IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 17 – Extasy and Bliss.

Hey guys…im back with another chapter…i really put a lot of effort in writting this chapter and i really hope u all will like it…i worked a lot for it…and i tried to make it longer coz i post only once a week…the chapter has both SanDhir & VidArth scenes…enjoy and thank u all for ur support..

Chapter 17 – Extasy & Bliss

Sameer s den:

Sanyu and Rd were trying to get out of Sameer den but the door was locked. Rd went to look for something to open the door and Sanyu went to sit on some boxes coz her feet were hurtting her badly. While sitting there Sanyu opened one of the boxes and she was beyond shocked.

Sanyu: Rd…Rd…come here please!

Rd: What happend Sanyu are u ok?

Sanyu: Yeah Rd im fine but look at these…said Sanyu pointing at the boxes…

Rd opend the box more and he was as shocked as Sanyu. Those boxes were full of drugs.

Sanyu: Rd these boxes ar full of drugs…these are the drugs that Sameer was talking about…these drugs will be sold today to God knows who…and then all of them will get on black market…Rd we have to inform the police..

Rd: I know Sanyu but we cant inform the police…we dont have phones and hell we cant even save ourselves from here…just leave these and help me find something so that we open that damn door…ok??!!!

Sanyu: But Rd…

Rd: Dont!!! Just help me find something to get out from here and we will see what we can do about the drugs..ok?

Sanyu put her eyes down and a tear drop from her eyes…Rd went near her and cupped her face with both his hands and made her look in his eyes…

Rd: Ufff Sanyu what are u doing to me ?? Fine…i ll promise i ll think about what to do to stop the drugs to get delivered but pls dont cry…i cant stand to see u crying…shit!!! U were supposed to be only bussiness….said Rd while getting his hand frustrated through his messy hair…

Sanyu: Really ?? Rd ur telling me the truth…will u stop all this from getting on market and killing innocent ppl??? Thank u…thank u…ur the best BAD BOY…said Sanyu while jumpping in his arms and kissing his cheek..

Rd: Yeah WILD CAT…for u i ll do anything..said Rd smiling at Sanyu and tugging a strain of hair behind her ear.

They both were again lost in each others eyes…till Sanyu realised that they were in a compromising position with her clingging in his arms and she slowlly got down on her feet and blushed hard while Rd smiled at her inocence. They both started looking for something to break the door and Rd found a steel road and broke the locket with it…They both got out of that room and were about to walk back in the forest to find their way back to Rd s house but to their bad luck Rana and Rehan woke up and now they are pointing guns at their heads.

Rana: Not so fast pretty boy…where do u both think ur going after seeing our little stock of EXTASY ??? said Rana mockingly…

Rd: Little stock ??? U ve got to be kidding me…there is at least 50 boxes full of extasy in that room…yelled Rd while clenching his jaw and fists…

Rehan: Hahahaha…yeah i guess ur right…so thats why we cant let u go…cant we? U both have seen too much and im still going to pay u back each and every punch u gave me pretty boy…said Rehan kicking Rd in his stomac…

Rana: Enough with the talking now u two better get inside or we will make u to by hard way…and dont think we wont shoot u if u both dont cooperate.

Author pov:

Rana and Rehan were pointing guns at Sandhir…When Rana and Rehan tried to make them enter that chamber again Rd took the steel rood with which he opened the door and started beating both the men…both Rana and Rehan were a little too drunk and couldnt react fast so Rd had this advantage on his side…while they were fighting Rana took Rd by surprise and hold him from the back while Rehan was punching him in his stomac…Sanyu was teriffied and in the attempt of helping Rd she took a rock from ground and smaked it on Rana s head thus making him unconscious…taking this opportunity Rd hitted Rehan with the steel rood and now both of the men were laying on the ground unconscious. Sanyu run and hugged Rd with all her force and he kissed the top of her head while hugging her back and putting his head in the crock of her neck placing a small kiss there.

Rd: Come on Sanyu we have to get out from here befor Sameer comes.

Sanyu: Yeah Rd lets go…

Rd: Wait…i have to do something befor we go…i made a promise to someone special to me that i ll take care of something said Rd winking at Sanyu.

Sanyu understood that he was refering to the drugs and smiled at him while blushing full red coz of the words he adressed to her…her heart skipt a bit when he named her ”someone special to me”.

