IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 19 – Prince charming…better charming Villain

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Chapter 19 – Prince charming…better charming Villain.

Vids boutique:

Vids: Parth what are we going to do with these two ? We still dont have electricity and we cant call the police coz my phone is dead and u left ur phone at home..what if they get up ?

Parth: Yeah i was thinking the same…look what we will do…now that the door is opened we can get out and call the police from the public phone across the street…and after the police will take them i ll call a cab and drop u home ok ?

Vids nodded her head and Parth crossed the street to go to the public phone…after calling the police Parth came back to Vids…soon the police arrived and took the two thieves with them…Parth and Vids gave their statements and Vids filled a complain for those men…after the police left Vids went to the public phone and called the security agency and told them about the alarm being off coz of no electricity and also about the robary…the agency assured her that they ll come in the morning and fix all the damages and also install a new alarm sistem…Parth then called a cab and droped Vids home…when they were in front of Vids house Parth got down and opened the car door for Vids and gave his hand for support like a true gentleman…befor Vids left he kissed her forhead and gave her a tight hug…Parth got in the cab again and left for his house…Vids entered Aggarwal mansion and tried not to wake anyone up coz by now it was 6 am…she was exhausted so she went straight to her room, took a refreshing shower, plugged her phone to charge and went to bed…after few minutes her phone ringged indicating that she got a message…

” Sleep well, beautiful…oh and yeah be ready today at 7 pm coz im gonna take u on a date….Your beast”…

Vids was left with her mouth open…first of all coz she didnt expected to get a message from Parth and secondly she was dumbstruked coz Parth actually asked her out on a date…hell…how on eath did he got my phone number ?…

Vids to Parth :

” Where did u got my number ? I never gave it to u…and about the date i ll have to think about it. ”

Parth to Vids :

”Baby it doesnt matter how i got ur phone number…u only have to know that you are so important to me that i got your number without even asking u for it…and about the date trust me you will go. ”

Vids to Parth :

” Oh really!!?? And why are you so sure that i ll go on a date with u ? ”

Parth to Vids :

” Baby my charm never faild me…and also i guarantee you will love it…it will be the best date you ve ever been on…now go to sleep coz you must be tired…i ll see you tonight at 7pm…be ready princess (wink) ”

Huh…this blo*dy arrogant…his charm never failed him…charm my foot…said Vids in her mind….but i must admit he is very handsome…said Vids with a little blush on her face and smiling like a silly kid…

Vids to Parth :

” Ok i ll go on a date with u mister Arrogant….dont make me wait for u. ”

Parth to Vids :

” Dont worry beautiful i ll be there…sleep well. ”

Vids to Parth :

” U too..sleep well. ”

After their phone conversation, both Parth and Vids felt asleep with a big smile on their faces…both thinking about each other and about all that happened last night…they knew both of them started to have feelings for each other…and some strong ones… but they still couldnt name their feelings for one another…although both knew that they cant spend a moment without thinking about the other.

Randhir s house :

Sanyu was still by Rd side, taking care of him…trying to lower his temperature and changing his bandages every 4 hours while cleaning his woonds just as the doctor instructed her…

It was about 12 pm when Rd finally woke up…Sanyu was cleaning the wood on his chest and she was so concentrated in her work that she didnt even realise that Rd opened his eyes…Rd was mesmerised by her…he kept looking at her beautiful face like it was the most preciouse thing in the world…although she looked tired, her face was still glowing like it always does when she is concentrating on something…he loved admirring her beauty and drinking her essence…a small straind of hair was bothering her and she couldnt remove it properly coz she was wearing gloves so that she wont inffect Rd s woods when she cleans them…Rd saw her struggle and lifted his hand and tugged the strain of her hair behind her ear…Sanyu was shocked a little coz she didint expect that Rd would wake up…she looked in his eyes and both had an intense eyelock..

Rd: Ouch…

Sanyu: Sorry…sorry Rd…it hurts u a lot ? asked Sanyu with a face full of concerne, blowing air on his woond..

Rd: Im ok Sanyu dont worry…but how did i got here ? The only thing i remember is that we got home and then i collapsed in the hall…

Sanyu: Yeah Rd…u scared me to death…u passed out in the hall and i called Jiggy, Sahil and Yoyo and asked them to get you to your room and then we called the doctor…who came and dressed your woonds and told that u need a lot of rest and healthy food…so now that you woke up i ll go and bring u the soupe that i cooked for you…just stay here and dont make harsh moves ok ?

Rd: Yes doctor…said Rd smiling at her.

Sanyu was about to get out of the bed but Rd caught her hand…Sanyu turned to him and made a questioning face.

Rd: U said the doctor was here to check my woonds…right…did u let him take a look at your woonds too? I mean u also had pretty bad woonds…pls tell me you let him check on you too..

Sanyu: Yes Rd…dont worry…the doctor also dressed my woonds…see! said Sanyu pointing on her legges and arms..

Rd: Oh ok then..

Sanyu went and took a bowle of soupe and went to Rd room…she helped him to stand properly on bed and started feeding him the soupe.

Rd: Hmmm…it tastes really good…i like it…thank u Sanyu.

Sanyu: U r welcome…said Sanyu smiling..

Rd: Did you had your food ?

Sanyu: No…im not really hungry…i ll eat later…said Sanyu while feeding Rd another spoon of soupe..

Rd: What ? U didnt eat till now…come on eat with me now…its plenty of soupe in the bowl and im almost full…come on eat…said Rd while taking the spoon from Sanyu hand and feeding her some soupe….she knew that if she would protest he will make her eat it forcefully so she listened to him and ate the remaining soupe in silance with a small frown on her forehead…which didnt went unnoticed by Rd who was smiling inwardly that he was successufull in making her eat. After finishing the food Sanyu took the bowl in the kitchen and returned to Rd room with a glass of orange juice.

Sanyu: Drink it please.

Rd: If u ask me so nicely i ll have to drink it…said Rd while giving her a wink.

Sanyu: Arrgghhh…arrogant man…just drink it and shut up…said Sanyu rolling her eyes..

Rd: Hmmm….miss…btw u are looking very good in my clothes…u look hot..said Rd teasingly..

Sanyu was now red like a tommato and was chewing her nails out of embaressment…Rd started smiling looking at her red face..

Rd: I love when your blushing…said Rd with an intense voice, making Sanyu blush even harder…

Sanyu: Hmmm…actually i dont have anything to wear so thats why i borrowed your clothes…hmmm…pls stop looking like that at me…

Rd: Why princess ? said Rd smirking….Am i making u nervouse ? I wouldnt have said that Sanyukta Aggarwal THE WILD CAT…will be soooo nervouse…said Rd almost laughing..

Sanyu: Huh…shut up bad boy…said Sanyu while taking the glass from his hand and moving out of the room and bangging the door behind her..

Rd: Thats my wild cat…said Rd smiling…while on the other side of the door Sanyu was also smiling and blushing at the same time…

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