All I need is you: Chapter 4 (Last Chapter)

All I need is you :Chapter 4(Last Chapter)

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Both Aditya and Zoya were having their breakfast.. It was still raining heavily outside.

“You could have become a great chef… You cook so good chiku! “…Zoya chirped.

Adi smiles.. But was upset due to Zoya’s such a casual behavior with him..” Why doesn’t she confess…does she thinks I’d deny?… Of course not baby.. How can someone reject you ever… I think I should be straight with my idea..I can’t be away from you for any longer..All I need is you Zoya”..he thinks while eating.

Zoya picks her plate and keeps in the wash basin.. “And you know  …you could have been a great actress ”

he says coming from behind.

“really ” she  laughs

“yeah… You are so good at it… Especially hiding emotions “…he says apparently.

“What!? “…she says going out.

“You know that very well…. “..Adi pulls her in his arms”…why don’t you admit now that what you feel for me… You never did that before.. I understand.. But why not now..??”…his words made her eyes brim with tears …probably her words came out from her eyes.

“Zoya… Say it please.. I’ve been dieing to be with you every second since last 10 years…I LOVE YOU..  I know you love me too.. If you didn’t why would you celebrate my birthdays more joyously than yours?… Why would you cry for me..? Why would…..”

“You read my diary… ” she interrupted

“Not the diary.. It was me for you since long.. “..

She pushed him away.. And went out.. “Zoya… “he calls before following her.

“How could you.. ”

“that isn’t important.. Important is.. I love you.. I admit.. You love me.. But we aren’t together.. Because you don’t admit.. “..Zoya’s heart skipped a beat listening to his words.

“Yes.. I do.. I love you.. I don’t know since when.. But I  did.. I do and will always love you.. But…I don’t worth you…It.. Its just… I don’t know……You are too cool.. And I am so boring…we don’t have any future ..”

“Zoya.. ” he couldn’t stop but laugh.. “You are crazy.. Who told you that you are boring… ”

“Of course I am.. Cool is football.. That you play and I play that boring basketball.. “..

“Stupid… Basketball isn’t boring okay… And ask me you are the coolest girl I know… Not only that….the hottest and the cutest… ” aditya says kneeling in front of her where she sat… “I know all this could be very sudden I am sorry but not sorry.. I need to tell you how much I love you.. I’ll go day after tomorrow probably ..but I want you to come with me… Zoya …he placed his hands on the sides of the chair Zoya smiled looking at him and hugged him tight. Adi was crossing the heavens one by one… He lost balance and they fell with zoya on his chest.

“Aditya… “..he laughed.. She slapped his nose with her forefinger laughing and layed on his chest ..both closed their eyes in each others warmth.. Their faces showed contentment.

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Aditya was sitting the side of the glass window watching the rain with his legs spread on the long sofa type alongside the window.

“Coffee ” Zoya says forwarding a mug.

“Thanks “..he kept both of their mugs on the table at the side.. she sat in front of her..

“Uff… Now behave like a girlfriend ”

“how should I behave like a girlfriend?”

“You have such a strong guy for you and you are troubling that seat.. “..he held her hand and directed her to siton his laps… He covered her with his arms and Zoya dug her head in his neck. She sighed with comfort.

“Its feels so good in your arms “..she says kissing his cheek.. He looked at her and kissed her forehead. They lock their eyes before giving into a long chain of soft and passionate kisses.


hey ya… That was it… This one wasn’t very interesting but I wanted it to end like this.

thanks to all those who liked and commented till now.

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