IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( Sadda Haq ) Chapter 21 – Bol do na zara…Dil mein jo hai chippa.

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Chapter 1 : Sanyukta graduates from law school. All her family supported her always. She has the dream to become a successful lawyer just like her father. Kishor and Anju love their daughter beyond everything. Ankit is the brother of Sanyu and loves her more then anything. Vidushi is the best friend of Sanyu, she is like her sister. Vids lives with Sanyu s family since she was little after her parents died in a car accident and Kishor and Anju adopted her. Ankit loves his both sisters a lot and can do anything for them. Vardhan is like a son to Kishor, he is also a lawyer working in the office of Kishor. He and Maya are married and have two kids, Sana and Abhi. this is the like for those who wanna read it.

Chapter 2 : Sanyu and Vids are at the graduation party of Sanyu. The dean held a party for the fresh graduated students. Entry of a strong, handsome yet misteriouse man who kiddnapts Sanyu. link to full chapter.

Chapter 3 : Sanyu is kidnapt and Vids tries to run after her but she is stopped by one of the kiddnapers….Parth. Parth tells her to not go to the cops coz Sanyu will pay the consequences. It is revealed the man who kidnapted Sanyu is Randhir Sing Shekawat. Sanyu and Rd argue in Rd s car. He takes her somewhere in the forest where he has a bungalow. This is where Sanyu will be kept. link for full chapter.

Chapter 4 : Sanyu is tied to a chair. She mets the other members of Rd s gang : Jiggy, Yoyo and Sahil. Rd and Sanyu again have a confrontation. Parth also comes and Sanyu starts warning him that she ll kill him if he did something to Vids. Parth is smitten by Vids beauty and without even thinking he tries to get info about her from Sanyu who starts cursing him. Rd calls Kishor and tells him about Sanyu being with them. link.

Chapter 5 : All the family is worried for Sanyu. Vardhan and Maya come to Aggarwal house. link.

Chapter 6 : Vardhan and Maya find out about Sanyu being kiddnapt. They decide to remain in Aggarwal house till Sanyu comes home safe and sound so that they can give their support to the family. Kishor is like a father for Vd and Maya who were both foster kids and when they entered law school Kishor took them under his protectiv arms. Second meet of VidArth. Parth kisses Vids cheek. Sanyu wakes up in Rd s room. She is no longer tied on a chair. link.

Chapter 7 : Sanyu manages to escape from Rd s house. Rd is angry and also very scared coz Sanyu run through the forbidden part of the forest. Some funny conversation between Rd and Parth coz Parth wasnt getting Rd s irony. link.

Chapter 8 : Sanyu walks aimlessly in the forest. She hears a gun shoot. Rd is worried for Sanyu. link.

Chapter 9 : Some sweet family time in Aggarwal family. Rd goes in search of Sanyu in the forest. Third meet of VidArth. Vids puts Parth in his place with her arrogant answer. link.

Chapter 10 : Sanyu witnesses a murder and now she is terrified. Rd finds Sanyu and they share some romantic moments in the forest trying to escape the men that Sanyu saw murdering someone. link.

Chapter 11 : Story moves to Vidarth s meeting. They argue and in the heat of the moment Parth kisses Vids on the lips. After gainning her composure Vids runs from there and almost gets hit by a car but Parth saves her in time. They share some romantic eyelocks. Parth apologises for the kiss through a note and sends a rose to Vids as an apology. link.

Chapter 12 : SanDhir are in the forest. They share some romantic moments. Rd takes care of Sanyu s woonds. They tease each other playfully and spend the night in the forest. link.

Chapter 13 : SanDhir wake up in the forest. They share some romantic moments with each other. The goons that killed the man in the forest are looking for SanDhir. The boss of those goons is non other then Sameer, Rd s enemy. Sameer and his goons find SanDhir and take them to Sameer s den. Rd tries to protect Sanyu from Sameer. link.

Chapter 14 : SanDhir are taken to Sameer s den. Rana and Rehan ( the men of Sameer ) trie to misbehave with Sanyu and Rd protects her but gets beatten up in the process. In this chapter both Sanyu and Rd start developing feelings for each other. Rd tells Sanyu that he was forced by the circumstances to kidnap her and that he isnt a bad person. Sameer plans to kill SanDhir. link.

Chapter 15 : Parth and Yoyo keep an eye on Ankit by watching Aggarwal house. Some romantic scenes between Vardhan and Maya ( Varya ) in the kitchen. Vids owns a butique shop and she has to go to take care of her bussiness. Kishor, Ankit and Vardhan instruct her to be carfull. Parth follows Vids to her boutique. link.

Chapter 16 : Vids gets to her boutique where she meets her friend Kaustuki. She works with Vids. Parth is so in love with Vids that starts blabbering to himself coz he actually followed her till her work place. Rd beats Rana and Rehan for misbehaving with Sanyu but he also gets hurt in the process. Some SanDhir eyelocks. SanDhir escape from Sameer s den. In the night Vids is the last one to leave her shop put due to a power cut she isnt able to open the doors which are functioning with sensors. Parth enters her shop just befor the lights go off so now they are both locked together. Some funny and romantic scenes between VidArth. link.

