I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 25

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hi guys.. thank u so much for ur support guys…

Hi guys..
A 2 days later..
Arnav and khushi shifted to india..
She was welcomed by nani with an aarti..
Anjali: finally u completed that course.
Khushi: yeah..
nani: freshen up and come to breakfast.
Arnav: ji nani..
Arnav and khushi left to room..
Khushi enters the room and finds it neat.
Khushi: wow mr raizada. The room is very neat. I didn’t expect this much neatness from u.
Arnav: thank u..
Khushi: it is the same.
Arnav: yeah. See that side.
Khushi sees the photos of Diwali and the kaurachauth were hanging on the hall.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: very cute..
Arnav: ok. we will freshen up and go down
Khushi: ok. I am joining today..
Arnav: what. I thought we can.
Khushi: we can?
Arnav: ok leave it. get ready for the hospital.
He leaves to wash room upsetly..
Khushi: what happened to him? arrey bhuddhu. Spend some time to ur husband also na.wait for my surprise mr raizada. U will be spellbound by the surprise. This is khushi kumara gupta’s promise to u..

Arnav and khushi leaves to their respective work of place…

At the other side at raman’s house.

At ishra’ room.
Ishita was impatiently waiting for raman to tell the news. She was walking while bitting he rnails.
Ishita: what will I do? how will I tell? I will gice him a surprise. But how? God please help me.
Meanwhile raman comes in..
Raman: hi ishu.
Ishita: hi raman.
Raman: what happened?
Ishita: nothing raman.
Raman: come on. I can see in ur face. do u need to tell me anything?
Ishita: no.i wanted to ask u that.
Raman: what.
Ishita slowly takes steps towards him and reaches him.
Ishita: what if a person says I love u to me?
Raman: r u in senses? Have u drank something.
Ishita: no.say me na.
Raman: I will hit him blue black.
Ishita: what if I love a person more than u?
Raman: what? Ishu u didn’t even say me. u love someone? Not me?
Ishita controls her laugh.
Ishita: yeah. I love someone.
Raman gets somewhat shocked but learns she is playing some game.
Raman: who is it? tell me.
Ishita: I will tell u raman relax. close ur eyes.
Raman closes his eyes.
Ishita takes raman’s hand.
Ishita: I don’t know how u will take this but I want to say u that..
Raman: come on yaar.
Ishita keeps his hand on her stomach.
Raman realizes what she meant.
Ishita: close ur eyes.
Raman obeyed.
Ishita: a new person is entering between us. a person whom we both will love him/her unconditionally raman and he will love us to in return. A baby of ours raman. I am pregnant. u r going to become a father.
Raman hugs her tightly.
Ishita smiles with teary eyed.
Raman: can I open my eye.
Ishita: yeah.
Raman: thank u ishu. He kissed her forehead.when did doctor told u?
Ishita: just 1 hr ago.
Raman: I am so excited. U know he will pay with us a lot. he will be with us. I will pamper him a lot such that he will tell him I am the best papa.
Ishita smiles.
Raman: we will inform them. come.
Ishita and raman came down but gets shocked to see the show in front of them.

Sanskar was helping swara with kneading the dough where it was clearly seen that he was romancing with her.
Ishita does hiccups.
Sanskar and swara realizes and goes to them.
Ishita: u know u should stop this when there are kids like us in front of us.
Sanskar: oh come on yaar. when will I get time. U know he is thankgod sleeping. He doesn’t let to romance also. always he is being with swara.
Raman: don’t tell me that u r jealous of him?
Swara laughs.
Swara: he is…
Sanskar looks poutingly..
Raman: we want to tell u that.
Ishita looks down..
Swara: what happened ishu?
Raman: its time for a new person to come into our family.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: congrats…
Sanskar hugs raman and swara hugs ishita.
Swara: another member. It will be superb cool.
Ishita: haan. We can let them both bond as a close brothers.
Raman: hwo do u know he is he? It may be she also na.
Ishita: no it is he.
Raman: she.
Ishita: he.
Raman: she.
Sanskar: omg. Enough yaar.
Swara: ok . I will do some sweet. U wont do any work.
Ishita: I cant be like that yaar. we will share the work.
Swara smiles.
Swara: ok. come on go and take rest now..
Ishita: hello ?
Swara: what mrs bhalla. go an dtake rest. This is my time to show u how u all did to me.
Ishita: revenge?
Swara smiles.
Raman: I don’t need to worry swara is there.
Sanskar: hello raman. even though there are more people she will come and torture u only.
Raman: why?
Sanskar: this is the basics yaar.
Swara twists sanskar ears..
Swara: basics. Will show u what is the basic is..
Sanskar: bachow..
He starts running and swara starts chasing her..

