing on him and he encircl
ed his hands around her waist…
Ragini:- what sanskar you started morning itself leave me naa i have so much work..
Sanskar drags her more close and says.. dear i got a dream that i was kissing you and now i want to fullfill it..he immediatedly kisses her on her lips and scrolls her on bed while she cluches his shirt.
Ananya:- maa where are you..
By this ragsan both jerks and moves apart..
Ananya comes inside room and sees ragini trying to wake up sanskar..
Ananya:- what maa is papa not waking up..
Ragini:- no baby..
Ananya:- you go maa i will wake up dad..
Ragini goes by rubbing her lips.
Ananya:- papa i knew that you were awake so now get up ..
Sanskar smiles and hugs her..
Ananya:- you love by waking up by mom naa thats why you do this late sleeping drama daily..
They both laughs..

Swara is getting ready and laksh is disturbing her by back hugging.
Swara:- leave me laksh i need to go down.
Laksh:- no..
Swara:- plss
Laksh:- i said no..
Swara:- ok fine i will be hear only like this.
Laksh:- thats like a good girl.
Swara:- hmm after all ragini will do all breakfast and kitchen work alone thats all.
Laksh immediatedly leaves her and says :- go go..
Swara while going says:- babhi ki chamchi..and runs from their leaving smiling laksh…
Laksh:- i respect ragini next after my mom and chachi..she is like a mother to me now he goes towards manvi and wakes her up by saying time to break fast ..
Manvi hugs him and laksh makes her brush her teeth and brings her down after he himself getting ready…
Sanskar too reaches their and extends his hands to manvi while she immediatedly jumps from laksh to sanskar..

Sanskar:- good mrg cutiee.
Manvi:- good mrg badai papa..
Laksh :- where are remaining.
Swara:- akash and prudhvi were playing badminton outside and all were encouraging them.
Ragini:- i will go and call them badai papa and maa should take tablets intime..
Sujatha:- no need maa see i myself came ..
Dp:- mee to..
Prudhvi and akash comes and hugs all ..
Ragini:- get ready and comes fast i will serve you breakfast.
Laksh:- they eat and then freshen up na babhi..
Swara:- dont turn them like you ok..
Laksh:- i am the best you see.
Swara:- that should be said by us u knew..
Sanskar:- guys they both already ran away by your start so stop now.
Laksh:- see na babhi.
Ragini:- laksh they both were sweating badly and they need to wash them selfs later food..
Laksh:- fine..
All together:- babhi ki chamchi..
Ragini smiles..
Laksh gets annoyed

Ananya:- leave na chotai papa they were jeousle of you..
Laksh:- right princess..
Sujtha:- and she laksh ki chamchi.
Rp and dp both glares at her..
Sujatha:- what are you seeing eat after words you can glare at me.
Dp:- rp tell your wife to not joke on my princess.
Rp:- laughs are you joking bhai i will say and she will lisen joke of the decay..
Sujatha glares while dp says
Dp:- say straight that you cant control her.
Rp:- first you both eat break fast and then where your bp and sugar tablets later you can joke on me ..
Turns to ap and says see na babhi bhai ..
Ap:- jii dont say anything to ram please…
Rp sticks his tongue out as dp never says no to her..
Dp:- sujatha why dont you control him.
Ram:- first you both control your respective dp and sugar levels after that you can control me..
Ananya sees this all with smile..
While all laughs..

Soon prudhvi and akash also joins them…
Prudhvi:- badai jaldi i am damm angry..
Ragini and swara serves them Sanskar goes his room followed by ragini he takes his stuff goes towards ragini cups her face and kisses on her lips lightly
Ragini:- how come your kiss position changed today.
He drags her close to his and hugs her while she rests her head on his chest..
I thought i was kissing all kids on their forehead and even you….
So how can i show you my love towards you is different so i thought to change the position of kissing place and the best place was your lips.
Where i feels like heaven.
Ragini blushes and hugs him more tight.
Sanskar:- arey yar if you hug me like this i cant go to office.
Ragini:- then dont go naa.
Sanskar:- i would but i have important meeting today i promise i will come early.
Ragini breaks hug and nodes her head..
They both goes out ..
Meanwhile laksh also comes..
Sanskar and laksh kisses all kids and goes to office..
Dp and rp were relaxing on sofa and enjoying their retirement..

Precap:- more fun moments..

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      Tomorrow i will post another one dear

  5. Astra

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      This one was the first episide of season 2
      Or do you want season 1 episodes then type all alone ragini in search on top corner of right side page you will fond if not then i will give you

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