Chapter 17 : In the process of escaping Sameer s den SanDhir find some boxes full of drugs. SanDhir romance along with some cute fights. Befor escaping from Sameer s den, Rd burns the drugs and Sameer vows to take revenge from him for the lost that he sufferd due to the drugs that Rd burned because Sanyu pleaded him to not let all those drugs to go on market and killing inocent ppl. VidArth are still locked together and they share a lot of romantic moments. Vids starts caring for Parth and gets hyper when he tells her that he has some health problems. link.

Chapter 18 : After walking for hours throught the forest SanDhir finally reaches Rd s house and due to tierdness and coz of loosing a lot of blood in fighting with the goons Rd collapses on the ground in front of the house. Sanyu calls the boys to help her, they call the doctor to check Rd. He tells Rd will be all right but he has to take rest and be on medication coz he has pretty bad woonds. Sanyu promisses to take full care of him. After cleanning Rd s woonds Sanyu felt asleep besides him. Rd has a bad dream in which he calls out to his mom and Sanyu tries to calm him down. She asks to herself what Rd s dream was about. Sanyu starts to develop feelings for Rd. In Vids shop some thieves try to break in coz they wanna take advantace that the power is cut. Parth manages the situation well and beats the thieves saving Vids and her boutique. VidArth s emocional scenes and some romantic moments too. link.

Chapter 19 : VidArth succeed in getting out of the shop. Parth takes Vids home and asks her for a date and she accepts. VidArth s cute and funny conversation over the phone. Sanyu takes care of Rd and they share a lot of romantic moments. Sanyu prepairs some soup for Rd and makes him eat it and then he also make Sanyu eat some food. SanDhir have some funny and cute argument over the food. Rd tease Sanyu coz she is wearing his clothes. link.

Chapter 20 : Vids prepairs herself for her date with Parth. Parth drolls over her big time saying she looks beyond beautiful. Some cute and funny romance between VidArth in which Parth beggs Vids to give him a small kiss on the cheek. Parth takes Vids to a beautiful place for their date and arrange a romantic dinner for them and also makes a promis to Vids that he will alway be by her side. VidArth s romance and they share an intense kiss on the lips, a kiss full of love and care. Sanyu is in kitchen washing the dishes and Rd comes to her and hugs her, they share some romantic moments together which leads to Rd giving Sanyu some love bites. Sanyu dressed Rd s woonds and they again share some intimate moments. Sanyu then helpt Rd to get to the bathroom and when he came back she helpt him to get in the bed and in the process their lips brushed against each other making them almost kiss. link.

So guys this is the recap for all the chapters and now lets begin the new chapter. Enjoy reading and pls share ur views.

Chapter 21 – Bol do na zara…Dil mein jo hai chippa…

VidArth s date:

Parth and Vids shared their first love kiss and now both of them are feeling like they are in heaven. Parth cant take his eyes off of Vids and Vids is all red and blushes like a bride on her marriage day.

Parth: Baby are u hungry….i also brought some food for us?

Vids: Yeah sure, Parth lets eat.

Parth hold the chair for Vids like a true gentleman and Vids thanked him with a smile. They both started feeding each other lovingly. Beeing somewhere on a beach and having a romantic candle light dinner, Parth thought to make the atmospher even more romantic so he put some music on.

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun hahi
Wapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaau kahi

Vids: Omg Parth…i love this song…said Vids closing her eyes and feeling the music with a big smile on her lips.

Parth gets up from his seat and walks over to Vids…he bents down and forwards his hand to her.

Parth: Baby, would u do me the honour to dance with me ?

Vids (with a big smile and twinkling eyes ) : I would love to baby.

Parth takes her hand and twirls her in his arms…

Dekha jabse hai chehra tera
Main toh hafto se soya nahi

Parth pulls Vids towards him and slow dances with her. She puts her head on his chest listening to his heart beats which compliments the beautiful song on which they are dancing. They are in their own fairytale.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chippa
Main kissi se kahunga nahi

Parth lifts Vids in his arms and twirls her around making her giggle.

Randhir s mansion:

After bringing Rd to his room Sanyu went to bring Rd s medicines coz it was time he had them. In the process of getting the medicines from the night shelf Sanyu droped them and they went under the bed.

Sanyu: Uff…im so clumsy

Rd: Dont worry Sanyu i ll get them.

Sanyu: Dont u dare to come out of bed Rd…i ll get them…said Sanyu with a threatening look..

Rd: Yes baby…said Rd lifting his arms up in defeat

Sanyu went under the bed fully and tried to get the medicines but they were between the bed and the wall so when Sanyu reached her hand to grab them, her wrist got stuck there.

Sanyu: Ouchhh..

Rd: Sanyu are u ok ? asked Rd a little concerned.

Sanyu: Rd im stuck…said Sanyu with a baby voice and making a cute pout, which made Rd chuckle in return.

Rd: Dont worry baby im coming….said Rd trying to control his laughter.

Sanyu: Hey bad boy….u better not laught at my situation coz im going to rip off all your bandages in your sleep…remember im the one who dresses your woonds…said Sanyu with a smirk.

