IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 5 -Confusion and more confusion

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Chapter 5 – Confusion and more confusion :

At home:

Vids: Uncle what will we do??? That man said not to call the cops coz they ll hurt Sanyu.

Kishore: I know dear, we cant call the cops we have to wait and see what their demands are.

Anju(crying): My daughter…my poor daughter…what she must be going through right now….please God protect her.

Vids: Aunty please dont cry, Sanyu will be ok im sure. Aunty im so sorry i couldnt stop them from taking Sanyu away, i tried to stop them, to run after them…im sorry aunty, said Vids crying.

Anju: No dear dont say like this…you are my daughter too…if they would have kidneapped u as well i would have died…thank God at least you are ok….dont u ever say like this again…for me u and Sanyu are the same. U know after your parents had that tragic car accident we promised them before they died that we will take care of u as if u are our daughter, u know i love u and Sanyu in the same way….for me both of u two are my daughters so stop saying sorry coz its not ur fault, said Anju while hugging Vids.

Vids: I love u aunty (sobbing)

Anju: I love u too my baby girl (kissing Vids forhead)

Ankit: Dad we have to do something…we cant stay like this…if those people hurt my little sis they wont live to tell about it, said Ankit bangging his fist on the wall in anger.

Kishore: Son i understand your fellings but we cant do anything right now…we have to wait for their call.

The door bell rang and Vids went to open it…At the door step was Vardhan sir and Maya mam with their 2 kids…Vids then just realised that tonight Vardhan sir and Maya mam were invited by Kishor to celebrate Sanyu graduation with a family dinner. Sanyu^s dad was like a mentor for Vardhan and they both were working in the same law office. Just like Sanyu dad guided Vardhan the same did Vardhan with Sanyu…she was like a little sister for him…

Vd: Hey Vidu how are u?

Vids: Hello sir…im fine..pls come in uncle is in the living room..

Vd: Hey didnt i told u to call me bro when we arent in a formal meeting…said Vd smiling…

Vids: Sorry bro pls come in…said Vids with a faded smile which was noticed by both Vardhan and Maya..

Randhir’s mansion:

Sanyu’s pov:

Im so hungry right now and that mcp didnt gave me any food, im sure he must be enjoying all the food by himself.

And this men are so respectfull thowards him as if he was some kind of celebrity. I dont get it why they are so obedient to him, i know he must be their boss but the respect they have in their eyes for him its something more then just fear…they dont respect him coz they are afraid of him, its like they are respecting him for the person he is…but its confusing…how can a kiddnaper be a good person??? He is a criminal for God’s sake….its confusing…i think i have to find out more about my kidnapper…but how will i do it??

Think Sanyu…u somehow have to get out of this house and HIM, especially u have to get away from HIM.

So thats it…hope u liked it…


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