IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 15 – Beautiful im coming to get u

Hey my lovely readers…im back with another chapter as i promissed…this is like a mixt chapter with vidarth and other characters…hope u will like it…pls do comment and share ur views…it really helps me to continue writting…love u all and thanks for the support.

Chapter 15 – Beautiful im coming to get u.

Parth pov:

Its been a day since Rd went after Sanyu and i didnt get any sign from him…i hope they both are ok. Me and Yoyo are back again in front of Aggarwal mansion coz we have to keep and eye on Ankit and his dad…well i cant deny that this is the best thing Rd could ever think of coz now i can see my beautiful princess all day and coz i have Yoyo with me thats in my advantage too coz Ankit will not leave the house till his sister wont be home sound and safe and Yoyo can keep an eye on him and i can follow my baby wherever she goes…well done Parth ur so smitten by this girl that your willing to abandon ur mission…wow great…just great…i should punch myself befor Rd comes back and beats the shit out of me if i mess up the plan…well done Parth…but what can i do i just cant help falling for her…she is so beautiful and kind, yet so strong and full of life…every men will be glad to have her by his side.

Aggarwal mansion:

Author pov:

Maya and Anju were in kitchen preparing breakfast (remember i told u that Vardhan and Maya along with their two kids are staying in Aggarwal mansion till Sanyu will be back safe and sound).

Anju: Maya dear u pls finish the breakfast i ll just go to wake Vids up coz she has to go to work. Since Sanyu s kiddnaping she neglected her work and its not ok.

Maya: Sure aunty dont worry i ll manage.

Author pov:

Maya started preparing the breakfast and she was trying to get the coffee from the above drawer but her hands didnt reach it…she was forcing herself to get the coffee when she felt herself lifted up in the air….when she looked behind she saw her handsome hubby smiling at her with a silly pout.

Maya: Vardhan what are u doing? Put me down right now…what if aunty came and saw us this way? Or worse..what if uncle came? Put me down u shameless.

Vd: Babe stop scolding me…aunty and uncle were young and in love once as well so they get me…said Vd winking at Maya…and caging her waist with his both hands and dragging her closer.

Maya: Hmmm so my hubby is in the mood of romancing..said Maya circuling her arms around his neck and the very next moment she stomped on Vd fit.

Vd started shouting and imediatly removed his hand from her while Maya started laughing at him.

Vd: Well done wify i didnt see that coming…but u ll pay for it…trust me…said Vd smiling at her.

Maya: Bring it on hubby.

Author pov:

Everybody came down for breakfast. Anju and Maya were serving the food. Vd and Ankit were talking about Sanyu and what to do further coz they cant call the police and Kishore was playing with Maya and Vardhan kids. The two kids really got the miracle to make Kishore smile with their inocense coz since Sanyu was kiddnapted he was always seriouse and sad. The kids, Sana and Abhi were so full of life that they enlighten the atmospher in the house, Abhi was 6 years old and Sana was 5 years old. Vids also joined them for breakfast coz then she had to go for work. She graduated at an Art and Design Faculty and now she was running her own boutique in the center of the city. She loved making clothers and accessories and she was really good at it and thats why in a short time she managed to have a great variaty of clients that felt in love with her creations. Her bussines was running very well and clients kept on coming and praising her work. But since Sanyu was kiddnapt she kind of neglected her boutique and now was time to return coz she had a lot of clients who were waiting for their orders. It was a busy period for her coz she had a lot of orders to fullfill and that means she has a lot of dresses to design along with the matching accessories.

Vids: Aunty i have to go now coz i dont wanna be late…i have a lot of orders to fullfill today…i ll see u all tmrrw coz we will stay to work whole night coz we really have to send an order and the dead line is tmrrw.

Anju: Ok sweety but if u finish the order quickly give Ankit a call so that he can come to pick u up…i dont want u to come alone in night ok?

Ankit: Yes Vidu pls call me ok…after what happen to Sanyu i dont want u walking alone and specially at night ok?

Vids: Yes aunty dont worry i ll be safe all my stuff will stay in the shop to work so i wont be alone and bro dont worry if we finish early then next morning i ll call u to pick me up dont worry…said Vids smiling.

Vardhan: Vidu befor u go pls take this pepper spray with u…do it for my sake ok…i ll feel a little better if i know u have one of these…i even bought one for Maya and Sanyu…to Sanyu i ll give it to her when she ll be back with us…said Vardhan with teary eyes.

Vids: Ok bro i ll take it but pls dont be upset ok…said Vids hugging Vardhan and kissing his cheack. Vardhan smiled at her cuteness and kissed her forhead.

Maya: Vidu sweety here is ur lunch…make sure u eat it or i ll scold u ok?

Vids: Thanks sis…dont worry i ll surely eat it…u know how much i love yours and aunty food..

Kishore: Vidu dear pls be carefull ok sweety and call Ankit or Vardhan to pick u up if u finish work at night ok…said Kishore trying to hide his nervousness and his teary eyes.

Vids: I promise i ll call Ankit or Vardhan bro ok uncle? Now pls smile ok?

Kishore smile a bit in assurance and Vids grabbed her bag and went out of the house. Vids got out of the house and started to look for a cab. Parth who was in the car with Yoyo saw her and millions of butterflies started roaming in his stomach. Parth told Yoyo to stay there and keep an eye on Ankit till he will follow Vidushi. Yoyo asked why he was going after Vids coz their priority was Ankit and Aggarwal but Parth fooled him by telling him that Vids plays a major role in their plan coz after Sanyu she was the most important person for Ankit, which was entierly true coz Ankit was capable of anything for his both sisters. Parth followed Vids and when she got in a cab he too went for one and started going after her.

Parth: Beautiful im coming to get u…said Parth with a big smile on his face.

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