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This is the prologue to my new story. If you like this, I will start writing just after finishing the one I am writing now, my wife. Again no guarantee for the name of FF. Hopefully I will continue with it alone.
So guys, we all know how Yuvani got married. To be Frank, I accepted such a marriage only because it was our Yuvani. Because both were cheated and forced respectively. But it was needed in the story to prove the moto of our serial. But still it wasn’t right na? Pratima, Punkaj and Soumya together cheated Yuvani. To an extent Yuvraj was also to be blamed, because it wasn’t nice what he did. Getting close to Suhani to impress Soumya, it wasn’t a good.
But what if it was the other way around. Like what if it is like yuvraj fell for Suhani and everyone misunderstood it was for Soumya? And by taking the lead, if Soumya fell for Yuvraj, then what would happened? How will the three tackle it? Will Suhani fall for Yuvraj??
Guys, this is a funny thought which came into my mind, if you find this interesting, I will write on this plot.
Please share your views regarding this.
Love you

  1. Like it.please start working on it

    1. Yuvani

      sure dear, thank you

  2. Hi Anjaly.. Love your idea.. Plz do continue.. But I didn’t get one thing- you have asked “will Suhani fall for Yuvraj” while we all know that she fell for him before marriage.. So what does that imply?

    1. Yuvani

      oops, I am sorry dear, that was a mistake, well my usual mistake of skipping words. It was supposed to be “how will she”, and came out as “will she”. Sorry for that.
      Thank you dear

    2. that’s ok dear, it happens.. I still didn’t get it.. she has already fallen for him, so I didn’t get the point.. 😀

    3. Yuvani

      not like that dear,it isn’t serial based, assume that she didn’t fall for him at first, like in serial, to get close to his love, he becomes friendly with her friend. just reverse suhani and soumya

    4. wow.. that’s gonna be interesting.. looking forward to it..

  3. ItsmePrabha

    exciting and interesting..looking forward to it…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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