IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 18 – My hero.

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Chapter 18 – My hero.

In the forest :

Sanyu and Rd were walking through the forest for quite a lot of time now…it started to become dark and they really had to get to Rd,s house fast coz Sanyu legs were full of bruises and Rd had lost quite a lot of blood and now he was on the verge of passing out…

Rd: Sanyu u see that path over there between those trees ?

Sanyu: Yes Rd….why ?

Rd: U just have to walkon it and u will get to my house in no time…u just go and tell Parth to come after me or anyone of the boys coz i really cant walk further…said Rd almost collapsing on the ground..

Sanyu: No Rd….come on i ll help u…i wont let u here alone…its almost dark and it will get a lot of time to get to ur house and then to come back after u with the boys…u cant stay alone here for so long…pls Rd get up…i ll help u but pls dont make me leave u here…said Sanyu with tears in her eyes…

Rd: Hey baby pls dont cry…i told u i cant see u crying…ok…fine…we will both go…come on we have to get home befor it gets to dark…said Rd while take Sanyu hand in his..

Author pov:

After about 15 minutes of walking Sanyu and Rd finally arrived at Rd house…Rd,s woonds got inffected and he started feeling sick…and the exaustion from the past hours didnt help either so as soon as they entered the house Rd collapsed on the ground….he passed out…and he was breathing really slow..

Sanyu: Rd…Rd..Rd ??? What happen to u ? Pls wake up..pls for me…dont leave me Rd…said Sanyu tooking his head on her lap and sheading tears continously..

Sanyu: Parth…Yoyo…Jiggy…Sahil…help me guys…where are u all ? Pls someone help us…said Sanyu almost inaudibly coz her sobs were louder then her voice..

Jiggy and Sahil came running in the hole…and were shocked to see Rd in that condition and Sanyu crying her hearth out…

Jiggy: Miss what happened with Rd bro ?

Sahil: Parth bro and Yoyo arent home…what should we do ? said Sahil with a panict voice..

Sanyu: Guys…listen up to me…help me get Rd to his room and then call a doctor…he is badly injured and he lost a lot of blood…ok…now MOVE…and do as i say…said Sanyu in a loud voice coz the boyes were so shocked that they werent reacting at all…

Jiggy:…yes miss…come on Sahil lets get Rd bro in his room and then we will call the doctor

Sahil: Yes ur right…

Sahil and Jiggy took Rd in his room and then they called the doctor…the docyor came and started checking Rd and dressing his woonds…after about half an hour the doctor came out of the room and Sanyu and the boyes started bombarding him with questions about Rd..

Doctor: Miss calm down…the patient is fine now…he will recover after some days…but he has to take full rest and he has to eat healthy…he lost a lot of blood so he will sleep till tmrrw coz i gave him some medicines…he might be deliring through out the night so its better that someone stays with him to take care of his woonds coz the bandages have to be replaced after 4 hourse..

Sanyu: Dont worry doctor i ll take care of him…thank u for ur time

Doctor: Miss i think u also need so rest and u also have so pretty bad woonds…let me check u too..

Sanyu: Its fine doctor…i ll stay with Rd…

Sahil: Miss pls let the doctor look at ur woonds as well..

Sanyu nodded her head and the doctor started dressing her woonds as well and gave her some pills for the pain….Sanyu went to Rd room after taking a shower and changing her clothes…she put her hand over his forhead and saw that his temperature rised so she started to place a wet cloth on his forhead after dipping it in cold water…Rd started sweating so she wiped his face and neck with the cloth….after some minutes she put her head down on the pillow besides Rd coz the tiredness really got her and now her eyes were closing slowly…

Rd: No…no…mom pls dont cry…i ll save u…i ll do anything to save u…pls dont leave me…open ur eyes…all will be well…pls hang on for my and dad sake..pls mom dont leave us…said Rd with a crying voice…he was deliring…Rd was gripping Sanyu hand tightly while deliring and it was starting to pain her coz his grip was strong, but she didnt care, she was more concern for him, for his well-being….she placed her head on the pillow besides Rd and with her other hand she started caresing his hair and face…and in an instant he calmed down, it was like her simple touch heald him, heald his woonds…just like magic…

