Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mystery of attack on Sultan deepens

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The episode starts with Akbar in the court. Sheikhu presented in the court under the guard of chains. Fazl Khan says Sheikhu murdered Sultan. Kamran corrects that it is not a murder, as Sultan is still alive. Fazl asserts that Sheikhu had entered the room to kill Sultan, as he could not bear to see Sultan with Trilokma. Maharani says then they can suspect Sultana as well. She was also angry with Sultan.

Akbar asks Sheikhu what happened in the room. Sheikhu says Sultan showed him the warrior’s spears which he intended to gift him. He was about to pick up a spear, but it was all black out and they heard a scream. The two guards rushed in, and from the outside’s light he saw Sultan injured with one of the spears. Fazl blames Sheikhu as only three of them were in the room. Maharani interrupts that Sheikhu must be claimed innocent until Sultan recovers. Sultana says Sheikhu will still be accused of an attempt of murder. Until Sultan is conscious, Sheikhu must remain in jail as per law. Akbar convince Sultana that they must handle the matter with patience. Sultan is his friend, and they are like a family. Fazl asserts that his friendship will be proven only when he decides as per law. He questions Kamran what Mughlai law says about a royal criminal. Akbar decides that everything will be as per law and tells the guards to take Sheikhu.

Later, Akbar walks in the corridor out of worry. Kamran tells him not to worry as Sheikhu is not a murderer. Akbar says he knows that. Sheikhu can not even make an excuse well, how can he hit someone. Akbar complains that Kamran’s law book got his child in lockup. Kamran says ruling a country is never easy. Vijay doubts Trilokma. Akbar tells them not to make the matter tough for him. Akbar tells them both to leave. Birbal comes to Akbar from behind. He shouts, Leave! Birbal turns to go but Akbar stops him. Birbal says Trilokma did not attack, and Sheikhu is innocent and not a criminal. Akbar was relieved to hear this. He requests Birbal to prove Sheikhu innocent as well.
It was morning. Birbal was performing yoga under the rising sun. Sala Khan playfully comes closer and tries to duplicate his action. Sultana passes by. Birbal greets Sultana. Sultana says she has heard a lot about Birbal’s attentiveness, this is the clue. Birbal says yoga turns body active and mind works fast. When Akbar is under some danger, it is important for him to stay attentive. Sultana salutes him for his loyalty, he seems to be interesting character. Sultana says she is going to meet Sultan. Birbal says Fazl Khan does not allow anyone meet Sultan. Can he accompany her to meet Sultan. Sala Khan disagrees with the idea. Birbal asks Sala Khan where he was last night. Sala Khan hides behind Sultana. Sultana says last night he was enjoying rain, and right he does not like Birbal to meet Sultan because he can not share his dates. Birbal smiles. Sultana takes Birbal to meet Sultan.

Vijay forces Trilokma to accept her crime. Trilokma asks why she would accept it in front of Vijay, even if she is a criminal. Vijay says that he is the prime minister and will make her accept. Vijay asks Trilokma if she knew Sultan earlier. She must have gone to Faras. Trilokma now moves her body, advances towards Vijay, and tells him to find out the truth himself. Vijay takes a leave. Trilokma laughs that she isn’t a fool.

Sultan lay unconscious in the bed. Birbal asks the doctor how he is. The old doctor replies he has cough and back pain. Birbal says Sultan was stricken with a spear in his stomach. The old doctor says he will be fine and taking medicine. Sultana argues. Birbal assures Sultana that he is used to drink but he is a good doctor. Birbal notices some marks of burn around his bruise. Fazl Khan comes inside and says Sheikhu attacked Sultan, it does not matter how he was attacked. Birbal asks Fazl Khan where he was when Sultan was being attacked. Sultana defends that he can not doubt Fazl Khan. Fazl Khan laughs that he will not be able to prove anything. He tells Birbal he was in the same restaurant where he and his friend Lal Langot meet daily. He says he also doubts Birbal’s intentions. Birbal clarifies he believes in truth. Everyone writes a story based on his intentions.

Maharani comes to the jail to meet Sheikhu. The other criminals in lock up pleads Maharani that Sheikhu has been reading them poetry they do not agree. They were happy when Maharani says Sheikhu will not remain in the jail for long. Maharani was about to feed Sheikhu his favorite Halwa when Sultana and Sala Khan come there. Sultana was angry that Maharani has forgotten how to treat criminals.

Birbal and Lal Langot were in the room where Sultan was attacked. Birbal says he is sure Sheikhu did not attack Sultan. Lal Langot asks how he is so sure. Birbal tells him to pick up a spear. Lal Langot tries but it was very heavy. Birbal asks now how this is possible that Sheikhu hit Sultan with a spear. He now wonders where the attacker entered the room from. There is only a single window with steel bars, and the door being guarded by Faras security men. Sheikhu and Trilokma told him there was no one else in the room. Birbal says he spotted burn marks around the injury it seems someone threw a burning spear towards Sultan.

The royal announcer comes to take Birbal to court. Sultana says she cannot accept Maharani meeting Sheikhu and treating a criminal with all her love. Maharani argues that she is the queen and can meet her son anywhere. Fazl Khan deters them of war and boasts that within the week their army will reach the doors of Fatehpur. Vijay counters Fazl Khan’s deterrence. Akbar tells Sultana he can not stop a mother from meeting her son. Sultana was furious that she knew Akbar can not provide justice in this case, and she demands him to step down his throne.

PRECAP: Vijay and Kamran plans against Sultana and Fazl Khan’s trust. Birbal tries to solve the mystery of spear attack. Akbar vows that if he is unable to solve the matter within two days, he will step down the throne.

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