IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 25-Coz i love you, damn it !

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Chapter 25 – Coz i love you, damn it !

Randhir s house:

After Vids and Parth left, Sanyu and Rd went back inside. While Rd went upstairs in his room to rest a little, Sanyu went in the kitchen to make herself some coffee.

Sanyu (in her mind): I ll make some coffee for Rd too and i ll take this chance to go talk to him like Vids said, and ask him why he kiddnapt me in the first place, maybe we can solve this mess befor the police finds me and arrests them, coz im sure Parth already told him about what happened back home.

Sanyu prepaired a cup of coffee for Rd too and went upstairs in his room. She entered the room and saw Rd laying in bed with his eyes closed.

Sanyu: Rd are you asleep ?

Rd: No Sanyu, i was just resting my eyes, come here and sit with me…said Rd while patting the place next to him on bed….

Sanyu sit next to him and handed him the cup of coffee. Rd took a sip of the coffee and sight in delight…

Rd: Mhmmm…this is the best coffee i have ever had…thank u Sanyu..

Sanyu: You are welcome Rd, im glad you liked it…said Sanyu smiling….and by the way thank u for letting me meet Vidhu…i was missing her a lot…it was the best surprise you could give me.

Rd: You are welcome…said Rd smiling.

Sanyu: Randhir…i wanna ask you something, but please promiss me you wont get mad ?

Rd: What is it baby ? Are you ok ?

Sanyu: Im fine Rd…just promiss me you wont get mad…

Rd: Ok, fine…i wont get mad…now tell me what is this about…coz you are scaring me…

Sanyu (letting a deep breath): Look Rd, im sure Parth told you what Vids heard at my house, that my dad and brothers wanna involve the police and find me asap. You know that if they find me they will arrest you all….coz well…they dont know that im actually ok and that you treat me nicely and that Vids and Parth are in a relationship…all they know is that im kiddnapt and i dont blame them either…coz if my child would have been kiddnapt for almost a week i would have been thinking of the worst scenario…so my point is that i think you should tell me why you kiddnapt me in the first place and may be i can help you get out of this problem befor the police finds us….please Rd i dont want you or the boys to end up in prision…please Rd you never told me why you kiddnapt me, you only told me that you were forced by circumstances and that it had something to do with my brother Ankit.

Rd: NO…i cant tell you…said Rd glaring at Sanyu and clentching his jaw, making her shiver in fear.

Sanyu: But Rd…

Rd: I said NO..dont you hear me? screamed Rd, while grabbing Sanyu by her arms and pushing her making her hit her back on the wall…

Sanyu s eyes started watering and she was trembling now…

Sanyu: Ran-dhir…why are you so mad…you promissed me you wont get mad…why dont you want me to find out the truth…i have the right to know why im being kiddnapt…snapt Sanyu in a loud voice with tears running down her face..

Rd: f**k Sanyukta…dont mess with me…if i told you that you are not allowed to know the truth then thats final…dont you dare to think that just because i treated you nicely you can now do what ever you want with me…dont forget i can be bad too…said Rd while gripping Sanyu s arms thightly and pressing her back on the wall, shooting her a glare that could have scared even a lion.

Sanyu: Randhir you are hurtting me…let me go…said Sanyu while crying..

Rd: And do you think im not hurt too ? huhh ? you think i enjoy all this mess ? you should have been just buissness to me, nothing more, i should have just treated you like all the kiddnapers treat their victims till they get their work done and then get rid of you…said Rd gritting his theets…

Sanyu: The hell with you Rd…then why the f**k didnt you just torture me like all the kiddnapers do and just do your bussiness and then kill me???…huhh ? WHY ?? said Sanyu in loud voice getting herself free from Rd s grip and shooting daggers with her eyes…

Randhir sensed his furry building inside him and bangging his fist hard in the wall next to Sanyu s head, making her froze in fear said… ” COZ I LOVE YOU, DAMN IT !!!! ”

Both remaind frozen in their places looking in each others eyes…Rd was caging Sanyu with his body pressing her in the wall, with his fist bangged next to her head and with his eyes red and almost out of breath. Sanyu was crying uncontrolably with her eyes fully red and her body shaking terribly…she was staring at him and was shocked by his confession….

They both started to sink in the last words of Rd…when Rd finally realised what he just said he moved his body away and Sanyu took this opportunity to run from the room crying her heart out. While Sanyu closed herself in another room crying misserablly, Rd started to destroy everything in his room, he bangged his fists in the walls till his hands were full of blood, he threw everything upside down in the room taking out all his frustration. In the other room, Sanyu was crying so much that she felt her knees give up and she slowly collapsed on the floor, she closed her eyes still shaking and felt asleep on the floor.

When she woke up, Sanyu felt her head spinning and all her body was hurting her. But what surprised her was that she was no longer on the floor of the room where she collapsed…she was now in Rd s room on his bed covered with a blanket. Rd s room was a total mess and he wasnt in the room.