Sanyu: Shhhh…sshhhh Rd…its ok…all will be ok….pls calm down…omg his temerature rised again and thats why he is deliring…what am i going to do ? Think Sanyu…think…

Sanyu went and brought a bowl with cold water and she again dipped the cloth in it and started wipping Rd forhead…afte some time he relaxed and stoppen deliring…

Sanyu (in mind): What was Rd talking about while deliring ? What happened to his mom ? Does this memory of him has to do with my kiddnapping ? I really have to find out why he kiddnaped me in thefirst place…but first he has to recover…i cant see him like this…it hurts me…i donno why…but i cant see him in pain…

Sanyu started again to place wet cloth on Rd forhead and also wipping his face, his neck and his abs…he was full of bruises…and the blood was visible even through the bandages…Sanyu,s heart ached seeing him like this…she didnt know why or maybe she didnt want to admit her feelings for him but the truth was that she was falling for her handsome kiddnapper and this feelings of her will bring her a lot of pain along with the imense love…but they always say that love hurts…and Sanyu is about to experiance it sooner then she thinks.

Vids boutique:

Parth and Vids were sleeping in each others arms peacefully….it was about 4 am when a loud sound woke them up..

Vids: Parth what was that ?

Parth: I dont know babe…i ll go and check…stay here.

Vids: No…dont go…im scared.

Parth: Shhh princess…its ok…i ll just come right away…

Author pov:

Parth got up and tried the lights but for their bad luck the electricity was still off. He went thowards the entrance of the shop when he heard some voices…There were two men who were trying to break into the shop taking the advantage that the alarm wasnt working coz the electricity was off…Parth went back to Vids and cupped her face with his hands..

Parth: Baby i want u to listen to me carefully…ok ?

Vids: Parth what happened…pls tell me…ur scaring me…said Vids with teary eyes

Parth: Look Vidhu…two men are outside trying to break the door…im guessing they saw that the alarm isnt working coz there is no electricity so the are breaking in to stole money form the casheer….we dont have phones so we cant call the police…we couldnt break the door to get out coz the door was jammed due to the power cut but from what i saw those men outside are profecionals so in a few minutes they probably unlock the door so we have to be prepaired coz they dont know that someone is in the shop…look i want u to go an lock yourself in your office and stay there till i ll come and get u…ok ?

Vids: Ok…but Parth what about u ? Pls dont do something stupid…pls u too come with me…let them take the money and go…pls dont try to fight with them Parth…they might have guns…

Parth: Dont worry about me baby…u do as i say…im not going to let some thieves rob u..

Author pov:

Parth made Vids to lock herself in her office and then went thowards the entry of the shop….the two thieves already broke in the shop and now they were trying to open the cash desk….

Parth came from behind and patted the shoulder of one of the thieves…when that persone turned Parth withouth wasting a second threw a punch on his face taking that thief by surprise…the thief started histting in pain and by his sound made the other thief alert…both thieves started fighting with Parth…all three of them were throuing punches at each other…at one point one of the thieves grabbed Parth from behind while the other was continously giving punches in his face and stomach…Vids listening to Parth screamings started to panic and unlocked the dor of her office…

Vids (in mind): Im sorry Parth i know i promissed u i wont come out unless u come for me but ur life is more important to me even then my own life…and with this thought in mind

Vids come out of her office slowlly and peeped from behind the wall…her heart skipped a bit when she saw Parth being beatten up by those men…and without second thoughts Vids took a vase in her hands and smacked it on the head of the thief that was grabbing Parth…tooking this opportunity Parth threw a punch on the face of the other thief and now both of the men were unconscious on the floor…Vids run in Parth,s arms and hugged him crying her heart out…

Vids: Parth i was so scare for u…u stupid man…why u had to act like a hero ? U should have left them to take the money and go…why u had to fight with them? I dont care about the money…what if something happend to u ? said Vids while crying and slightly punching Parth,s chest…

Parth: Shhh…shhh…baby im fine…pls stop crying…i cant stand to see u crying…just yell at me or even punch me if u want but pls dont cry…

Vids lift her head and looked in Parth s eyes and seeing his worried face composed herself and with i small smile said..

Vids: I think u had enough punches for the day..i dont think u need one from me too…

Parth smiled at her and kissed her forhead while gadering her in his embrace.

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