Meanwhile akash starts crying from the room.
Swara runs upstairs sensing him crying.
Swara: oh crying ah baby.
She takes him In her arms..
Swara: don’t speak to ur papa. He is very bad.
Sanskar: what type of wife r u teaching the child like this?
Swara: tell me akash. Who u like the most?
Akash: mumma.
Swara smiles winningly and does faces to sanskar.
Sanskar: ok. go champ. Be with ur mother itself.
He goes to leave.
Akah: papa…
Sanskar smiles.
Akash leans to go to sanskar from swara.
He takes him in his hand and starts making him laugh.

They had a good family time..

At the other side after finishing her duty. She comes out of the hospital.
She excitedly taker her car and phones arnav..
Arnav: what khushi?
Khushi: arnav, I need u to come to this place as my friend wanted to meet u. he is with me now. will u like to join?
Arnav: sure. I will be there.
Khushi: ok fine. bye.
Khushi cuts the call and leaves to that place..

Arnav came there lazily as he doesn’t have nay idea of his wife’s plan.
The place was of a garden restaunt which was fully decorated by lightings..
He came inside and gots shocked to see khushi wearing a long gown with full hand adoring her face with a little make up and with a long jewellery with her hair straightened and loose.

He was completely shoced as he doesn’t know that his wife is this much beautiful.
He walked slowly towards her taking small steps. While entering he could see a boar made of flowers telling” I love u arnav”
Arnav smiled at it.

He walks towards her.
Khushi smiles at him.
Arnav: what is this?
Khushi: a surprise. So now we play a game. I am arnav and now u r khushi . ur clear.?
Arnav: whats got into ur mind?
Khushi: wait and see mrs raizada.
Arnav: oh yeah mr raizada. Let me see.
Khushi smiles and holds his hand and takes him towards the table pulls the chair and make him seat.
Arnav: oh. Thank u.
Khushi sits In the opposite chair.
The food was placed on the table already.
Khushi was sittign idly..
Arnav: what serve the food?
Khushi: u should serve khushi..
Arnav: oh. I got it..
Arnav served him and khushi and they start eating.
After eating arnav and khushi both sits.
Khushi sighs and gets up from her chair and goes towards arnav.
Khushi: will u come for a dance.
Arnav gets shocked.
He gives her his hand and gets up..
Khushi was trying to match his height and dance such that she becomes arnav. but no..
Arnav was silently admiring her cuteness.
Khushi tries to twirl him around. Where she slips due to slippers and he catches her before falling.
Arnav: can we do the right thing now?
Khushi nods.

Arnav makes her straight and dances with her. they then finishes the dancing and sits in a bench in the garden where khushi was leaning up on him by shoulders.
Khushi: I wanted to spend time with u khushi.
Arnav: but what can I do I have my own job. hospital patients.
Khushi: yeah. Even I am not able to concentrate on u as even I have office.
Arnav: for me my hospital is first.
Khushi: for me ur the first. Next is others.
She holds her palms on his face and cups his face.
Arnav: what r u doing arnav?
Khushi: I want u khushi. I want u for the whole life.
Khushi leans towards arnav and kisses him.
Arnav gets shocked.
He realized.
Arnav: arnav never does like this. this is cheating.
Khushi: what?
Arnav: this is not me , I wouldn’t have don’t like this for sure.
Khushi: then what would have u done
Arnav : I would have.
He pulls her closely by holding her waist.
And moves slowly towards her but khushi slightly pushes him and runs away winking at him.
Arnav goes behind him and they leave back to raizada mansion..

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    ishra going to be parents.lovely scene.arshi confession..dance….eye lock. .everything was romantic. khushi’s look was nice. swasan akash scene was funny

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    awesome dear

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