After their fight Rd took out all his frustration on the things in his room, turning his room in a mess and bangging his fists in the walls, while Sanyu locked herself in the guest room crying her heart out and collapsing on the floor and finally closing her eyes to sleep. Rd felt really guilty after their fight so he wanted to apologise to her, but when he entered the room she found her shaking on the floor…his heart hurted him seeing her this way and knowing he is the reason for this condittion of hers. He slowly bent down to her and removed the hair from her face that was drenched in tears. He took her in his arms bridal style and looked at her sleeping figure placing a soft kiss on her forhead, wishpering an ”Im sorry” to her ear. She gripped his shirt in her tiny fists like sensing the warmth of his body and nuzzled her nose in the crock of his neck. Rd inhaled her vanilla sent and closed his eyes feeling her in his arms. He took her to his room and slowly placed her on his bed and covered her with a blanket, kissing her forhead one more time.

End of flashback.

Sanyu slowly got down from bed and saw that Rd was in the balcony on a chair, resting his head on the wall with his eyes closed, but what terrified Sanyu was all the blood that was dripping down the floor from his hands that were full of bruises.

Sanyu: Randhirrr…what did you do ? said Sanyu almost crying taking his hands in hers and making Rd shake a little coz he didnt expect her to wake up so soon.

Rd: Im fine Sanyu. Just let it be. I deserve this for hurtting you…said Rd while removing his hands from her..

Sanyu: Shut up Rd, and dont you dare move from here coz im going to get the first aid box…said Sanyu glaring at Rd.

Rd kept mum and Sanyu went for the aid box. She came back and started to dezinfect his woonds with alcohol which made Rd hist in pain. Sanyu started to blow some air on his woonds so that the pain wasnt so intense. After dressing his woonds, Sanyu bandaged his hands.

Rd: Im sorry Sanyu…said Rd looking down at his feet, while Sanyu finshed bandaging his hands….im really sorry, i didnt mean to hurt you…u know? i just cant tell you the truth yet…pls understand me said Rd with teary eyes…and im also sorry for the confession…i mean yeah I LOVE YOU…and im not afraid to admit it but i dont want you to feel pressuarized in any way if you dont feel the same…like i said i kiddnapt you for some reasons but i will not hurt you…i am sor…Rd couldnt finish his sentence coz Sanyu spoke up..

Sanyu : I LOVE YOU TOO Randhir!!

Rd: What ? asked Rd confussed…

Sanyu: Yes Rd, you heard it right, I love you too and im not mad at you…i understand why you reacted this way and i trust you so i will wait till you feel prepaired to tell me the truth, but pls try to make it soon coz i dont want the police to arrest you…not now that i realised i ve fallen in love with you…said Sanyu with teary eyes.

Rd pulled Sanyu in his lap and hugged her with all his force, kissing her forhead and temple, while wishpering ”i love you” in her ear, making Sanyu blush and hidding her face in his chest, while Rd chuckled lightly at her inocence. They both stayed like this for some time inhaling each other s arroma and feeling their love built inside their hearts.

Rd: Baby…asked Rd while playing with Sanyu s hair in his fingers, she being still in his lap..

Sanyu: Hmmm…murrmured Sanyu with her eyes closed and her head still on his chest..

Rd: Baby remember last night when we played 7 minutes in Heaven ? asked Rd with a smirk on his lips, making Sanyu jolt a bit in his arms out of embaressment coz she remembered what happend last night…

Sanyu: Ye-ahh…stummered Sanyu all red by now and trying to free herself from his lap but Rd gripped her waist and hips thightly preventing her from going…

Rd: And you remember this love bite that i gave you ? asked Rd teasingly while kissing her neck where she had the love mark and smirking against her skin making Sanyu shiver under his touch..

Sanyu: Ye..sss

Rd: Well baby i must tell you that i won the bet….you know i said that if you can resist my touch for 7 minutes then i ll do whatever you want for one day and if you dont then you ll have to do what i say for a day….as you can see you lost the bet coz you were lost in my touch befor the seven minutes ended, so now you have to complet the bet…said Rd teasingly..

Sanyu: Ok…ok bad boy…tell me what you want and stop teasing me…said Sanyu composing herself.

Rd: Baby tomorrow i want you to go on a date with me and spend the whole day together…will you go ?…asked Rd with puppy eyes.

Sanyu: Hmmm…let me think…what if i say no…said Sanyu with a smirk..

Rd: Well then i might just have to make you say yes…remember i won the bet so for one day you have to do what i say…said Rd smiling..

Sanyu: Of course i ll go, baby…i thought you will never ask…said Sanyu with a big smile, while Rd smiled back and pressed his lips on her forhead.

Rd: Then its a date, baby…said Rd smiling while Sanyu nuzzled closer in his chest.

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