Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal finds the culprit

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The episode starts with Sheikhu begging on a roadside. Sultana giving Maharani instructions for proper floor cleaning and Akbar dusting the fans. The royal announcer comes to tell Akbar get off the throne. Akbar screams in agony. They were near the jail. Maharani tells Akbar that soon she will be with Sheikhu behind bars. She has mixed Jamal Ghota in Sultana and Fazl Khan’s feed, and also left a confession note. Soon, guards of Faras will bring her to jail with Sheikhu. Akbar relied on Birbal now.

There in Fazl Khan’s room, Birbal tells Lal Langot that he found a proof now. It was Fazl Khan who sent Sultan from the court by whispering something in his ears, and then Trilokma after him. He wanted to see Faras flag on Fatehpur’s royal palace. Lal Langot says this means Sheikhu was trapped by Fazl Khan. Birbal says no, Sheikhu was not trapped by Fazl Khan. If Sheikhu hadn’t gone to the room, even then the attack was confirmed. They hear Fazl Khan’s cries.

In the dining room, Fazl Khan struggled to breathe. Birbal sends Lal Langot to bring the doctor. Fazl Khan utters few last words warning Birbal that Sala Khan wants the throne, he must be cautious of him. He dies, froth oozing out of his mouth. Sultana also comes there and finds Fazl Khan dead. She also finds a letter near the platter. Maharani had written, ‘Sultana Begum, I confess of mixing poison in her and Sala Khan’s food’. Sultana says not even Birbal can save his Maharani now.

Akbar was shocked to know the food had been poisoned. He asks how dare Fazl Khan eat the food meant for Sultana. Is not it a disgrace. Kamran says they had intrigued Fazl Khan to eat that food. Vijay explains they wanted to turn Sultana against Fazl Khan. They did not know who mix poison. Sultana comes there.

Birbal and Lal Langot were in the room of attack. Birbal spots a copper wire attached to the base of spear machine. He leads to the other end, explaining Lal Langot that copper wire is used to earth the current. This one was tied to metal rod of the window. When there was lightening, the copper wire conducted electricity to base of spear machine which was filled with gun powder. It was ignited and a spear was launched towards Sultan.
Sultana tells Maharani soon after the crowning ceremony of Sala Khan, not a queen but a normal woman will be in jail with Sheikhu. She invites everyone to be a part of crowning ceremony. They must enjoy last few minutes of this luxurious lifestyle. Akbar sits besides Maharani holding her hand. He says nothing has ended. A man goes in state of prayers when the world pushes him to floor. Until Birbal is alive, Akbar Birbal stories remain.
Trilokma comes to the room and call Birbal. Birbal asks Trilokma what Sultan told her about this spear machine. Trilokma says he brought it as a gift for Akbar but first wanted to inspect it. They wonder who then suggested him to gift the spear machine. Birbal says the one busy in crowning of Sala Khan, lets go and make her accept her sin.

Outside, there was thunderstorm. Sala Khan comes with Sultana dressed as Akbar. Maharani taunts that Sala Khan will not become a king only by wearing Akbar’s dress. Sultan Nigahbakhsh was brought to the court. He apologizes to Akbar and tells Sultana to stop… Akbar interrupts that he gave his words to Sultana. Sultana demands Akbar to give up his crown. Sala Khan was excited.

Before Akbar could place his crown on Sala Khan’s head, Birbal interrupts. Birbal says before crowning, they present the new king with gift. Birbal orders his men to bring the spear machine. Sala Khan was quizzical. Birbal says the gift is incomplete right now. A copper wire is also a part of it. He now tells Lal Langot to connect the other end of copper wire to the neutral copper wire of palace. Birbal fills the spear machine base with gun powder. He turns the machine towards Sala Khan. Sala Khan asks Sulatana what they are upto and leaves the stage. Birbal says Sultana might not know there was an eye-witness when Fazl Khan’s food was being poisoned. He turns the machine towards new position of Sala Khan. Sala Khan changes his place again and tells Sultana he thought it was salt, and mixed poison in Fazl Khan’s food. Birbal asks if he killed Fazl Khan? He had lied because there was no eyewitness. He changes the direction of machine again. Sala Khan changes his position again and tells Akbar to do the crowning. Birbal asks Akbar to first take his place. Sala Khan happily takes the seat. Birbal demands Akbar to do some drum beating and celebrations. Sala Khan tries to hide behind Akbar again. Birbal again changes the direction of machine to Sala Khan. He was now furious. He runs to Birbal and grabs his collar. He asks if he wants to kill him. If the lightening hits the copper wire, it might release the spear and can be dangerous for him. Everyone in the court was shocked. Birbal says Sala Khan’s game ends.

PRECAP: A man comes to court and announces of being able to send one person to heaven. Akbar asks how this is possible. Kamran says this is possible. Akbar announces that Birbal will go to heaven.

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