IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 11 – Your BEAST

Hey guys im back with another chapter…this chapter is dedicated to all VidArth fans…the next two chapters will be dedicated to all SanDhir fans 🙂 thanks for ur support…pls do comment and share ur views…pls even the silent readers im kindly requesting u all to share ur views coz its motivating me to keep writting…from last two parts i didnt got a good response and i was a little dissapointed…pls tell me guys if u dont like the ff so that i can change it or stop writting it coz im making a great effort to try to post the ff as soon as im a little free and its really dissapointing when i see so less respons from u guys…thanks again and i hope u ll enjoy reading this part…

Chapter 11 – Your BEAST…

Parth: Easy baby doll…dont be so agressive….said Parth smiling

Vids: How dare u come in front of me after helping in my sister kiddnaping ? U beast…. said Vids with an angry look

Parth: Look miss i think u should lower ur volume coz im starting to lose my patiance…

Vids: Yeah im so scared…said Vids mocking him…I just cant imagine why God permitts men like u and ur friend who kiddnaped Sanyu to even exist on earth…U both are a disgrace to humanity…u all are only criminals who dont have the right to live…And to top it off ur trying to flirt with me…yuck i cant never put my eyes on a disgracefull man like u..beast…beast…beast…u are just a beast…noone can love u…BEAST….

Parth was losing his calm…he boled his fist and gritted his theets but tryed to remain calm…

Vids: U know what if i were ur mother i would have been ashamed of myself for giving birth to a man like u…said Vids spitting out all her venome full of hate for the persons who hurted her best friend..

Parth couldnt keep calm anymore and took Vids in his arms and pinned her to a wall and kissed her hard pouaring all his frustration in that kiss…he kissed her with all his force and due to that he hurted her wrist coz he was helding her thightly…realising what he did Parth stood aside and looked in Vids eyes…she was almost crying and her beautiful eyes were glittery now due to the tears and her rosey lips were swollen due to the harsh kiss…

Parth: Im sorry i didnt mean to hurt u…and im sorry i reacted this way and kissed u…

Parth tried to move forward and touch her but Vids started running…Parth went after her…Vids crossed the street without looking where she was…a car was coming with full speed…Vids froze at her spot…Parth was shocked…

Parth: Vidushiiiiiiii !!!!

Parth run as fast as he could just like he was running for his own life…he caught her waist and they both felt on the near by sidewalk with Parth on top of Vids.

Parth: Baby are u ok ? U can open ur eyes now…your safe

Vids opened her eyes and saw Parth looking lovingly at her…they were lost in each other eyes….Vids was clutching Parth shirt in her hands and Parth was hugging her on ground…after some moments their eyelock was broke by the continous horns of the cars that were passing by…they both composed theirselves…

Vids: Thank u…

Parth: Parth…my name is Parth

Vids: Thank u Parth…

Parth: Ur welcome…ur ok ?

Vids: Yeah im ok…

They both started feeling a little awkward coz of the past events and their unexpected kiss…

Vids: I need to go now…i have to go back to the store again coz due to the running and falling when u saved me all the sugar which i brought is laying on the ground…said Vids pointing at the street which was coverd with the white sugar…

Parth: Oh im sorry let me buy u another one…

Vids: No its ok…i ll buy it…and its not ur fault coz if it wasnt for u now maybe i would have been in hospital or worse…

Vids went back in the store and Parth went away coz Yoyo must have been looking for him by now coz its quite long since he left their car…and he has to keep an eye on Ankit too…

After buying the sugar Vids came out of the store and was heading back home…a little girl came in her way…

Vids: Hey sweety are u ok ? Ur lost or something? Do u want me to call someone for u ?

Girl: No didi…and this is for u…said the little girl smiling and giving Vids a white rose and a note…

Vids: But who gave u this? She asked confused…but by then the little girl run away…Vids looked at the beautiful rose and smell it…she took the note and started reading it….” Im really sorry for how i reacted…i shouldnt have kissed u…pls forgive me…pls dont juge me and my friend so hard..things are not what they look in the first place…Im sorry – your BEAST”.

Vids smiled big time after reading Parth note and Parth who was watching her from the car was also smiling inwardly…


  1. good one anda… i enjoyed it alot… such a beautiful story

  2. Its awesome dear…ur an amazing writter and VidArth scenes were mindblowing….pls dont stop writting…it was a wonderful epi…it was like i was seeing a movie…

  3. MyrcellaStark

    I think I’m so hooked to your concept of Vidarth that I keep checking to see if there’s an update everyday. Happiness is a Vidarth chapter though!!
    Awww this gave me such beauty and the beast feels. Especially because she called him a beast and then he gave her a rose. Roses are just. I adore roses because they are apparently supposed to be an expression of love. And Parth’s crush on Vidu is the sweetest. The kiss was in the heat of the moment and intense. Woahhh.
    And Vidu feeling all flustered and almost getting hit by a car. Omg this was a brilliant and fast paced chapter. And I loved the fact that he gave her an apology. That he also gave her somewhat of an explaination instead of just thinking that he has the full right to do what he wants with her. The respect and concern he has for her makes him even more s*xy.

    And yaar what I’d the deal with Ankit? What did he do now?? Did he kill someone? Betray someone?

    I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next Vidarth update!

    Let me tell you a secret
    I write too. I and I can totally understand how less comments make you feel.
    But the trick is to keep writing because you love writing and because you started the story. It’s your baby. Enjoy writing. I know for sure that when you love your writing things like reviews and votes are secondary.

    All of us would be so upset if you don’t continue this.

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  14. very nice.this story is similar to my love story.really awesome.refreshed my memories once again.thank you so much

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