Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Akbar’s friend killed in palace

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A thunderstorm had struck the palace. Maharani and Akbar stood outside the bars of lockup. Sheikhu pleads that he did not kill Sultan. Akbar assures nothing will happen to Sheikhu. Maharani blames Akbar as he had invited his friend Sultan to Bharat. Akbar goes into a flashback.

There was a royal announcement that Akbar’s childhood friend Sultan has arrived. Akbar welcomes him with a warm heart, then introduces Maharani as Meena Bai. Sultan jokes that Sultan Nigah bakhsh always wished to keep 100 queens, how he remains married to only one lady. Sultan introduces his wife and his wiife’s brother. Akbar introduces his uncle Kamran. He calls Birbal closes and introduces him as his special aide. Sultan introduces them to his minister Fazl Khan. Fazl Khan looks around and Sultan says he is his security guard. Akbar offers Sultan to think of outings in Fatehpur. Fazl Khan does not allow Sultan to leave the palace, his life might be endangered outside the palace. Sultana Begum agrees to Fazl Khan. Kamran tells Akbar he can give his words as Sultan’s security. Akbar holds Sultan’s hands and promises to do anything Sultana asks if Sultan is hurt. Sultana also shares her worry about protection of her jewels. Maharani says that stones like Kohinoor and Sitara are safe here, her jewels are well protected here.
Fazl Khan stops the royal announcer. He hands him a bunchful of gold coins, then asks him about yearly tax collection of palace. He tries to inquire about the royal money. The announcer speaks in full volume that he has no idea about monetary matters, but he can give him information regarding visitors of the court. Fazl Khan stops him. Birbal had spot this. He stops Fazl Khan and asks why he seems to be interested in Hindustan. If he intends to reside in Hindustan. Fazl Khan says he can not even think of leaving his Faras, though he would be happy if there comes a day when Faras flag flies on Hindustan’s palace. Birbal tells him not to dream big. Birbal offers to eat almond. Fazl Khan says horses eat almonds in their Faras. Sultan’s brother in law jumps on Fazl Khan and rides him as his horse playfully. Birbal taunts him to eat almond now.

Sultan and Akbar enjoy heavy rain from the window. Sultan reminds Akbar that he always had fever during rains in their childhood. Sala Khan comes there teasing. Akbar asks Sultan why he behaves like a child. Sultan says at their wedding his horse hit Sala Khan, his brother in law on forehead and he lost his mental abilities. He wants to find a cure for him. Akbar says this is a minor problem only, let him take Sultan to the most sensible man with great tips. Kamran stands up from his seat in hope. Akbar calls Raja Birbal. Kamran was offended and thinks Birbal’s tricks will someday be dangerous for this country.

Akbar asks Birbal how they can turn this Sala Khan responsible. Birbal says there are only two ways to make a person responsible. Give him responsibility of a huge task or get him married. Sultan planned to marry Sala Khan as soon as possible, and give him rule of some state. Vijay invites them for the huge feast.

Trilokma presents her dance in the court. Sultan was appreciative of her performance. Fazl Khan comes to whisper a message in his ear. Fazl Khan leaves his seat as he wanted to go to toilet. Trilokma tries to stop his way but he does not pay attention. Sheikhu joins Trilokma in the dance.

Everyone gathered around the dining table. Sala Khan cries as he wants to go in rain. Vijay says green vegetables are good for mental health. Sultana says one should not speak on dining table. Vijay finds a lamp in his pocket. Maharani jokes that Vijay must confirm if it is Alladin’s lamp. Sala Khan had dynamite stick in another pocket and says he wants to fight the rain, so that it fire pours down instead of water. Sheikhu makes fun of him. Sultana says this is possible. Sala Khan has spent a lot of time with spiritualists. They also believe rain of fire is possible. Akbar discusses with Sultana that it seems dates of Faras did not suit Sultan. Sultana says it seems the drink served here did not suit him. She has heard everything in Hindustan is impure. Maharani taunts that she heard Sultan Nigah Baksh marries the princess or queen of his defeater. Maharani tells Sheikhu to eat something, it’s his favorite food. Sheikhu was waiting for Trilokma. Vijay says Trilokma is not in his room, Sultan called her in his room.
Sultana holds Sala Khan’s hand leading towards Sultan’s room. Two guards do not allow her inside, as per Sultan’s orders. Sala Khan gets the permission to go in rain. Sultana goes in opposite direction. Everyone disperses. Sheikhu was furious and deters to kill the guards right away if they stop his way. The guards finally allow him into the room. Sultan tells Sheikhu he was talking to Trilokma about the gift he brought for Akbar. Sheikhu must analyze. It was a war instrument. Sheikhu grabs one of its sticks. All of a sudden, the lights go off. The room was all dark. Sultan screams of pain. His security guards rush inside and finds Sultan injured and dead.

PRECAP: Maharani forbids anyone to blame Sheikhu. Sultana tells Akbar that justice can not prevail until he holds the throne. She demands him to leave the throne.

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