Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal saves Sukhdev from unjust punishment

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The episode starts when Vijay questions Sukhdev what Birbal had told her right before getting inside the pond. Sukhdev says Birbal told him to focus on something far away to get through this. He shifted his focus to a flame flickering nearby the pond. Kamran convince Akbar that this Sukhdev spent the night in the pond, but his focus was focused on something else. This calls for punishment of 100 lashes. Birbal argues that this is a wrong accusation. Sukhdev was inside the pond for whole night, and the flame was at a long distance from the pond. Vijay also convinces that Sukhdev took the challenge on a condition that he will not take support of any warm thing. Akbar silences everyone and announces that he will take the decision. Kamran convinces Akbar to stay within the limits of law. Birbal asks what is this law which does not value humanity. Akbar says, in his oath he had vowed to abide by the law. He announces the punishment of 100 lashes for Sukhdev. Sukhdev pleads that he would not be able to bear such punishment.

Sukhdev was behind the bars. Birbal was determined that he will not let Akbar do any injustice.

Kamran narrates stories to the family. They notice Akbar was not attentive. Kamran asks why Akbar is upset he should not doubt his own decision. Birbal arrives there. He invites Kamran, Akbar, and his family for a feast of Khichdi.

In Birbal’s room, Kamran compliments the surroundings. Kamran insists upon abiding by the law. Birbal requests them to wait for a while, khichdi will soon be ready. The day turned to evening. Everyone was no impatient. Birbal says soon it will be ready. They all go outside to check why the food was not ready. They spot a pot hanging up on pole, while a minute flame flickered on the floor. Akbar questions if this is about fooling them? Vijay asks how khichdi will be prepared in such a minute fire. This flame’s heat does not reach his hand. How it will cook the khichdi. Vijay tells Kamran to punish Birbal severely for fooling them. Kamran was angry that Birbal fooled them, as the heat of this flame does not reach the pot. Birbal now questions why Kamran does not understand the same thing in Sukhdev’s case. Akbar understands the matter. Birbal politely asks if he said something wrong? Akbar leaves. Vijay murmurs to Kamran that Birbal has played his game.

The next morning in court, Akbar had called Sukhdev. Akbar says he was thoughtful about his yesterday’s decision. Vijay convince Akbar that his decision was right, Birbal just complicated the matter. Birbal counters that he only eased it. Kamran says tougher the law, more stable remains the kingship. Birbal says laws are made for people, people are not made for strict laws. Kamran says it is because of Mughlai law that people in our kingdom flourish. Birbal was emotional that a father of their kingdom struggled and stole food for his children. Why this law punishes the innocents. Kamran was about to object, but Akbar agrees to Birbal. He announces a double gift for Sukhdev, and government job. Sukhdev was released. He falls on floor to thank Akbar. Birbal tells Sukhdev to go home, his kids await him. Akbar opens his arms to hug Birbal, and thanks him for his support. Akbar says Birbal opened his eyes today. From now onwards, none of the people in his kingdom shall sleep hungry.

Birbal chants slogans in favor of Akbar. Akbar leaves the court. Kamran stops Birbal and says the foundation of Mughlai law is heightened. No one could demolish it easily. Birbal joins his hands to Kamran and Vijay signaling them to leave. Lal Langot asks Birbal why he did not reply to Kamran. Birbal says he is Akbar’s uncle; he cares for his law while Birbal only worries for people.

PRECAP: There were royal guests in Akbar’s court. In the room at night, someone attacks the guests.

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