I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi, ishra and swasan) epi 2

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The next day. Khushi had a holiday. She was feeling very relaxed and was walking on the road.
Khushi: wow superb climate.
After walking some distance she sees a crowd.
She goes there and sees a boy was hurted an dbleeding.
Khushi: what r u doing here?admit him in a hospital.
One man: hey girl it is a police case.
Khushi: don’t u have shame to speak like this. seein a life suffering.
She picks the child and stops a car.
The person in the car that is arnav slids down the window.
Arnav: what u want.
Khushi: please drop me to hospital. He is bleeding.
Arnav: I am going for a meeting.
Khushi: hello mister. Drive the car fast. She sits in the back seat and ties the boys wounds with towel.
Arnav: how dare u?
Khushi: hello. Sir . think about a life sir. How can u think like this. drive fast. If it were ur family members in the position like ur child or ur mom dad or dadi. U will do like this.
Hearing this arnav got angry but didn’t react.
They both reach hospital.
Khushi gets the stretcher and puts the boy in it and takes her bag and gives arnav rupees.
Khushi: think that u have done a driver job to me asu resisted a service even in this critical situation. she leaves.
Arnav gets angry more.
He was about to shout but she leaves inside the hospital.
He then goes to his meeting.

Khushi meanwhile saves the boy.
She contacts the boy mom and informs her and then leaves the hospital.
Khushi had a smile when she left the hospital.

Raman phones ishita.
Raman: hi ishu!!!
Ishita: hi ravan kumar bhalla. She laughs.
Raman: u r getting naughty now a days yaar.
Ishita: u don’t know about me??
Raman: already I am having a devil in one side now another ah?
Ishita:oh I am an devil ah mister raman kumar bhalla?
Raman: no yaar u r my sweet devil and khushi is my arrogant devil.
ishita: oh I will say to khushi.
Raman: I am struck between u both. She makes kid of me saying she will tell to u and u saying that u will tell to her. not fare yaar. I am an innocent struck between.
Ishita: oh ok. u r innocent , I should believe.
Raman: yes.
Ishita: ok . then .
Raman: u tell.
Ishita: nothing much to tell.ok will speak to u in night . bye.
Raman: bye.

Khushi goes to meera house.
Khushi: hi ma
Meera:. I hided a thing from u khushi.
Khushi: what ma.
Meera: ur parents came here searching u yesterday
Khushi: what?
Flash back……..
A women and a man came to meet meera and was sitted in the office.
Meera was shocked to see garima and raj.
Garima: Namaste mam.
Meera: Namaste.
Garima: do u remember me?
Meera: of course yes.. ur parents ok khushi only na? no u r not parents ok khushi. U r the one who throwed her saying she is a sin na. tell.
Raj: we r sorry mam for that. can u please tell us about my daughter. Can u give us back her.
Meera: she is been adopted sir.
Garima: what? But how can u give her when we r alive.
Meera: and how can u give ur daughter to an orphanage when u r alive. It is our rules mam. Whom ever come here. if they get a good parents we will surely send them.
Raj: who r they? Where r they?
Meera: sorry sir we r not supposed to reveal the matters to anyone.
Raj: please mam. i request u.
Meera: she is been adopted by raman bhalla.
Raj: raman bhalla?
Meera: yes and we have lost the contact with khushi from when she got adopted.
Garima: ok thank u.
Raj and garima leaves.
Flashback ends………
Khushi: why u told about raman.
Meera: sorry …
Khushi: leave it ma. they should feel pity that how much ever they pulled me down I have gone height. I am happy for myself.
Meera: ok come and have samosa.
Khushi: where is aisha and Yadav?
Meera: both are at room studying.
Khushi: ok mom.
After sometime she leaves to her home

The next day…
At night.
In raizada mansion.
dadi slips and falls down from the last step of the stairs.
Dadi calls in pain.
dadi: anjali. Arnav.
Arnav and anjali rushes and takes her to the hospital..
Arnav: I want the best ortho of ur hospital now to treat my nani..
Receptionist : I am sorry sir. She now only left. 15 mins ago. Her name is khushi .
Arnav: call her. please. I want her to treat my nani.
Receptionist calls khushi.
Khushi: ok I am coming.
Khushi again drives her car back to hospital..
She comes in and is shocked to see arnav.
Arnav: u? what r u doing here. please I don’t have time to argue . I am itself waiting for doctor.
Khushi: ok mister . even I didn’t come to argue. I am the doctor u r looking for. I am khushi. Ok . I will go inside and tell em what happened.
Arnav: she slipped in the last step of stair case. She couldn’t walk at all.
Khushi: ok I will take care.
She goes inside the emergency ward.
She gets teary eyed.
Khushi: nani.. she whispers to herself.
Khushi: hello I am khushi. Where do u feel pain?
Dadi: in my legs.
Khushi: ok we will take an x ray and see.
Khushi calls the nurse to take her to the x ray room and take x ray.
After x ray reports.
Khushi: call arnav inside.
Arnav comes inside.
This time khushi spoke in a diff tone . she spoke to arnav as she already knows him.
Khushi: arnav. she have a air line fracture and i gave her a pain killer and it is advisable for u to take her tomorrow morning from the hospital.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi: and give these tablets regularly and u should bring her 3 days once to change the plaster.
Arnav: doctor will u come and change the plaster in our house and give her physio?
Khushi: ok. I will come and u should not make her walk and ask her to take bed rest.
Arnav: thank u and how u know my name is arnav.
Khushi thinks she get caught.
Khushi smiles and says.
Khushi: ur dadi told .ok fine. I am going to my room. If anything call me.
Arnav: u r not going to home.
Khushi: no. I will take a leave tomorrow by being in night duty.
Khushi leaves to her room.
Khushi sits in her chair.
She cries.
Khushi: I am so happy that I met u all after a long time. I missed u nani.why ur daughter is not like u. I don’t know how much happy I am seeing u nani. I missed u a lot. But I wont show u that I am ur granddaughter. I don’t want u to learn anything about me.

  1. Kumud

    Cute finally met her granny superb

  2. Raman and Ishu phone conversation are so cute.
    Arnav and Khushi argument and tell Arnav that child’s life is important like his own family.
    Aww…Arnav still annoyed with Khushi. Arnav dadi fell down and rush her to hospital but did not know the same hospital and doctor. To his surprised that the lady that he argue is his doctor and did the treatment. Khushi recalled Arnav word and knew who he is and still missed Arnav nani.

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u parichary

  3. Jasminerahul

    arshi meeting was superb.arnav like any common man n khushi really cares 4 others’ health n life.nice dr.again arshi meeting as khushi becomes dadi’s dr.cool.Khushi is Arnav’s dadi’s daughter’s daughter?i’m confused.r arshi cousins?why khushi’s parents r enquiring about her now?ishra were cute

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u jasmine rahul, yeah arnav and khushi both r cousins.. will know about why khushi’s parents are searching her will be revealed in upcoming episodes

    2. Jasminerahul

      but cousins r siblings in North

    3. Akshaya.123

      i dont know really about that yaar. sorry. in south we will say them as mora maman and mora ponnu(in tamil language). so i thought to show them in a diff way. sorry i really didnt know north culture that much , sorry…

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