Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Akbar punishes the thief

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Kamran takes Birbal’s seat and asks who he is. Akbar introduces him as Birbal and tells Birbal he is a cousin of his father, Kamran. Kamran interrupts and inquires about the law matter. Akbar says he has found this man as a thief but. Kamran interrupts that according to law, a thief must be punished with six months in jail or 50 lashes. Akbar argues that this man did this out of a severe problem. Kamran insists that thieves are by nature. Birbal tries to intervene. Kamran tells him to never interrupt when he is talking… whatever name he has (mocks). Birbal takes his permission and says any man can even sacrifice life for his family as well, he stole only to feed his family. Kamran challenges Sukhdev that he spotted an ice-cold water pond on his way. Can Sukhdev spend whole night in the ice cold water? Birbal objects that this will put Sukhdev’s life at stake. Kamran convinces Akbar that law has to be strict, and this challenge is legitimate in Mughlai Law. Sukhdev accepts the challenge. Akbar announces that if Sukhdev is ready and fulfils the challenge he will gift him 500 gold coins, and gifts as per his wishes. Akbar leaves the court.

Vijay and Kamran were left alone. Vijay was appreciative of Kamran to disgrace Birbal today.

In the room Maharani and Sheikhu come to Akbar. Maharani sneezes. Maharani says she just met Kamran and he shared with her how he saved Akbar from breaking the law. Akbar was thoughtful that Sukhdev might die. Maharani sneezes continuously. Akbar was considerate of Sukhdev’s well-being.

Sukhdev’s wife requests Birbal to save her husband. He only cares for his family. He will sacrifice his life for his family. Birbal promises to speak to Akbar again. Vijay comes there and warns Birbal against any argument with Kamran. He has a personality that even ghosts in graveyards solute him. Kamran comes there and warns Birbal that he has also broken multiple laws as Insaf. Birbal was worried for Sukhdev who has young children.

Akbar comes to Tara Bai and Trilokma’s room. Trilokma tells Akbar that Tara Bai wants to give him a gift. Akbar winks and asks Trilokma to leave the room. Tara Bai says its just a gift. Akbar was excited as Tara Bai asks him to get seated with his eyes closed. Tara Bai signals Trilokma, then instructs Akbar to stay seated here. Tara Bai slips an ice cube inside his shirt. Akbar trembles and angry at Tara Bai. Tara Bai argues that he punished that Sukhdev to stay in ice cold water. Did he not care for him or his family. Akbar says law is blind, and Sukhdev accepted the challenge himself . Tara Bai says then Akbar must also take a challenge and go and tell Maharani about their relationship.

Trilokma stops Birbal in the corridor. He was in a hurry, but she does not let him go. Trilokma says if Birbal does not look towards her, how would her beauty affect him. Birbal thinks for a while, eats an almond and says he got his way out to save Sukhdev’s life.

At night, Sukhdev already trembled. Lal Langot shivers touching the water in the pond. Birbal asks Sukhdev if he is ready. Sukhdev vows that he will not come out of the pond, no matter he loses his life. Birbal tells Sukhdev that no such thing will happen. If he keeps on thinking about water, it will be trouble; he must keep a far sight and matters will be easy. Sukhdev looks towards Birbal in understanding. Akbar comes outside and greets Sukhdev with a wish to meet him again. Birbal sends Sukhdev into the pond. His body shivers as he steps into the ice cold water. Birbal waves at Sukhdev with a meagre smile.

Late at night, Akbar lay awake in his bed. Birbal watches Sukhdev from his balcony. The next morning, Sukhdev comes to Akbar and the guard witnesses that Sukhdev stayed in the pond all night. Akbar was about to present his own necklace as a gift to Sukhdev. Kamran intervenes that they must judge the truth of his challenge first. Vijay argues that Sukhdev did not get little cough or sneeze. Birbal counters that Sukhdev fought with his courage. Vijay asks Sukhdev what did Birbal say to him before he got into the pond.

PRECAP: Birbal invites Akbar and family to have khichdi. Akbar and family reach but Khichdi was not ready. Kamran was angry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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