Rd ( gulped in fear ): Yes maam!

Sanyu: Good boy…now get me out of here!

Rd: This woman, God….is driving me crazy…on one side calls me bad boy saying this is my nickname and now is calling me a good boy like im some little kid who got a lecture from his mother for being naughty…for Gods sake im RSS and here i am fearing about the threats of some little lady, which is half of my statue and weight….well a gorgeouse and smart lady i must say…ohhh snap out of it Rd…your so whiped out dude.

Sanyu: Rd what the hell are u blabbering there…come help me.

Rd: Nothing baby, im coming…go job Rd…just great…note the sarcasm…you are really sweeping her off her feet…NOT.

Rd went under the bed and when he tried to reach to Sanyu he was mesmerized by her. She was struggling to take her hand out of the bed and the wall and she was so concentrated in doing so that she didnt realise that her shirt went up revealing her slim waist. Rd kept looking at her figure and drooling over her beauty. Her legs were so long and slim and her waist was almost inviting him to touch her.

Rd: Control Rd, control…said Rd while trying to get his senses back.

Rd went to Sanyu and took her wrist in his hand sending shivers in both their bodies and finally managed to help Sanyu getting her hand out of there. Sanyu gave Rd his medicines and then went down to kitchen to finish the cleaning which remaind incomplet due to Rd s previouse romantic mood.

VidArth s date:

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chippa
Main kissi se khaunga nahi

Parth and Vids kept dancing and feeling the music, they totally forgot about the surroundings and in the next second….SPLASHHHHH.

Both Parth and Vids were now drenched in water. They lost their ballance and now they fell in the lake nearby.

Vids: Parthhhhhh!!! Im gonna kill u !!! U ruined my dress. We were dancing so nice….and now…said Vids screaming like a baby.

Parth: Oh shit…im sorry baby…actually i was so mesmerized by your eyes, lips, it was so good to feel your body pressed to mine….that i completly forgot we are near the water…im really sorry…but you are messing with my brain baby..seriously…you are driving me crazy….said Parth a little frustrated and passing a hand through his hair…after a few seconds of silance Parth realised what he just said and that too out loud and now is cursing himself in his mind. He lifts his head to look at Vids, who by now had a victorous grin over her face.

Vids: So mister Kashyap im making u that nervouse??? Said Vids batting her eyelashes and running her fingher over Parth s chest.

Parh: Yes ( wishpers Parth )…i mean NO…NO

Both Parth and Vids started laughing and looking lovingly in each other s eyes.

Vids: This is the perfect date ever…thank u Parth…said Vids while placing her head on his shoulder.

Parth: Anything for you princess…said Parth kissing the top of her head.

Rd s mansion:

Sanyu was finishing the dishes and cleaning when on tv started the song Bol do na zare.

Sanyu: Oh i love this song…its mine and Vidhu s favourit song…oh i miss her so much. Sanyu started slow dancing to the song while moping the floor.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chippa
Main kissi se khaunga nahi

She puts the mop down and twirls arround landing in someones arms.

Sanyu (widening her eyes): Rd you are again out of the bed. I told u too take rest.

Rd: And missing all the fun…said Rd with a smirk.

Sanyu (stummering): U watched me dancing? All of it-ttt!!

Rd: Yeeep….and i must say u have a great movement of hips…said Rd winking. Sanyu burried her face in his chest and blushed while Rd chuckled at her inocence.

Rd: So miss Aggarwal will u do me the honour of dancing with this clumsy guy ?

Sanyu: I ll be glad to show u some class…said Sanyu grinning.

They both started slow dancing with each other. Rd twirled Sanyu in his arms and pulled her thowards him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he circuled his arms around her waist.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chippa
Main kissi se khaunga nahi
Main kissi se khaunga nahi

While the song was finishing Rd lifted Sanyu up and slowly bringing her down they both were lost in each other. Rd moved closer to her face and now their lips were inches apart. Sanyu closed her eyes while Rd cupped her face with one hand while the other still rested on her waist pulling her thowards him. She had her hands on his chest slightly pulling his shirt in her tiny fists out of nervouseness.

Yoyo: Rd brooooo!!! How are u doing ?? All good??

Both Rd and Sanyu departed from each other and were looking awkwardly to Yoyo. Yoyo bite his tongue and slapt his forhead coz he realised he interuppted them.

Rd: All good my foot Yoyo!!! screamed Rd…just get out befor i ll shoot u…glared Rd at the poor man who by now was running through the door like Speedy Gonzales…

Rd: f**k!!! couldnt he waited a little more befor storming in??? im so gonna make him pay for this….said Rd frustrated.

Sanyu giggled a little and escaping from Rd s arms run upstares.

Rd (smiling like a love sick puppy ): Oh dude, you are so whiped out…im feeling pity for u…this girl will totally mess with your mind…hell, i dont give a damn..i like this feeling to much to stop and i like her to damn much to let her get away from me, come what may…

So guys this is the new chapter. I hope u all enjoyed reading it and this was my first time writing a chapter with a song in it so i hope i did it ok and didnt bored u all…take care guys and see u soon.


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