Rd went behind the den and took a barrel of gasoline and splash it on the boxes which contained the drugs…he then took the lighter out of his pocket and in few seconds the whole place was ablaze…Rd came to Sanyu and took her hand and both of them started running through the forest….Sameer came to check on them and was shocked to find Rana and Rehan on the ground and all his drugs on fire…

Sameer: Randhirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! U will pay for this…i swearrrrr!!!

Vids boutique:

Parth and Vids were still locked in the shop coz the electricity was still off. Parth tried to open the door but faild nevertheless.

Vids: Parth im hungry…how much time do we have to stay here? When will the power come ?? Im tired and hungry…said Vids while making a cute pout like a small baby…

Parth looked at her and smiled at her inocence then took a chocolate out of his pocket and forward it to Vids…

Parth: Here BEAUTIFUL…take this and eat…u will feel better…it will give u energy and also it will keep u full for sometime and lets hope the electricity will come soon…

Vids: CHOCOLATE!!! My favourite..thank u thank u Parth…said Vids looking at the chocolate with twinkling eyes…

Vids started unreapping the chocolate and eat it like a maniac…she was full of chocolate all around her mouth just like a baby…Parth started laughing at her and when Vids threw him a questioning look he indicated her that she was full of chocolate…..Vids smiled awkwardly and begin to wipe her mouth but she was still full of chocolate all over her mouth and even on her nose…Parth seeing her struggle came and took a handkerchief from his pocket and wipped the chocolate off her face…they both kept starring into each others eyes and were very close to each other…their breaths were blowing on the other one,s face….after sometime they composed themselves…Vids blushed at their proximity while Parth felt a little awkward..

Vids: Thank u for the chocolate and the handkerchief…i ll wash the handkerchief tmrrw and i ll return it to u clean…said Vids while taking the handkerchief from Parth s hand.

Parth: Hmmm baby…it seems u really love me a lot if u took this excuse of washing my handkerchief just to see me again…said Parth winking at her..

Vids: WHAT!!! Shut up….stupid!!! Of course i dont love u…ur just a BEAST…said Vids smirking…and then both of them burst out laughing….Parth kept looking at Vids laughing face and as if he was enchanted with her….he without even knowing came close to Vids and put his hands on her waist and pulled her thouards him thus making her crash on his chest…Vids eyes widen with shocked and she just looked at him…

Parth: U are so beautiful…u are like an angel baby…ur MY angel…when im with u it feels like BLISS…said Parth resting his forhead on her head and inhaling her vanilla scent then placing a long kiss on her forhead in which he pourred all his love…Vids blushed hard and put her eyes down and hide her face in his chest…she felt an electric current run down her spine when Parth kissed her forhead and circuled his strong arms around her small waiste…his kiss was so pure and full of love that Vids legges started shaking and she would have probably fainted by now if Parth s arms werent holding her in his sweet yet strong embrace…

Vids: Hmmm…Parth??? said Vids pulling herself from his embrace…

Parth: Yes babe…

Vids: How on earth did u have chocolate with u ? Not that im not gratefull to you for it…but it seams kind of wired to me…i would have understood if u were a girl coz we kind of carry with us sweets and make-up and all that in the purse…but u ??

Parth: Hahaha…ur funny princess…so what do u say that we boys cant love chocolate as much as u girls ? said Parth teasingly..

Vids: No…i…hmmm…i mean that isnt as common as in girls case…offf…for Gods sake im just trying to make some conversation with u coz i dont think we will leave from here till morning…i guess we wont have power till next morning coz its already 2:30 am…

Parth: Chill baby doll…i was just playing with u…and to answer ur question i happened to have the chocolate with me coz i have a low blood sugar and thats why i sometimes take some sweets with me….

Vids: WHAT????!!! Parth why didint u tell me…shit…im sorry Parth….im so stupid i ate all the chocolate…omg Parth what will we do if u get sick…said Vids all panicked…

Parth: Wooowww babe…shhhh…its ok dont panic…nothing is gonna happen to me…im fine…i am not sick…its just when i have a hectic day i just eat some sweets…it doesnt even happen everyday…chill babe im ok…

Vids eyes were by now a little watery and Parth came and took her in his embrace kissing her eyes one by one and pecking the top of her nose while smiling at her concern…Vids blushed and snuggled closer in his embrace smelling his collogne and clutching his shirt with her tiny fists while Parth s hands rested on her waist pulling her closer to his chest….and both of them welcomed a peacefull sleep in each others healing embrace.

This is the chapter guys…hope u enjoyed reading it…thank u


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