Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal accompanies Akbar for hunting

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The episode starts with Akbar in the court. Akbar wanted to know what happened to the ministers. Vijay says he has ousted them from country. Akbar decides that now Birbal will take up the responsibility of the ministers. Vijay argues that Birbal is a newcomer, how he will take up the responsibilities of the ministers. Akbar says Birbal put his life at stake for the subjects, no one can take up any responsibility better than him. Birbal reaches the court late. Vijay questions Birbal why he is late. Birbal says he is not used to wearing such heavy jewelry, and also comes from a distance. Vijay counters that duty is duty. Akbar orders that from today, Birbal will live in this palace. He orders Vijay to give him instructions of his new duties. Vijay was unhappy but Akbar did not hear anything.

Vijay shows the palace to Birbal. He tells Birbal to now go in kitchen and take care of meals of Akbar, Vijay, and Maharani. It is his responsibility to take care of Vijay’s wishes. He now takes Birbal to accomplish a task which remains undone for years. He brings Birbal into a dusty room. He says it’s a one month task. Birbal has to arrange the files and papers here and stack them well. He promises to lend Birbal a good room around the store. He must complete this task in one month anyways. Birbal looks around as Vijay leaves.

Akbar was walking in the gardens with Sheikhu. Vijay comes to Akbar. Akbar looks around and asks for Birbal. Vijay says he has given him a task, it will take him least one month to complete it. Akbar says he is the one to decide; and walks inside to take Birbal. Birbal comes to Akbar in the corridor and says he has completed the task. Vijay was in a disbelief as he sees all files and registers stacked well on shelves in the room. Birbal tells Akbar that he divided the task in Daasi and workers and told them to find some important legal files. They all did the work for him. He has also promised a gift for them from Akbar’s side. Akbar was happy with the work and promises to give him the gift. But first, Birbal must accompany him for hunting.

An old man speaks to his subordinate that its time to oust Akbar from the court. He gives him a few instructions to attack Akbar and wait for his next orders.

In the forest, Akbar says it is their third day and they could not find a single hunt. He orders his men to spread around in search of a good prey. He speaks to Birbal that his friend’s Karwachot matter was well resolved. Birbal appreciates the courage of his friend, people cannot handle a single wife and his friends has two. Vijay comes there in panic and announces they have lost Sheikhu. Akbar was angry at Vijay. Birbal asks which way Sheikhu generally go for hunting. Vijay says he goes towards the north, mountains. Birbal offers to look in the opposite side. They find Sheikhu on a high tree. He tells Akbar that he climbed out of fear of a lion’s roar. Birbal takes Akbar’s permission. He tells Sheikhu there is a black cobra behind him on the tree. Sheikhu was terrified. Birbal says there is space from where Sheikhu might come down the tree. Sheikhu jumps for his life. Akbar tells Birbal he has multiple enemies but Sheikhu is the biggest. Vijay warns Akbar against Maharani’s temper, as they had come for two days and it’s third day now.
Back in the palace, Akbar and Sheikhu peek from behind the door as Maharani sat fuming in the room. Sheikhu was unwilling to go inside. Akbar requests him to at least be his shield today. Akbar spots a cat in Maharani’s hands. He asks what she has done to his Changez. Maharani asks if he lost his brains on hunting. His Changez sits there.

Sheikhu sits besides Maharani. Tara Bai signals Akbar of missing him. Maharani was also quizzical. Akbar replies twice for each question.

Talukma (Dancer) was in the court, afraid of a fly. She backs up to hit Birbal. Birbal warns her to stay vigilant in time, else there is no limit of depths. Talukma says she isn’t afraid of any depth. Birbal is an expert in hunting hearts along with animals. Birbal says if she would thank him now so he can leave. Talukma teases if he would not leave otherwise. Birbal walks away.
Akbar’s enemies plan against him.

PRECAP: A disabled man comes to the court and pleads Akbar justice as someone deprived him of his leg. Akbar was ready to punish the culprit. The man holds Akbar responsible for his condition.

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