IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 14 – Kidnapped…again

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Chapter 14 – Kidnapped…..again:

Sameer men took SanDhir with them on gun point…Sanyu was clenching Rd arm and he entangled their finghers assuring her through his eyes that he wont let anything bad happen to her…Sanyu was by now sheeding tears and Rd clenched his jaw in frustration coz he cant do anything to save her….After some good minutes of walking they finally arrived at
Sameer den…

Sameer: Rana tie them up well…especially Rd…we dont want our guests to escape before we give them a treat…dont we?? Said Sameer smirking…

Rana: Dont worry boss i ll take care of them..

Author pove:

Rana came and dragged Sanyu away from Rd and tied her with a rope on a chair and then came and punched Rd in his stomach and took him near a pipe and hungcuffed him there. Both Rana and Rehan, the other man of Sameer started beating up Rd…he screamed between the punches…Sanyu started crying and begging them to stop beating Rd…She was so terrified when she saw the blood oozing out from Rd mouth and nose. Rd couldnt defend himself coz he was tied up and he was bearing all those punches and was looking at Sanyu horiffaying and crying face and their eyes met…both of them saw pain in each other eyes..pain for one another…Rd felt helpless not because he couldnt save himself from those bastards but because he couldnt protect Sanyu and she was blaming herself for getting them both in this situation…she was hurt when she saw Rd all beatten up it was like she was the one that was getting all the hittings…after those men beat Rd badly they left them in that cold chamber till their boss decides when they ll kill them…Rd was so betten up…he had his lips and nose fool of blood…his cheaks were red and swollen due to punches…his legges and arms were full of bruises and his abs were full of scratches and blood was visible seen on his shirt. Sanyu was still crying and not because she was in pain fizically coz she was also hurt on her leg and hands…but she was crying coz of Rd pain…she somehow started having a soft corner for her handsome kiddnaper…thinking about it a small smile crept on her lips…and with glittery eyes she turned to Rd who instantly lighten his face when he met hers…it was something about Rd that attracted her to him…and for the love of God he kiddnaped her…but it was something about him that made Sanyu feel protected…its like she was seeing love and concern for her in his eyes which is insane concidering the fact that she is in all this mess coz of him in the first place…they both kept looking in each other eyes feeling eachother pain and concern. It was an unknown feeling that brought them close to each other again and again.

Rd: So miss i guess u are kiddnapted…again…said Rd trying to lighten up the mood…but his eyes betried his inner feelings coz u could see his dark orbes were like fire by now…he was feeling useless coz he couldnt protected her.

Sanyu felt his concern and knew he was blaming himself for their situation…

Sanyu: Yeah i guess i am but this time my first kidnapper its also in the same situation as me…so Rd i guess my curses got to you faster then i thought…said Sanyu trying to make Rd to not blame himself for it…

Rd looked down and a small tear dropt from his eyes…he turned his head so that Sanyu couldnt see it but too late coz she already saw…

Sanyu: Rd pls dont blame yourself…its not ur fault…ok!!!

Rd: Im sorry Sanyu…im sorry for everything…im sorry for kiddnaping u in the first place but trust me when i say that i have really strong motives for doing not a criminal…i had to do it….i had to kiddnap u…

Sanyu was shocked by his confession and was confused by his words also…how can a kiddnaper be a good person??? She was mentally asking herself..

Sanyu: Rd pls tell me why u have kiddnaped me..pls i need to know…

Rd: I told u miss…the one that we want is ur bro Ankit…and we knew how much he loves u and thats why we kiddnaped u…we wanted to blakmail him to do some work for us in exchange of ur freedome…

Sanyu: What work Rd? Is it something illegal?

Rd: Yes and no….look miss i cant tell u anything further but trust me im not a criminal…the circumstances made me do this…

Before Sanyu could say anything further, Sameer entered the room along with Rana and Rehan.

Sameer: Rana , Rehan tonight we will finally make our greatest buisness and we will be loaded with money…tonight we will make our biggest drug delivery and we will get a lot of money but first we have to get rid of this two…i dont want any trouble in my business tonight and i have a feeling this two can ruin the deal if the ppl with whom we made the deal see them her…the drugs are here in the same room so kill them withouth letting traces….understood??!!

Rana: Yes boss dont worry we will take care of them.

Sameer: After it gets dark get this two out and kill them and bury them in the forest…dont take them out now coz its still light outside and i dont want anyone to find their bodies so soon…so after it gets dark kill them…now u can all have a treat from my side coz we got a big deal…i got u all some wine and beer…enjoy said Sameer smirking at Sanyu and Rd who were terified by their talks…

Rana: Thanks boss…and dont worry ur work will be done.

Both Rana and Rehan started drinking like it was the first time they ve seen alchool in their lives…in no time they got themselves wasted completly..

Rehan: Rana what do u say bro u want some fun before we get this two out of this world? said Rehan eyeing Sanyu and smirking at her..Rd saw it and clenched his jaw and bold his fist guessing their dirty thoughts…

Rana: Why not bro…i guess we deserve a little distraction…we worked so hard…said Rana winking at Sanyu…What do u say doll? Want to play with us?

Both the men started approcing Sanyu with lust in their eyes…They started touching her face and hands…Sanyu started crying and begging for her life..

Rd: Dont u dare to touch her u filthy bastards….said Rd fumming in anger and frustration.

Rana: And what are u going to do about it pretty boy? said Rana laughing

Rehan: Hahaha u poor bastard….u cannt do anyting to stop us so u better shut ur mouth or i ll kill u right now and then i ll enjoy myself with your woman.

Both the men started laughing at Rd helplessness and started getting near Sanyu again…

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    Btw….. love the scene…. where sanyu started to fell for rd…& the eye lock scene……

    1. Thanks a lot dear for ur support…ur comments really encourages me to keep writting….yes dear Rana is that man that wanted to kill Parth and Rehan is the son of the man Renuka married if u remember he was somehow Rd stepbro and he even kidnnaped Sanyu so that he takes revange from Rd…these all happend in season 1 🙂

    2. Ya remembered….. the one who put sanyu in car and set bomb in it….. seriously scary scene that was… side sanyu’s life was in danger and another side… he was torching randhir….. how can one forget that bastd….. I was so scared while seeing those episodes……

    3. Yeah dear thats the one…and indeed it was a scary scene.

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