IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 16 – Locked together.

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Chapter 16 – Locked together

Vids got off the cab and entered her boutique where her employees were already there. Vids greated everyone and they all started working. Vids went to her cabin and started designing so dresses while her friend and co-worker Kaustoki entered with a cup of coffee.

Kaustoki: Good morning boss…here is ur coffee mam

Vids: Kaustu how many times did i tell u not to call me like this…we were friends befor i hired u to work in my boutique.

Kaustauki: Sorry sorry Vidu..u know im just playing with u…i wanted to cheer u up a bit…i know ur sad coz of Sanyu.

Parth also got out of his cab and now he was looking for Vids. He saw her entering her boutique and now he didnt know what to do.

”Parth ur such a mess…this girl turned u up side down…now what are u going to do ?? U will wait for her to finish her work and then what? Again u will follow her ?” said Parth mentally slapping himself. I guess i ll wait for her…coz i wanna apologise in person for that kiss which i gave her without her permission…said Parth trying to convince himself that he has a good motive to stalk her.

Back in the forest, in Sameer s den:

Rana and Rehan started to go near Sanyu and touching her, while Rd was angrely screaming at them to let her go. Sanyu was crying and trying to not let herself touch by those miserable men.

Rd: Let her go NOW…..dont u dare to put ur filthy hands on her…

Both Rana and Rehan started laughing at Rd and again they went near Sanyu and trying to touch her. When Rana went en touched Sanyu s cheek Rd couldnt take it anymore…he broke the handcuffed with which he was tied and then he started beating both the men fouriously…Rd was blind by his anger he wasnt thinking straight coz by now both the men were down in a pool of blood but he wasnt stooping…he was still punching them till he heard her voice..

Sanyu: Rd stop…pls stop ur killing them…pls its not worth it…leave them Rd!!!

Rd stopped all of a sudden and looked at Sanyu…her hazel orbs met his dark ones and soon Rd relaxed a bit and went to her leaving the two men who by now were more dead then alive.

Rd: Sanyu are u ok…said Rd engulfing her in a hug.

Sanyu: Yes im fine…thanks to u…said Sanyu looking in his eyes and again the world stopped and they kept staring into each others eyes…their eyes said it all…they both were starting to fall in love with each other but they just dont realise it yet.

Rd untied Sanyu s rope from her hands and leges and helpt her to get on her feet.

Rd: Sanyu we have to get out of here befor Sameer comes to check on us…so can u walk ?

Sanyu: Yes Rd dont worry i can endure some more pain just to escape from here…but are u ok ? Look at urself Rd ur full of blood…those bastards hitted u a lot…said Sanyu with a concern voice looking at Rd face which was swollen due to punches and his chest was full of scratched and blood was visible all over his hands and shoulders.

Rd smile a bit at her concern and placed a small kiss on her forhead…Sanyu blushed hard and put her eyes down…Rd took her hand and started walking in the direction of the door to get out of there as fast as they can.

Vids shop:

It was getting dark by now and Vids along with her employees were working in full speed…they were almost done with the order that they were supposed to deliver tmrrw and all of they were relieved. The clock stricked 1 am and fortunatelly they were done with all the work so Vids told them that they are free to leave and she will arrange all the stuff in boxes and will close the shop. Vids and Kaustauki were the only one that remained in the shop to finish the packing. After the boxes were done Vids told Kaustauki that she can leave and take some rest.

Vids went to take her purse to leave the shop when she remembered that Anju told her to call Ankit or Vardhan to come and pick her up…she went to take her call put she saw her phone was swiched off coz it run out of battery. Vids took her charger but when she plugged her phone the electricity in the shop went of.

She cursed her fate but nevertheless she stood up so that she will try to find a taxi on the way coz he was to tired to stay in the shop till the electricity will came again. As she went to open the shop door she panicked when she saw that the door wasnt opening….but it then stricked her that coz of no electricity the door must have jammed due to power cut coz the door was connected to the alarm sistem and it opened automatically.

Vidu i guess u have to stay here till the power comes again…uff today was such a hectic day and now i cant even charge my phone or open a stupid door coz there is no electricity….Kill me now someone…said Vids in her mind trowing her purse in anger.


Vids froze in her spot when she heard the sound.

Vids: Who is there? Come out or i ll call the police..

Parth: Easy baby doll….its me…why the hell did u hit me with ur purse ?

Vids: Parth??? What the hell are u doing here? How did u got in coz the door isnt opening.

Parth: Well i got in the moment ur friend left the shop and at that time there was electricity…said Parth casually.

Vids: Uff if it wasnt enough that im stuck in my shop in the middle of the night without a phone and electricity u also came around…could this day be more bad? Do u have a phone ? We have to call for help.

Parth: Baby i might look stupid but im not…u think i wouldnt have called someone till now if i would have had my phone? Im trying to open ur damn door from five minutes befor u arrived and started blabbering to urself and trowing ur purse at me befor i had the chance to speak up and tell u im here.

Vids: Uff i hate u…why the hell are u even here in the first place ?

Parth (smirking): No baby u dont hate me….u love me…and the answer to ur question is that i just wanted to appologise in person for how i reacted the last time we met.

Vids: Oh…i see…its ok i forgave u and by the way thanks for the rose it was really sweet of u….my BEAST…said Vid smiling.

Parth: My pleasure princess….so now what we will do?

Vids: Nothing…we have to wait here till the power comes again so that we can open the door….i guess we are locked together.

Parth: Hmmm locked together…i dont mind being locked with such a beautiful woman…i ll definitly enjoy it..said Parth winking at Vids.

Vids: Stop right there mister Casanova…or i ll punch u in the face.

Parth: Hmmm the kitty has opened her claws…i like it…said Parth smirking.

This is the chapter…i tried to make it longer…hope u enjoied it..pls do comment and thank u all for reading…


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