Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal gives clever suggestions to Akbar

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The episode starts with Birbal enter the court in front of Akbar, all dressed up in fancy clothes. Akbar answers his greetings and thank him for accepting the ministry. He orders a courts man to present the royal sword of Birbal and thaal of tilak. Birbal accepts the honorary.

One of the court men announces the arrival of a guest. Vijay says he must tell him to come after a while. Birbal asks Vijay if he is thirsty now, would he drink water in the evening. Shekhu interferes that he does not only have water in the evening. Birbal tells Akbar that whenever his subjects have a thirst of justice from the king, they must be allowed in the court. Akbar orders to send Lakshmi Chand, the guest inside.

Lakshmi Chand says a lot of his precious jewels and money has been stolen from his house. He has brought three men who work at his house, one of them is a cunning thief. One of them is Mohanlal and is a cook, the other one is Nathu Lal who works for cleaning. Shekhu intervenes that it seems the second one is used to cleaning and cleaned the safe. Akbar takes Vijay’s consent. Vijay guesses that none of them is a thief. Akbar gives Birbal his turn. Birbal says he does not know. He says he knows a Gardabraj Maharaj who can detect the thief, the only condition is that Lakshmi Chand must give ten coins. Lakshmi Chand agrees. Akbar calls the donkey Gardabraj Maharaj in the court. It comes with Lal Langot. Changez was offended that a lion sits easily, while a donkey provides justice. Birbal announces that Gardabraj will go behind a curtain, each one of them take their turn, remove the tail of donkey and shout “they did not steal”. The practice begins. Akbar now asks Birbal to inquire the donkey who the real thief is. Birbal requests that Vijay must ask the donkey about thief. Vijay was offended and questions strictly. Birbal objects he is not a criminal. Akbar now orders Birbal. Birbal politely speaks to Gardabaraj. Gardabaraj points towards one of them. Birbal walks to Mohan Lal and says he is the thief. Mohan Lal asks how he can be, he did not even pick up his tail. Birbal says they had applied black paint on the donkey’s tail, the other two have the paint on their hand. They at once recognized Mohan Lal did not comply with orders and was caught. Akbar orders the arrest of Mohan Lal and orders to return Lakshmi Chand his looted money. Birbal reminds Lakshmi Chand of his gift and receives the pack of coins. Birbal tells his friend Rafiq (Lal Langot) to hand these coins to Raheem Chacha, the owner of this donkey. He needs money.

Akbar dismiss the court. He stops Birbal and asks he needs to speak to him. In the corridor, Akbar discusses with Birbal that one of his friend is in a problem. He has two wives. Birbal guesses that both of them do not know each other. Akbar says the problem is, both wives want to break their fast at the same time at two different places. How is it possible. Birbal suggests him a plan. Akbar was happy with the suggestion.

Later at the time of sighting of moon, Akbar brings Maharani on the left corner of palace. Tara awaited him on the roof. Akbar waves her. She was excited. Akbar had set up an enlarging mirror behind the curtains. Maharani was happy with the surprise. Akbar says he wishes his subjects see them together on this day. When Maharani breaks her fast, Akbar turns to Tara Bai who also breaks her fast. After the curtains on the mirror were down, Akbar gifts Maharani a precious necklace. Tara Bai comes from behind; Akbar complements the red dress she had worn. Maharani was offended but Akbar winks, she does not look less pretty. Tara Bai signals she hasn’t eaten anything and reminds her promise to Akbar. Maharani wanted Akbar to make her eat the sweet to break her fast. Akbar withdraws the laddu, saying he cannot. He has a number of enemies around. What if someone had mixed poison in it. He requests Tara Bai to take the first wife. Maharani was considerate of Tara Bai’s life as well. But Akbar takes a chance to give the first bite to Tara Bai. Maharani was happy that Tara Bai was safe and takes the next bite. Akbar also breaks his fast. He was happy that Birbal saved him, he is his real Bal.

PRECAP: Sheikhu was lost in the forest. Akbar shouts that he wanted that Sheikhu stays away from him for a while; how can Vijay lose him forever. The court of Akbar was attacked by ousters.

Update Credit to: Sona

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