IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 13 – She is the right person in the wrong place

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The sun raises go throught out the enormous trees and fall on Rd face. He is the first one to wake up. He turns his head and sees Sanyu sleeping with her head on his shoulder. Rd takes a strain of hair and stucks it behind her ear. Sanyu wake up by his touch and they both have an eye lock. They are really close to each other their lips are inches apart and their breaths are caressing each others faces. Their trance is brocken by some little birds that fly from the near by trees. They feel some how awkward and they both look in the opposite direction not meeting each others eyes. Finally Rd decides to speak so that he can lighten the admosphear.

Rd: Miss come on we have to go back home..

Sanyu: Yeah lets go…said Sanyu trying to lift herself up but due to the pain on her leg she looses her balance and its about to fall down when 2 pairs of strong arms wraps around her waist and supports her. She has her eyes closed anticipating a rough meeting with the ground….but to her surprise that didnt happen and she was again safe in his arms…again the magic around them makes all the surroundings like a fairytale and they are both again lost in each others eyes….Sanyu has her hands on his chest and Rd holds her waist with both his hands preventing her from falling….their moment is again disturbed but now they hear some men talking…

Sanyu: Rd u hear that? Come on we have to see who they are maybe they can help us get out of the forest….said Sanyu trying to get away from Rd hold..

Rd: Miss are u nuts?? said Rd tightening his grip arownd her waist and pulling her more close to him…

Sanyu looked at him with confused eyes…

Rd: Miss do u remember what happened yesterday when u heard some voices and went to see if u get any help? said Rd raising his brow….

Sanyu(hitting her forhead): Oh shit…Rd do u think they are the same men which we saw yesterday?

Rd: I donno miss but i prefer not to take risks

Sanyu: OMG Rd but they are criminals…they can kill us in a blink of an eye…we have to hide…said Sanyu with a horror look on her face…

Rd: Chill miss…let me think what we can do…ok we have to hide coz the voices are coming closer to us…come on lets go there behind that tree…

Rd took Sanyu by her hand and they both hide behind that tree…Sanyu was so terrified that she hugged Rd with all her force and he just hide her in his protective embrace. Those men were coming closer to them and Rd heard a familiar voice but he wasnt sure who that person was….then it striked him and he could only utter one name…Sameer…

Sanyu looked at him and asked: Rd u know those men?

Rd: Yeah miss i know them very well…pls be quite ok…they are really dangerouse men….shit why it had to be him? said Rd frustrated gathering Sanyu closer in his arms…

Sameer: So u guys took care of the body well? And i hope noone saw u when u killed that poor bastard…said Sameer smiling

Rana: Yeah boss dont worry we took care of all the things…

Suddenly Sameer noticed some movements behind the tree where Sanyu and Rd were hiding and alerted his me…Sameer and his men surround SanDhir and pointed the guns at their heads…

Sameer: Well, well, well, who do we get here? smirking at them…isnt this my all times enemy….mister Randhir Singh Shekawat….and who is this gorgeous lady right here??
Hmmm Rd not bad at all…she is smocking hot…

Rd cluttched his jaw and thighten his arms around Sanyu…

Rd: f**k off Sameer…dont u dare to even look at her coz i swear i ll kill u…and just get going with ur work and let us go…said Rd boiling with anger…

Sameer: Hmmm see Rd i cant do that coz im sure u heard our little talk so u understand that i cant take this risk so i ll have to kill u both…said Sameer smiling..

Sanyu was trembling in Rd arms and buried her face in his chest and a few tears came out of her eyes…

Rd: Look Sameer u can take me and do what ever u want to me but pls im requesting u…pls let her go…

Sameer: No way i can not believe it…the great RSS is asking mercy from me and that too for a woman…interesting…well from what i can see bro i ll have to dissapoint u but this pretty lady will come with us too…she is the right person in the wrong place…said Sameer smirking widely…


  1. Super episode…. well written…. btw that sameer that mcp wasn’t the one who was engaged with sanyu in season one….. exited for new episode of yours but bad luck it’ll be on the end of next week….??
    I wish next week go fastly…. so i can read and imagine what would happen to sandhir….. eagerly waited for next ff…… plz post sandhir one for next time… I want to know how randhir save his princess/ his wild cat…..???

    1. Thank u so much dear…ur comments make my day…thank u for ur lovley words…and yes Sameer is the man Sanyu was supposed to marry in season 1 🙂 next part will be with sandhir promise 🙂 and i ll try to post two parts in the end of next week so that i can make it up for not posting the whole week…and i ll post one part with sandhir and one part with vidarth 🙂 it will be like a thank u for both of the fans…Thanks a lot Pia for ur sweet words 🙂

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  3. It means double fun…… seems interesting…… ‘ll wait for it…. actually not ‘ll wait but have to wait…???
    Eager to know how RSS became the enemy of sameer, randhir aur sameer ke bich kya smjhota hua tha and how he would save sanyu from sameer’s trap.. ….
    Even wants to know vidhushi’s feelings after that kiss??….
    to be true… you made sandhir scene more interesting then vidharth….

    1. Im glad u like it dear 🙂 i ll do my best to not dissapoint u and to live up to ur expectations 🙂

  4. nice epi dear…im egarly waiting for next chapter.

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  6. Hey Anda…sorry 4 late comment…
    And as always the story was so gr8 dear..luving it more n’ more..sandhir were awezom dear…eagerly waiting 4 next week to see our vidharth too…luv u so much…wanna know Hw will Rd and sanyu’s escape from that sameer….and how vidhu will be reacting to parth…
    See u next week…

    1. Hey dear…no need of sorry 🙂 im glad u commented and read the ff…im glad u liked it and i hope u ll like the further story as well…love u too and thank u for the wonderful comment…it means a lot to me to have all ur support…thank u 🙂

  7. I am a silent reader of ur ff.. and a sandhir fan too… but i liked the last vidharth episode a lot and sandhir episodes are just wow….. u r doing a great work anda and ur recent episodes have acted as an incentive for me to comment and appreciate ur work…. i am loving reading this ff since u posted the chapter when sanyukta escaped…. keep posting as u get time … waiting eagerly for ur upcoming chapter… u create a kind of suspense in the end as to what will happen now and then readers eagerly wait for ur next post, thats just amazing…… thanx for the ff…. great chapter again………… waiting for the week to end….

    1. Wow dear ur comment really left me speachless…thank u so much for ur lovely words and im very glad u commented and expressed ur view it really encourages me to keep writting…pls do comment from now on…i really like reading all your comments….and thanks again for appreciating me…it really means a lot to me that you all are liking my ff so much…i never expected such good respons coz its my first ff….so thank u again for ur lovely words 🙂

  8. Nice chapter dear pls continue.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting dear 🙂 im glad u liked it 🙂 thank u.

  9. Hii Anda i just wanna say that ur an amazing writter and i just love ur ff.
    Im a big fan of SanDhir and VidArth and i miss VidArth in the show so ur ff its like a treat for me to read and also im missing SanDhir romance in the show and when i read ur ff its like im seeing the old SanDhir again. Keep up the good work….u are amazing.

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    1. OMG princess i so missed u…im glad ur exams are over im sure u rocked them glad u liked my ff sweety…love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lot and miss u…if u have time come on mails so that we can chat ok??? just mail me when ur u…muuaahhh

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    1. Hey dear 🙂 unfortunatelly my problem isnt fixed yet 🙁 but dont worry as i promissed i ll put 2 chapters…one tmrrw and one on sunday 🙂

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